Jeremy Piven’s Girlfriend says #MeToo is Ruining Her Life, Too | TMZ

Jeremy Piven's girlfriend is lashing out at the #MeToo movement … but her beef has nothing to do with victims or accusers and everything to do with her.


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    • Agreed lol..

      But from perspective I would say she’s the ultimate at being REAL!!

      There was nothing fake and or pretentious about her.. All woman.. All truth and raw honesty.. As it should be.. I respect her so much it isn’t even funny ijs ahah..

      She’s a “WOMAN” that’s exactly what she’s suppose to want and feel exactly how she said she feels faxx,duuuhh lol

  1. Girls are pissed now they can’t use there sex to get them the movie roles and parts they want now they actually got have talent lol

    • John Tate
      I mean, if you like it, why would you call the cops???

      Just like if a girl is wearing a shirt skirt with no panties and bends over in front of me, if I like what I see, why would I complain?

    • She said she’ll call the police if she feels like she cant stand up for herself.

    • I don’t know if that’s how she really feels her if she’s being sarcastic but I have to absolutely agree with your comment like even if your saying something that people don’t like be honest about how you feel. Not everyone’s experience is your experience but your own experience can’t be discounted. I got a kick out of it I think everyone should be that level of honest. That means though even “ toxic feminists” get to be just as honest. I put that in quotations because I don’t really think that’s a real thing I think there’s extremists in every movement but I know how YouTube comments go so.

  2. This is what a real feminist looks like, and yet ‘feminists’ will hate her because she refuses to be a victim, and victimhood is their untouchable orthodoxy.

  3. “Jeremy Piven’s Girlfriend” Any reason why you don’t want to put her name in the title or description? I want to check out more of her comedy, but I can’t google her.

  4. Lmao “my getaway sticks”. I have no idea who she is, but she is totally my new favorite person 💕

    • I can’t be sure, but I’m fairly certain her name is not “Jeremy Piven’s Girlfriend”….so NO it doesn’t “literally” say in the title at all.

    • Clearly you have too much time on your hands and need a hobby if you’re running to google to search ”jeremy pivens girlfriend”….however, I think you’ve already demonstrated that here, lol. I’m good thanks though =)

  5. “I Don’t pay for these Jammers down here…Hey Buddy, eyes down here~!!!” hahah the truth

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