KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Wants to Be Left Alone By Kris | E!

The young model feels like her mom is following her everywhere! How will she feel when Kris shows up at Fashion Week? Find out on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Wants to Be Left Alone By Kris | E!


  1. I love Kendall☺️ she is so gorgeous and is like the only one who hasn’t gotten any surgeries to make their butt or other things bigger

  2. If I curse at my mom. She would slap the taste from my mouth. Kendall needs to open her eyes and see her mom just wants to spend time with her. I mean Kylie is almost 18 .so she is almost gone too. Kris stay hoping!!

  3. I think they all need to stop being rude to their mom and treat her with more respect! She won’t be here forever and their not gonna know what to do when she’s gone! I also think Kris needs to stand up for herself and stop letting her kids disrespect her especially on national TV. I love Kendall, but she raised her voice at her mom literally for no reason. Her Mom just wanted to know what her next moves were! And so what if Kris wants to go to Fashion Week. She’s a grown woman who can do whatever she wants. She has the right to spend time with her kids whether they like it or not. Kendall just doesn’t want the fashion world to see her with her mom because it’ll mess up her image. If I was Kendall, I would want my mom to be there! It would be a great bonding moment because Kendall is never home with the family anyways. Okay I’m done lol

    • When kendall quits kuwtk.her modeling agencies will drop her its all part of the reality show.she aint got it without the show.she will soon find out.

    • I totally agree with you! Kris is an AMAZING Mother, and her kids, ALL of them treat her with so much disrespect!!!

    • YES!! and they wonder why Kim is the favorite, she’s kind to Kris and takes her with her to places.

    • Kris is just trying to keep a good relationship as a mom and she avoids all conflict at all times she really loves keeping the peace in the family and I can admire that about her. I agree they need to talk to her with respect, she does the most if not all

  4. I dont hate them but why dont they respect Kris
    I dont really like Kris but its still a little disrespectful

    • +Desirée Rodríguez if you watch the show you will know that kendall and khole are mean bitches its disgusting 

    • +Desirée Rodríguez you started an argument and then choose to reply so you need to grow up 

    • You’ve seen the show right? Yes Kris is the reason Kendal has what she has and does what she does but Kris can be really overbearing and just up your butt all the time. I don’t blame Kendall for being that way. Sure it was a little harsh but I get why she would feel like that

    • They don’t respect her because she acted more like a best friend with an endless credit card limit rather than a parent. Plus, she manages their careers as well so it puts a strain on their familial relationships.

    • Desiree that’s why Kendall is on her own and making a name after herself and I wouldn’t exactly say they feed off of hate but hey if that’s ur opinion then say what you want be despite everything i think the get hate too much for their age

    • +Sophia Ramirez  when people hate them they are also giving them attention…  is about NOT GIVING A CRAP about them… thats how they finally die!!… giving room to other REAL talented celebrities or people… I dont care about their age ( im not much older) … even if kendall complains in this video… she is where she is because of her family… because she is a bimbo… and please… they are waaay more exiting things in this life, interesting people… dont get stuck on them… specially defending one ( after they were being kind of a brat) ON YOUTUBE… please I dont wanna loose hope on our generations… this people are trash… 

    • +Desiree Rodriguez I don’t tell you who to like so don’t tell me who I should be into if I like Kendall Jenner then I do it doesn’t mean you have to and you have expressed your opinion already ok I yes I understand that you think these people are trash but I’m going to say this one more time not everyone has to think like you do and I just said that I feel like Kendall gets a lot of hate for someone that is actually trying and putting effort and there is no such thing as talent anymore people get famous for stupid reasons so goodbye I don’t want to spend more time then I need to arguing with and stranger about stupid reason and it’s getting annoying getting all these notifications about comment for me so just chill

  5. I get why she’s upset but, lets be honest Kris is one of the biggest reasons she’s getting a lot of these jobs so she really has no room to be upset.

  6. I think Kendall’s trying to make a name for herself. She doesn’t want her family following her around when she’s doing her job so she wouldn’t get the ‘special’ treatment. She even refused Kim to go to her fashion show so she wouldn’t catch any ‘kardashian’ attention.

    • Actually if you watched the interview, she didn’t allow Kim to go bc she knew all the spotlight would be on kim and not her

    • +Monse M i beliveve yg said the wise quote “like kim kardashian she wanna be a star”

  7. I honestly don’t like Kris Jenner BUT the way her kids talk to her boggles me! If I EVER talked to my mom like that I would have gotten smacked. It’s so disrespectful, I just don’t get it.

    • +Dee Joy same with me, If I talk to my mother like that, my mother would slap me, money and fame get into her head. I actually envy her,Kris misses her so much and makes sure everything is ok.

  8. “I dont know what going on with Kendall” really? oh i dont know maybe his father is now a woman, im not judging but could you imagine wtf is going on in her head

    • +carla krnel plus Idk if you actually watch the show but Kendall is basically a ghost in it at this point. Rob now has a bigger part in the show then she does & he wasn’t even in it for the past few years! The last episode she was literally the only one not in it at all and nobody mentioned her once. I think she is slowly breaking free from it as she gets more serious about her modeling career but I imagine it is awkward because not only has it been “normal life” to her since she was 10(so we’re talking half her life) but Kris is also her momager and since Kendall is one of the most visible of the Kardashian/Jenner’s now, I’m sure she’s going to do everything she can to keep her on the show. Last but not least they all have contracts & to my knowledge, Kendall’s still under contract to do the show. But all that being said, she’s hardly even doing the bare minimum so I think it’s only a matter of time till she leaves & I predict she’ll be the first one to do so.

    • Well her circus show family bought her fame, if it wasn’t for them she wouldn’t be a model. She should be a little more respectful towards her family

    • Her circus family show got her all of these jobs. Kendall is a good model but she should be happy for her family and where they got her in her job life.

  9. I feel like Kris was the main reason why Kendall got into this modelling career and now that her career is taking off, she wants to park her mom to the side corner.

  10. I seriously hate the editing in this show. They make things dramatic, like when Kendall says ” Everyone says bangs are my thing, but i’m like nah” BOOM dramatic music

  11. I understand how she feels, as a young woman she just wants to be independent. Good for her.

    • I kinda get her too, when you come to an age, you sometimes just know you need to go out to be yourself. She’s an introvert and maybe she needs some time out from her outgoing family to re-balance herself.

  12. She needs to stop trying to act like she earned her fame. No honey your last name bought it for you.

  13. The vocabulary of these people is astoundingly limited. But they still make 1000000000000000000000000 times more money than I ever will.

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