“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.3 | E!

The family worries about Scott potentially falling back into bad behaviors in Miami. Plus, how far would Kris go to ensure Khloe has a healthy pregnancy? Watch!

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.3 | E!


    • Kendra Dikes ~ Not yelling, but guess what, THEY say he’s family and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. If he was not the father of Kourtney’s children he would nit be there. They love him, they consider him family.

  1. Oh my gosh is that actually a deceased person? Lying there whilst they put makeup on her?

  2. This episode was boring asf!!!Bring on the Playa, Playa!!! Third Trimester Tristan THOTson, drama. Waiting to see how it ‘plays’ out on this here E network.

    • Munch Maila
      Yes, they were. I’m interested to see how they edit, air it, and Khloes confessional. The confessionals are when they are alone talking to the camera stating their thoughts on the events we’re watching.

    • I bet it’s going to be very bland and watered down. Especially since she decided to stay with him.

    • +Kiki Yeh, I’m looking forward to the confessional too. But not too hopeful, because it was really embarrassing & I don’t think Koko will be as open as we hope

  3. A true Hollywood doctor fat shaming a baby, she said I don’t want to deliver a big baby I want it long and skinny lol make her job easier.

    • I know its health issues like everyone is saying but just the way she said it, it was weird there should be another way to say it without it sounding so rude

    • Hit E she is right, babies should be born Smal for health of both, you put on more weight as a newborn. but baby obese child are different

  4. Scott has literally been doing the same thing for ten years now. There has been no desire to actually follow through or development from him. He doesn’t know what he does wrong and then miraculously owns up for anything that he does do wrong but then 1 month later does the same thing. It’s boring and I don’t even know why he’s on the show anymore… cut the cord

    • I don’t think he is doing anything wrong. Kris is really mad that he stood up Cory but Cory wasn’t there when he was supposed to be so Scott had handled his business earlier when he first got there. There’s nothing wrong with going out. It’s not like he was falling down drunk or drunk at all because that would have been him during the Kourtney /Scott days.

    • I love Scott but he needs to leave the show completely, he could be so much better without the Kardashians. I cant help but think the Kardashians and the show have made him worse over the period of time he is on here.

    • Emma Bridgewater Both his parents have passed and he’s literally left with 3 kids whose mother is a kardashian. He cant get away from the kardashian fever. Infact if he wanted to even start his own business, he knows better that sticking with the family would give him more exposure and better oppurtunities than doing so independently

    • BTS World I agree, but I cant help but feel they have contributed to his antics sometimes. Just part of me feels sorry for him sometimes I guess

  5. He’s a part of their family, and always will be. It’s awesome that he has such a great relationship with everyone. There are children involved, and it would be sad if there wasn’t a good relationship between them all. I’ve always been team Scott.

  6. Kris didn’t force feed Kim ,kourtney or Kylie but force feeds the only one who really struggled with weight issues?

    • Boom Boom I think its just for ratings. The other girls didnt need that behaviour at that time – Kourtney had to deal with Scott and I think the whole Bruce-Caitlyn saga happened when Kim was pregnant.

    • Since she is the only one who has struggled with weight Kris had to make sure she ate and wasn’t starving herself or the baby.

    • Boom Boom she didn’t need to do it with kim she was already doing it herself she got so fat

  7. Dang….if none of them gotten facial surgery..they would all look so stunning they are all naturally beautiful why fkkk it up with facial surgery I will never ever understand

  8. I’m so tired of watching Scott’s drama… if he were a teenager it would have been still amusing to watch but it’s a f****ng thirty something year old with three kids. It’s just ridiculous.

    • It’s called being a spoiled entitled rich kid that was never taught to handle any responsibilities. His parents enabled his behavior and addiction instead of helping him. I’m sure his antics were cool when he was younger, now it’s just sad and pathetic. His zodiac sign has nothing to do with it. I know plenty of responsible Gemini’s. Kourt was stupid to choose him to father her children.

    • +Abeer Al No, that is not why 😂
      I would motivate why, but since you haven’t either I doubt you will even read 😂

  9. Scott will always be in the family. He is an only child with both parents gone. I think it is great that as dysfunctional as they are they still see him as family. His 3 kids are family. I like Scott and want him to succeed and be happy.

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