“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Katch-Up S12, EP.21 | E!

The baby shower that the girls plan doesn't go according to plan and Rob Kardashian flips out. Plus, Kris Jenner gets into a very scary car accident.

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S12, EP.21 | E!


  1. Maybe this comment wont be important for the majority of people here. Some of you will ignore it, most of y’all wont bother to read and it’ll go unnoticed along with other comments maybe. I’ll be criticized for this but i just want to let y’all know I’m selling potatoes

  2. Robs only indication that he’s still engaged is that he hasn’t gotten his ring back?? You guys aren’t comfortable living together?? I don’t think that’s a good sign rob😕

    • Milo Purr like get rid of both your houses and find one together that makes them both more comfortable

    • She doesn’t have to worry about people hacking into her iCloud and basically stilling all her information that’s on her phone.

    • Aiman Hakeem she uses it to make calls for personal and business because it’s such a old phone it can’t be bugged so no one can remotely hack er phone no one can listen into her calls or read her texts

    • Aiman Hakeem He probably likes the way he looks, he could buy an amazing body …. there’s nothing wrong with being thick and loving it, you know?

    • Novia Exactly. I can’t stand these people praising fat people as if they are doing something noble or brave by being unhealthy and god awful to look at.

    • Novia the thing is that people like this body and they also know the effects in there body I’m sure rob was being smart and actually eating healthy much more than sweets, he can eat some sweets once a while but he does take good care of his body and nobody should judge him and his body also people shouldn’t assume he has diabetes or any other type of disease cuz of this body

  3. Kim is like the peace maker in the family trying to include everyone in everything that was a pretty good idea for the babyshower for Rob to bad he so over sensitive 😒

  4. I love how this family sticks together. Even with everything Rob has done to Kim, she puts love and family before resentment and grudges.

  5. What about the woman bruce killed in a car accident, none of them hardly battered an eyelash and just carried on with their lives, never even apologised.

    • He accidentally had a car reck and they died so stop saying he killed them. Agent

    • Blind Eye it’s the fact that caitlyn got away with it cause she’s a celebrity is what itks many people. If this was a commoner or a normal person who killed someone then it would be considered manslaughter and the person would go to jail. But since it’s a celebrity…it’s an accident which should be forgiven. Caitlyn didn’t even compensate for what she did and got away with it. Celebrities are humans…treat them like humans and don’t excuse their mistakes as accidents. A human life was lost, but since a celebrity did it, it was just an “accident”

    • Katie2595 you’d think they would since South Park made a running gag about it lol. if it wasnt for them i wouldnt had know he killed someone.

    • rk archer you don’t go to prison for manslaughter if you didn’t break the law e.g if Bruce was on his phone and the accident happened he would still be charged with manslaughter or death by dangerous driving and sent to jail but if it was genuinely an accident and Bruce did nothing wrong he’s not getting put to jail , so if Bruce didn’t break any traffic regulations he would get charged with careless driving and nothing else happens

    • Katie2595 he’s a tranny now and people treated him like a hero during 2015, so people forgot about what he did back then and got away with it

  6. Everybody and they momma thought they purposely didn’t invite Chyna to the baby shower, when it was Chyna who agreed with the idea in the first place, lol.

  7. The one big thing I’m extremely jealous of the Kardashians about is how close of a family they are. At the end of the day they are always there for each other no matter what petty arguments they get in to

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