“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Katch-Up S13, EP.9 | E!

Kim and Kourtney discuss Scott's breakdown in Dubai. Plus, while on a family vacation in Costa Rica, Disick brings a girl–and the family flips out!

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up S13, EP.9 | E!


  1. Kanye looks weird sitting at the table with them he look like he staring into space like he’s not even there there’s anyone else agree ? At 0:23

  2. what annoys me about Kourtney that there is so much red flags and you didn’t do nothing..and saying God is good. seriously? Good is so good to you that he keep warning from first child and you still getting pregnant by him .. you should be mad about yourself..!!!

    • Salwalishious AAJ Seriously if she really did sth her story line on the show would be over. It’s all fake dude

    • She wanted the babies even when he didn’t she did she said she wanted a big family. I remember at one point she even said she wanted to have more kids than that but Scott just wanted like one at max two

    • Yeah I just remember that as well..something really wrong with her….I have a feeling the loss of her father just trigger her..I don’t know …

  3. So I don’t get why everyone is acting as if they have to babysit Scott or like if he’s doing something bad, he’s been dying for Kourtney decades they don’t sleep in the same room (only when Kourt wants a baby) he has tried to get her back before and after the cheating and she thinks she can keep on playing this win me back game with him eternally? Come on you guys he needs to move on as Kourt already has!!!!

    • Well…she definitely should have been the one taken care of the situ in C. R. instead of letting her mom and siblings act immaturely against him and even throwing water at him in an awkward dinner!! Whoever wants to be respected has to act the same way back. The fact that Scott brought a girl on a family trip is disrespectful and only Kourt is the only one that has to confront him, but instead the whole fam takes care of it! He got mad but you know what…whatever goes around comes around! they both have to put their sh++ together and grow up!

    • Nelly Miranda is the only reason why you you can love love your life your love ❤️

  4. They sound crazy. They’re all talking about Scott like he’s crazy, but they sound obsessed and like they’re upset that he wants to do his own thing. Kylie brought Tyga on a family vacation, where was thr outrage… And pouring drinks on him like that was the most disrespectful thing in the world.

    • He brought a side chick on Kourtneys family trip..with her family and their kids. If you watched the episode he was kissing and cuddling Kourtney and then going back into his room where he had the side chick waiting for him to bang. Thats so disrespectful! he could of waited till he got back home to do his own thing?

    • +Ali Marie that was disrespectful, but he needs to make up his mind, casue Kourtney doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him. And she’s not really a side chick if he’s not in a legitimate relationship…

    • lilian makori I honestly don’t think they like tyga. They just put up with him cause of Kylie. I just find it funny they more accepting of Kylie messing around with a guy nearly thirty but have a problem with rob and chyna.

  5. Lol wtf this makes no sense . Kourt can date whoever she wants her and Scott are not together. But the moment Scott does it too they all gang up on him 😤

    • i been in that situation already its when the girl dumps u but not over u and still love u and she gets jealous even when another girl looks at u ,,,kim is a messy stink hoe,y the fock would khloe throw a drink on him also,y kourtney saying she dont wanna be with him and goin out other niggas but still gets jealous

  6. Kardashians the robbery happened for a reason so you could move closer to God everything happens for a reason

  7. Scott can do whatever he wants, but don’t bring a jump-off on a family vacay.

  8. I don’t even get why they’re on Scotts back so much, I mean all he did was have an one night stand and they’re all acting like they’re virgin Mary’s smh

  9. Omg imagine if you were Scott, facing Khloé could be the hard time too LOL

  10. kanye always loom weird and Kim needs to take that fake lip ring out her mouth she look rediculous

  11. Poor Corey. He’s just sitting there awkwardly like “I REALLY don’t wanna be here. This is getting uncomfortable. I came to eat and get paid, not confront Disick about his extra curricular activities.”

  12. Someone flash the light on kanye!! he is definitely in the sunken place.

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