Katt Williams — Suge Knight and I Did Nothing Wrong … We Were Protecting a Child! | TMZ

Katt Williams says he and Suge Knight were falsely arrested because they were not trying to steal a camera … they were trying to protect a 5-year-old child from an unethical photographer.

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Katt Williams — Suge Knight and I Did Nothing Wrong … We Were Protecting a Child! | TMZ



  1. Still love the way TMZ was mentioned by the Flash in the latest #52 animated justice league movie

  2. Pimping! pimping pimping pimping. on a serious note there are indeed some female pedophiles. society wants to act as if men are the only ones capable of that.

    • +Juan gg true +Mista Flossin but are you talking about the YouTuber. Why are you mentioning her?

    • I lost my virginity at 9 yrs old. I was staying with my best friend, sleeping on the floor. His 16 yr old sister came into the room started giving me head, then mounted me. I didn’t complain, and I am not now, but I was molested by a female pedophile.

    • I know I was molested as a child by a woman and recently a woman violated me in my sleep the people in authority didnt take any action against her

    • +Jason Gleaner yeah.. there are definitely women child molesters out there, I to was molested by a older girl as a child.

  3. That’s my dawg! Telling the truth avoiding the corrupt made up lies the govt throws. Stay strong katt. Your fans support you!

  4. I dont understand what is so hard to grasp? Katt is making alot of sense and its not any type of drug that did that to katt…they have messed with him and arrested him over and over and its showing on his face. Ppl should listen to him becauss in actuality he is saying alot

    • Except aging and a lot of other stuff does that too. And what the hell has HIV got to do with anything?

  5. Hollywood chewed katt up and spit him out, I’m convinced there’s prob some illuminati type drama going down in Hollywood. Once he told his hair been a mess and he has been looking like a homeless crazy person.

    • I research EVERYTHING but then again…the entire world knows that about me now don’t they? When you are framed in an International Presidential Assassination Plot by a Politician and you just happened to do ELVIS PRESLEY tributes and you just happened to be in TUPELO MISSISSIPPI where the Kang was born and you just happened to be the WHISTLE BLOWER on the worlds best kept Money-making secret = BODY PARTS and Organs for profit..well…then word travels fast doesn’t it? I am KC (ya’ll know the rest)

  6. if you read comments off youtube long enough you will really start to hate people. ignorance sucks

  7. Well Kat said she was video taping the child by his self with no adults around, which I think if they film a kid with their celeb parent the websites should block out the kids face. But it sounds like she was doing more than that..maybe she was asking the kid personal questions or saying inappropriate things to the kid.

  8. lies lies lies. here goes the Media again. leave these brothers alone. stop framing them for stuff they didnt do.And the rest of y’all need to wake up ans stop believing everythng you hear on the news. Use your brains . open your eyes. 

  9. Katt needs to get away from Suge, like for real. Look at him. It’s like watching Whitney all over again. So sad.

  10. When the media tries to vilify a person when the facts are not obvious and are questionable, maybe we should learn to hold back our opinions. I think I trust Katt more than the media. He doesn’t come across as a liar. But I can’t say the same for media outlets who create stories for profit.

  11. y’all better open ur eyes on what’s going on..Katt Williams is being targeted..

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