“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.4 | E!

Will Scott Disick and Caitlyn Jenner get invites to the annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas party? Watch a heated argument erupt between Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kris.

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Katch-Up S15, EP.4 | E!


    • I believe so too. They turn that poor out and now he is not invited. Oh I forgot KATLIN WILL GET ALL THE SHINE, DUH!😁

    • Queen. tete Kendall can go to her dad. Kris and Bruce “relationship”was a façade from day one. Act like a dad so you can be treated like one!

    • to be honest I just think they’re ain’t got no f****** manus I don’t approve of some of the decisions their mum has actually made for them but in our culture we could never speak back to our mum like that on National Television for the world to see they’ve got no manners they swear in front of her I talk back to her like she’s nothing they ain’t got no manners and Kendall I don’t like her she actually went on like she didn’t want to be related to them if it wasn’t for Kim that wouldn’t even be anywhere

  1. Kendall had a fair point debating about scott attending the Christmasparty & not her dad ! I actually agree , she invalidated all their points.

    • Symiah if your man, after 25 years, decided to finally let her hair down and become a woman then write nasty things about you would you invite HER to your Christmas Eve party?? Doubt it

    • Symiah Caitlyn did herself in.. they done let go of what Scott did.. And they are still raising babies together so definitely not the same. I would definitely not push having my dad over if my parents are divorced..

    • Emily W right? Like how in the world did they come to that conclusion?! And 300+ people agreeing with it!!! I can’t.

    • +Emily W yeah but her argument over inviting Caitlyn and Scott was ridiculous! Scott is still really close to all of them, Kris is almost like a mother figure to him of course he would be invited. Caitlyn has caused nothing but conflict since she transitioned. I think it was all done just for us viewer’s reactions im sure they all already knew Scott was already invited

  2. Kourtney’s so right, Kim’s been mean lately and I used to love her because she was so sweet

    • +Guvay A. Nah Kim was right here all in the right .kourtney has nothing to do and she doesn’t want to work for the life she is living but just want to enjoy the pleasure of the time and efforts her sisters put in not cool and when Kim say she is least to look in terms of she is boring and not very entertaining and it’s true

  3. No offence but I wouldn’t want my ex, who might I add cheated on me, at every single family event. Kourtney is not in the wrong here. The family should consider Kourtneys feelings about this first

    • kourtney was a bit hypocritical because she was fine with him being everywhere when her and her ex bf broke up recently.

    • I don’t think she loves her that much after her transition because it obviously created this awk space among the family but she just doesn’t want her to feel alone or left out . Caitlyn literally dug her own grave after talking ill bout her family n now she has no one .

  4. Kendall need to remember that her “dad” said stupid and horrible things about her mom

    • Ivanneth Suyin True but when he was a man and become in a women everyone support her then the book come out, if it was my mom I will act as same as Kim, in the end of the day they only know the true, I will not like someone that hate me and said horrible things about me in my house or my party

  5. The way Kim said ”Is she the new Rob”… That was plain mean. Such a bitchy thing to do.

    • Alyssa The way she said it… With such a malicious grin. If she said it in a reasonable context, I wouldn’t mind it. But it seems as if she mocks her own siblings.

    • Kim became a whole different person after she got with Kanye. And not all of it is good. She is doing good things regarding prison reform but when it comes to her attitude she acts like she hella hard now. Honestly she wishes she was from the hood or something, it’s so stupid

    • I agree her marriage to Kanye is not a good influence on her. I don’t think she’s happy with him because he’s current behavior.

  6. Caitlyn completely dragged the Kardashian-Jenner family name and was truly selfish. Scott, yes has cheated on kourtney multiple times but feels remorse. Scott doesn’t drag their name and feels bad, while the other is completely full of herself and has lost a sense of reality

    • hirman 11 i say man to anyone it wasn’t to call you a man or a woman or non gender conforming omg man my apologies have a great day

    • …he SAYS he feels remorse. You do not have enough information to state that as a fact from watching him on a reality show for a few minutes every week.

