Damon Dash Calls Lee Daniels Total ‘Culture Vulture’ Over $2 Mil Debt | TMZ

Damon Dash says Lee Daniels had no problem asking him for money and exploiting his goodwill, but he has a major problem keeping his word to pay it back … and Dame's sick of it.


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  1. I don’t care for Dame Dash but he is completely right. GET THAT MONEY UP LEE DANIELS!!!!!

    • Horseman 52 no she wasn’t, she was paid the value of the movie before they knew it would blow up..so she agreed to the amount…she ended up wanting money to promote the film after it blew up n she won an Oscar that came later, he didn’t owe he anything she asked for more after and he didn’t give to her to promote the film two separate things

    • KingCetshwayo You don’t get it. It is his creditabilty that’s at question. He kept 2 million dollars from this man for more than 5 years and pretentended that he didn’t know he had to pay him ( Damon Dash) back although he admitted out of his own mouth (Lee Daniels) that it was an investment. Where not talkin chump change here. Now Monique say’s that he LIED about her being difficult during the movie Precious as retaliation for not promoting the movie for FREE at the Cannes film festival in which she was not contractually obliged to do. By slandering her name ( because that is what he did by saying she was difficult to work with) those are words that can end careers in Hollywood and apparently it worked because her career suffered ever since. So if this slicker kept 2 million dollars away from this man why wouldn’t he be lying about Monique. He’s simply not creditable .

  2. Mo’Nique stated that Lee Daniels is a liar and Damon Dash is now confirming it….

    • Mo’ told us about LD and Netflix but many people refused to believe her, so now the truth is out on both. Thanks Mo’

    • TheGreat1 why would you call this man a “dummy” when this was not an investment but a loan that Daniels stated he would repay. Nevermind I guess we all know who’s “what.”

    • theGREAT 1 it’s not an investment if it’s a loan, especially if that’s clearly stated!

  3. Lee Daniels seems really shady…. not paying back a 2 million dollar debt is beyond cut throat I mean we talkin 2 mil…pay him!

  4. Eyy he talkin fast cuz hes been slighted. A man aint lying when theyre story that straight.

  5. Funny how so many of you were doubting Monique about Lee “Dusty” Daniels…

    • Yocc Pushkin.. We Doubted Monique about Lee “Dusty” Daniels 5yrs ago when she did that horror movie called Precious.. Yet she was adamant about working with him, debasing the black community, and depicting that horrific character.. I also remember her being very flippant with the black community about portraying such a deplorable character/image.. So her getting screwed by the same vulture she was willing to degrade her people & aligned with (Daniels) looks like her Karma to me…

  6. People today have no idea how important it is to keep your word. They have no conscience. They will look in your eyes, make a promise to you and break it like its nothing. People that can do that and sleep well at night are rotten as hell. And while they think they may have gotten away with it, the damages to your reputation are far worse. Ain’t no security like a good reputation, when you have that and people trust you, they will put their lifes on the line for you.

    • comrade semaj
      Some people will borrow money from you, and while they asking you for the money, they know damn well they don’t have no way or intentions to pay you back..

    • comrade semaj
      My older bruh was a hustler, con artist for real..That boy could sale water in the rain..He had a habit of as soon as he saw you, he would say “You gotta couple of dollars”? So I said I’m gone fix his azz, I start asking him fu a couple of dollars before he could get it out..

  7. Lee Daniels Give Dame his money plus interest! Pay the man! Pay up! It’s not a good look!

    • I know right? This is not the way to do business and get to the top. People shouldn’t be so cut-throat to make money or gain power. I honestly believe that Lee Daniels wants to be another Tyler Perry and just be in with the “big wigs” of Hollywood, but is simply going about it the wrong way and failing at the attempt miserably.

  8. So I guess Monique wasn’t lying to us about Lee Daniels I think everybody owes her an big apology

  9. lee daniels reputation is crumbling fast… U can’t win when you’re playing dirty.

  10. One thing I learned as an adult is that most people are fake and will let you down.

  11. Its really not about the money, its about respect & keeping your word as a man/woman

    • Jason Babilonia Oooooh! Youre stupid!? Dame still has money, alot of it! This man still owns the masters to Jay first album, this man owns more than one business, his youngest son has his own cookie business. So like i said, its about the respect

    • Normally its not about the money when it’s a few bucks, but Dame’s net worth is $2 million. So it definitely is about the money in this case, as it rightfully should be.

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