Kelli’s Desire for a Smaller Nose Ends in Disaster | Botched | E!

An aspiring model's dreams are dashed when her nose is butchered–twice by the same doctor! Can Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif help on "Botched"?

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About Botched:
“Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.

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Kelli's Desire for a Smaller Nose Ends in Disaster | Botched | E!


  1. Never go back to the doctor that originally messed you up. Never ever ever!!

  2. When you have people telling you the same negative things over and over you start to believe it, it’s sad but true. I can totally relate to her, it’s just too bad she wasn’t able to look past that one thing she didn’t like. Or have someone around who made her feel beautiful for what she already had.

    • Why is 90% of the commenters completely deaf? This had nothing to do with her loving herself, she did! It was the beauty industry that kept telling her that she needs to change or she won’t reach her dream of modeling.

    • Starshine it’s so sad that people kinda body shame others. Ladies kept on tellin me I gotta put on weight but that don’t move me,, ,, am skinny winny and proud of myself.

    • I had a nose job and regret it so much. I think my old nose looked way better (and my friends/family agree). My nose looks too flat and short now. Before it was thinner and the tip looked WAY better when it stuck out more from my face. I was never bullied about my nose, but my own mom called me ugly multiple times. Additionally, when one of my friends called me pretty when I was a sophomore in high school this random boy in my grade butted in the conversation to say that I “wasn’t pretty at all”, so that stuck with me for YEARS and I began to think my nose was the problem (even though it was not). I can’t even look at old photos without getting so upset because my nose blatantly looked better from the front profile before, even though it is slightly improved from the side profile now. Also, I am Middle Eastern and Russian and people used to ask me if I was Italian/Greek with my old nose, and now people ask me if I’m Latina/Hispanic ALL the time, so it’s like I changed race after getting surgery lol

    • Let’s be honest, she really needs a nosejob but she looks cuter with flat and wide nose compared to his botched nose.

    • that’s what can happen when we allow white people to tell us how we should look. now she has no modeling career and a fucked up nose!

    • carl y would she need a nose job smh
      u clearly r bored with no friends if u r telling a women who doesnt even know about ur EXISTENCE to change for ur liking

  3. not all black ppl have wide noses, I’m prime example😑 but nonetheless nothing was wrong with her nose she is beautiful

    • +Lmao EightBall you have no idea what you’re talking about. Africans are the most diverse people. Fact. Our phenotypes run the gamut. Educate yourself because you sound ridiculous.

    • Kiki Isabeast me too I think everything god gave us, he gave for s reason. Wide nose thin nose straight hair curtly hair. It doesn’t matter. What matters is she should all just respect and love each to her for who we are. It’s a simple fact that genetic studies show Africans to be very distant genetically from Caucasians. You can go look at the studies if you’d like. African Americans are the only ones that argue this because Africans in Africa know the truth. They know a pure African will 99.9 percent of the time have very black akin wide noses curtly (nappy) hair longer face and wider foreheads. We are all made different no one is the same. Africa is a HUGE continent, which means not all Africans look the same. But the fact is that the phenotype of pure non mixed Africans is the phenotypes listed.

    • Marie lee exactly so she claims just because she doesn’t have a wide nose the phenotype of Africans suddenly change. She is a mixed African AMERICAN. African Americans have around 5-15 percent Caucasian admixture and most still have wide noses. Let’s just speak facts here.

  4. Have always hated my nose and have had a few consultations with plastic surgeons, but was always terrified to go through with it: results are permanent and doctors are human 😱 And why the heck did she go back to the same butcher the 2nd time 🤦

  5. 1, if people can’t accept you, for who you are, then you don’t need them. 2, can’t believe she went back to the same doctor, smh.

  6. It’s like they wanted her too look less black.
    Her original nose was beautiful

    • BookMilla that wasn’t the point of the message idiot 😂😂 the ENTIRE paragraph was talking about how blk women are perceived as “more beautiful” if they have Eurocentric features.

  7. To all women in the world>>
    Aways remember!
    When a (photographer) tells you “if you wanna make it..(in this business), you’re gona have to.. (do nose job)”, it means “I don’t want “IT” with you”. The rest is just bla bla.
    (Professional photographer always finds the best look. He wouldn’t take u even if looked like a Beyonce after all. He would make you look like her if he wanted so..)

  8. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her natural nose. I’m sick and tired of the fashion industry pushing it’s “beauty standards” on naturally beautiful people.

  9. **makes fun of person for having a big nose*
    **shames them for getting plastic surgery*
    Yeah okay society

    • Well….yea.
      Don’t get plastic surgery for this. Have we not learned from Michael Jackson?

    • +cow тιттy jυιce ™

      Which is a vague.
      A person can decide to live themselves for who they are and not change. Bingo bango – confidence!

    • oh we shouldve came to her and told her that her nose is ok, then she wouldnt fall for that plastic crap

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