Khloe Kardashian Gives Birth In The Middle Of Tristan Scandal | KUWTK | E!

Giving birth one day after Tristan's scandal broke is weighing heavy on Khloe. See why the "KUWTK" star can't handle Kourt's questions about her relationship.

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Khloe Kardashian Gives Birth In The Middle Of Tristan Scandal | KUWTK | E!


  1. Only Khloe would meet a man who already had another girl knocked up, start dating him and get knocked up immediately, then he shocked when he cheats on HER when she’s pregnant 😂

    • +wishmspm Even if they had, getting involved with Tristan was a bad idea. He is about to have a baby with his ex… That’s way too much baggage for the start of a new relationship. All Tristan saw was $$ and clout that comes with the Kardashian name. What kind of man will leave their pregnant girlfriend? What kind of woman is do desperate to be in relationship, that she’ll want to be with a man like that?? Obviously Tristan was/is a player as evidenced by his past/public cheating. Khloe was naive to think he wouldn’t do that to her. And yes, she deserved the humiliation she got after posting all those pictures of her and Tristan and flaunting that relationship. That really must have hurt Jordy. Extremely low and immature thing to do.

  2. He’s maybe the reason why you had to be rushed to the hospital. But the very next day after the scandal, you are already holding his hand like he didn’t humiliate you publicly.. He is the father of child but you forgave him too quick, sis!

    • The tape was around for months. They probably knew and she forgave him months ago. Momager Kris released it when the time was right. This family is too calculating for anybody to feel that their narrative is 100% honest

    • basha E not really. TMZ had the tape of him motor boating but kris told them to hold on to it. But when the first video of him in the club was released, TMZ saw no point in holding on to the previous tape so they released it

    • Grâce Mutombo Shako it’s not like that. When you’ve gotten cheated on, usually there will be moments where you’re mad, and moments when you aren’t.

    • Too quick? More like she shouldn’t have forgiven him AT ALL, lol. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Tristan is trash🙄

    • Cheating on his 2nd pregnant girl a lot of men cheat on pregnant women especially if they aren’t married

    • cdubb Honestly, it ain’t my life but seeing people especially women attacking a fellow woman and saying she deserved to be treated like she was is just plain disgusting. They broke up before Khloé & Tristan became a thing, I don’t get why no one understands that? Why blame her when she’s literally going through hell lol? Ridiculous.

  3. I don’t know why she’s made at people hitting her up when she should be mad at Tristen. Had it not been for him, she wouldn’t be going through this. I used to really love Khloe but this is sad to watch.

  4. Sheeesshh, she being a passive agressive towards her sisters and friends despite the fact they were there for her yet she could hold hands with her cheater boyfriend. Khlooeee 🙄😩🤦🏻‍♀️

    • She’s probably taking some of it out on them because she won’t do it to her baby daddy for whatever reason… and at the end of the day they will still be there supporting her even when she’s pissy with them because that’s what family does.

      Also, her hormones are probably all over the place.

    • I just feel like she’s just pissed and frustrated about the whole situation and is just projecting out her anger … she just had a baby whose father just cheated on her like imagine thinking about that every time u look at ur baby and in the future 😕 I feel bad for her I really do

  5. I will NEVER see her the same way. Kim might be vain but she’s got BALLS. If a marriage isn’t working she’s out! ✌🏾

  6. I mean she did hook up with Tristan when he was still with his pregnant girlfriend at the time. karma gets you no matter what and she wants everybody to leave her be but I bet she was on social media right in this scene reading stuff instead of enjoying the birth of her child. But still that was so foul of him doing that especially knowing she was having a hard pregnancy

    • +Jenna Neff

      She was paid to say that. Girl please be smart but karma cannot be paid. Even Tristan’s father came on social media and blasted him.

      How about French Montana, James harden, trey songs, Lamar Odom…

      The list goes on.

  7. Don’t be mad at the people who wanna support you. Be mad at your man who doesn’t respect you, especially during AND after your pregnancy.

    • Ur so insensitive! She should do as she pleases! Having your business out there while giving birth which is supposed to be the happiest time of her life, it’s now tainted by having her already unfaithful bf to do it again. No woman should have to deal with this let alone strangers having an opinion and rub in your face constantly what you already know! Have some sympathy, it’s exactly what’s wrong w the world these days

  8. Well…let’s see…Khloe didn’t mind putting Tristan’s 1st baby momma’s life on blast or how she came between the two of them while the mother of his 1st kid was pregnant! So, now that baby mama #2 Khloe is getting a taste of her own medicine we’re all just supposed to forget about her past actions and feel sorry for her? Look Khloe and ALL the blind Khloe supporters in life you reap what you sew! Get use to this humiliation Khloe because karma is not done paying you back for being a heartless homewrecker! Oh and one more thing Tristan’s 1st kid is really adorable! 🤗

  9. Isn’t it interesting how Kylie has got it all together with Travis and he seems to really care about her. Yet Khloé is getting cheated on multiple times by a guy who just had a baby with someone just before this baby. Big ole mess.

    • chiraine1 course it’s his baby. DNA already been done, why do you think Tyga stopped talking

    • sue she I feel sorry for you if all u think about is looks 😷😷. Ur gonna have a rude awakening one day

    • +sue she lol I honestly thought the same as you UNTIL I saw him without his grills! He’s really handsome and speaks differently as well. He seems more like a really cool, intelligent, good looking but humble guy in highschool that everyone has a crush on and you want to take home to meet the parents. Totally different looks and vibe when he’s not wearing grills! 😉😍

    • because kylie is young and beautiful and highly sought out but khloe is old and undesirable now

  10. Khloe needs to get a backbone when it comes to relationships. She is so starved for a loving, fairytale like relationship that she puts up with these men who don’t give a crap about her for way too long. It’s not until years down the line after their behavior won’t change that she clues in and leaves. Smh.

  11. WELL..just imagine if it was Scott cheating on Kourt during her labour..Khloe would have gone on fire

    • wishmspm he did cheat, that’s what we were talking about. Big Khloe was yelling at Kourtney how she herself would Never put up with a cheater and he’d be gone, then all her relationship the man cheats and she covers for them LOL

    • +Adrianne 411 bcuz she can’t wait any longer for a child and she desperately wants true to have a whole family.

    • She just likes being cheated on. For her it’s normal so if she ain’t crying then no one can say anything because she is fine with it. That’s why she mad. She an idiot.

  12. You carried a baby for 9 months, and just gave birth and you’re glued to your phone trying to figure out what people are saying about you on the media? Smh I would’ve been too focused on my new born

    • KAY MARIE well you know they kinda make their money off of social media she might have been securing deals .and they take the baby from you to do different things .

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