  7. I get what Kendall is saying and i agree with her. However Scott has a relationship with everyone but Catlin is a bit awkward with everyone. Like u see Scott on these episodes quite often and Catlin hasn’t got the best relationship with anyone expect maybe Kylie and Kendall. So it would just be weird for everyone else especially Kris. But it’s not like they actually have to talk to her during the party

    Edit : wow so many like thanks

    • +Mary Tule I knowwww and I agree but just bc it’s their dad it doesn’t automatically allow him to come. If her dad was a serial killer then u say “its her dad” that’s not good enough I know that was a drastic example but I hope u get what I’m trying to sa. But if this was me I would invite my dad x

    • +SharrellF not really cause if she’s not going out with him why should it concern her. Kris and kloe have strong relationship with Scott and that’s their friend.period. kourtney shouldn’t even care.

  8. Kris does not EVER need to sit with Bruce/cait again. Y’all are grown. It’s different if Kendal herself was throwing a party. Not only did Bruce lie and decide to transition 25 years later, and then bash all of them afterward! I would never speak to this person again if I were Khris. It’s like she’s lived a lie for 25 years.

    • Samantha Reyes yeah and he gave zero fucks about how khloe felt about the transition and were only worried about the Jenner’s cause they were “his kids “

    • The whole point of what Kendall said was to prove a point. If kris doesn’t want Caitlyn there then Scott shouldn’t be there as well. And the function is at Kourtney’s house. She should be able to say who goes to her house or not, not Kris. I already know what everyone is gonna say ‘but Kourtney and Scott have children together, they should be civil’ well so should Kris and Caitlyn.

    • Aaliyah Cabrera Kendall didn’t have a point. No one wants Caitlyn around but her. And she’s really not apart of the family anymore the way Scott still is. Her mom shouldn’t have been trying to pressure kourtney into bringing Scott. Kris should have not have to be around someone who looks at there 25 year marriage including the kids as a set back.

  9. Kourtney is quite mean for someone who doesn’t want to be mean…
    and Kendall is being delusional, Caitlyn literally bashed the whole family several times over publicly. A love for a parent is unconditional so I don’t blame her for wanting Cait to be invited, but she cannot compare her to Scott.

    • Peep the low key shade about Kim’s body and she says this in the same breathe of not wanting to be mean anymore! While being mean as f#ck! Kourt is a straight out hypocrite

  10. Kourtney said herself that she’s the one who invented mean fighting. And now that others start to be mean to her she’s crying?!?!? I don’t get her!

    • +Emily W she might be changing right now but she was that mean for a lot of years. And now that they start being mean that’s inappropriate?! That is not how it works…she was mean and now she has to deal with it when others are just like her

    • J M i replied to u already but im gonna reply again. In the same episode they were fighting abt the Christmas shoot, kourtney told Khloe’s about her DISGUSTING taste in furniture…but okay

    • +0907gsapphire I read your comment already hon n I don’t think you quite understand why she commented out of nowhere bout her furniture that day. She is totally trying to enact a certain way to distance herself from her sisters.

    • J M then that invalidated her whole comment about ‘i invented mean fight but now I dont want to do that anymore’ because truth is, she still wants to be mean and say mean things, she just doesnt want it to be done to her. Really? U think she said mean thing about Khloe’s furniture because that’s her way of distancing herself from her sisters? Really???

    • I don’t think Kendall has forgotten I think she just wants one night were her parents can be back in the same room again and it to feel like it did when she was a kid in some way. If you are a child of a trans and a divorce you definitely understand this feeling

    • But you have to remember kris is not innocent either and we don’t know what is lies and the true

    • WordsOf Wisdom
      Yes, agreed. We really don’t know what is going on behind close doors, what the truths and lies.

  11. Yeah I would love to see my ex who cheated on me multiple times being invited to all the family events. I agree with Kortney that’s pretty fucked up. Because even If they get along, you should have your sisters back. And the fact that Kris doesn’t care about her daughter’s feelings says so much.

    • Yes! I wouldn’t want to see that ex, 3 kids, cheated and started dating an 18 y/o

    • Scott isn’t just an ex that’s her grandchildren’s father who is incredibly close with the family and active in their daily lives. Caitlin is living her own life and has put a tell all bool out trashing them.

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