KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Wraps Up Her Divorce | E!

In "Keeping Up with The Kardashians," Kim's court dealings with her ex Kris Humphries come to light–including wanting to clear the air with him. For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here:

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Wraps Up Her Divorce | E!


  1. Check out this clip from *Keeping Up with The Kardashians,* where *Kim’s* court dealings with her ex *Kris Humphries* come to light.

    • Talentless bore with the personality of a plugged toilet. (Kim not Kris, of course)

    • +Eric Prasek mainly for Bruce and the Olympic, Kim for her sex tape most likely lol

    • +Doug Fischer I should have read ur comment before posted bc I couldn’t explain gud bt u said it all.. that’s exactly it. Sec tape, n bc of their bio dad

  2. When Kim was pregnant she wore tight clothes and it made her look fat , she has money she could of bought Maternity clothes

  3. Hiring nacked yoga instructor to lead a bunch of people in nude yoga at the front door of your home when you know that your new husband willing unknowing walk in and be offended is way beyond communication problem. By the look of it you wanted a negative reaction from your husband to boost your reality t.v. show ratings, thus more money and status for Kim. I am sure that you know that Chris did not want to be seen as a bad guy by going after a pregnant person full force.

  4. I feel like a few years ago the make up was done really we’ll but now it’s getting out of hand.

  5. I don’t blame Kris one bit for not wanting to talk to Kim.  Kris loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  And she just didn’t want to give the relationship a chance.  It seemed that Kim was bored by his simple lifestyle; she was champagne and caviar and he was hot dogs and beer.  Why couldn’t she have just given him an annulment?  It would have saved them a lot of time and pain.  GOD bless

    • katie smith yeah, but Lamar and Khloe dated for like 3 days before getting engaged, and they lasted what, like 6 or 7 years?

    • If she gave him the annulment, she would have essentially admitted to faking the relationship for the TV show

    • froggirl80 but now she’s with the love of her life and she’s happier than ever to be with Kanye and her three children.

  6. Kris’s question about Kim’s reasoning for speaking with her ex-husband comes off so scripted. You can tell the show really went into damage-control after the divorce happened. They’re always trying to show Kim as the imprisoned wife trying to get a divorce. Kris Humphries was blindsided. Kim should’ve had that Skye phone call before she filed.

  7. she should of had that conversation with him BEFORE she filed. She ruined his career, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanyes started to fall as well.

    • kanye has fallen off his music sucks now. but you’re right she messed his career up

    • +Stay Trippy I agree but I guess its because she admitted to rushing into it and so forth perhaps they were her real feelings perhaps not idk but I think its because people Pity Kim and not Kris so they just prefer Kim to endorse products and do business with etc not kris

  8. This episode was hella funny especially with Scott trying to get Kourtney to go to Tony’s 😂

  9. I always wonder if they set up the people who are in the background eating at the restaurant. Cuz I just can’t see the Kardashians going to a restaurant and not one person gets up to approach them or even look their way. Look at the people in the background. They are acting as if that’s not. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick eating 2 tables away with camera men recording them. These people have to be set up cuz there’s just no way. If those were real restaurant customers eating there would be a frenzy. U know how these people get seeing the Kardashians. It’s not that serious

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