“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Katch-Up: S15, EP.14 | E!

After Tristan Thompson's scandal, Khloe tries to keep the peace between everyone. Plus, Kourtney travels to Washington, D.C. to lobby congress. Watch!

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Katch-Up: S15, EP.14 | E!


  1. Can we just realize and appreciate how far Kimberly Kardashian has matured from being the unknown Paris Hilton sidekick to being the flawless and protective Queen she is now. I swear she is my eternal goals. ♥

    • +Cassis Emway and does that bother you? Are you that sensitive? Cause you sure were bothered enough to make a whole comment about it. See you make whole negative comments while I make whole positive ones. Big difference.
      I talk about things I like such as Kim’s butt and you just complain online about it. Says alot about you, failed queen.

    • +TawnYUH Carducci yeah that bothers me, yeah that say a lot about me, I HATE BODY SHAMING and I don’t understand howcome you can see anything positive in commenting and joking about somebody else ‘s body in such a disgusting way.

  2. I wish Kylie would be in more episodes with stomi or have another season of life of Kylie. Every episode now I’m like is kylie even going to be in this one? Lol anyone agree or just me?

    • It took a looooong time that she could talk 2 sentences about that. Everything looks so easy on the show and people buy it. I am sure she regrets it but she cant change it. She always wanted to be famous so she was on the way already.

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  3. I can’t believe they really brushed it under the rug like that lmao! Tristian is trash and Khloe is wack af for staying with him…….this is y’alls fav?

    • Hate on the guy, not her. She has a kid to take care of and that kid needs a father. Yall ain’t thinking straight

    • I mean what else can they do? She has a baby now they gotta make something work and aint nothing gonna happen of everyone is gonna stay mad

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  4. Wow how the tables turned with Khloe. When kourt was with Scott she and everyone hated him , now it’s everyone against Khloes man lol

    • safa saleh Khloe made it clear at the time, how she couldn’t stand Kris Humphries!!!

    • Madinah Kimbrough ikr Khloe repeatedly attacked Kris Humphries and was so rude to him and he never cheated.. yet Tristan has cheated and humiliated Khloe and she wants everyone to be friends with him and sweep it under the rug

  5. Kim is so iconic “you know how to play pickle ball?”
    and her reaction to them not inviting her to Taco Bell?? MOOD

  6. Kim : Where is my bestie?
    Tristan : Oh no here she comes
    Kim :Have you ever play pickle ball???

  7. Khloe when it came right down to it… Stood for nothing and fell for everything. He’s just playing this doubting
    Boyfriend part out till the dust settles. Very sad family values these K’s have. Very sad

  8. I hate that Khloe is still with him after what he did. I understand that she has an attachment to him because he’s the father of her child but he’s obvious a person who cheats continuously it’s not a healthy relationship for her and especially True to witness. But it’s her life so whatever

    • I agree,she should dump him,be an example for baby True,she should be with a man who loves and respects her,he will continue to cheat on her sadly

    • She’s only with him because she wanted to have a family. Sorry but that’s a trash excuse to keep someone around.

  9. I love how kim hyped herself up the whole time about tristan and then as soon as she confronts him the first thing out her mouth is “have you ever played pickle ball?”

    • Her restraint was epic. Idk if I could forgive someone who hurt my sister like that. It shows how much she loves her to try to get along.

    • When it comes to others Khloe is so brave and agressive but when it comes to her personal life she is a loser. She even avoid her own sister.

    • Forgiveness is extremely hard. God bless her for putting her baby first. Maybe he will wise up(?)
      If not, he will disappear. She is a very big person for trying to forgive. Bless her.

  10. Yess KOURTNEY! Go!& your voice on the health & products chemicals etc!!! Finally someone with your platform is stepping up. ❤️Love it, God bless your journey & fam.

  11. It seems like Tristan was given a slap on the wrist and told he was a bad lol I like the Kardashians, but ignoring the issue or minimizing does not mean it was resolved. Tristan will never change. I get Khloe is trying to keep her family together, but one day True will know what her dad did right before her birth. They still won’t last.

  12. Kim was right to ignore Tristan. It’s hard to forgive someone who have cheated on a pregnant women.

  13. Khloe… ya lack self respect. If someone cheated on me, and that publicly… I’d drop them in a heart beat

    • What if you were pregnant when it happened? Don’t be so quick to judge if you haven’t been in the person shoes

    • Jasmine Barbosa I would’ve kicked the guy in the nutts and would’ve signed for full custody. I don’t want a bad influence like that around my kid. A man that will cheat on his soon to be a mom girlfriend, sucks

    • +TheCubanMafia97 I agree I would of gotten fucked custody and had him pay child support immediately if my man cheated on me while pregnant that’s just foul.

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