KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Reveals Sleep Paralysis Fear to Kris | E!

With the Kardashians" star's health on the line, will her hectic schedule be too much for her to handle? Find out on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Reveals Sleep Paralysis Fear to Kris | E!


  1. I can’t believe her mother isn’t more concerned about her anxiety and get her to some good shrinks. Mother just cares about her ‘client’. SMH ..tsk tsk tsk

    • she’s probably concerned about it but when you already agreed to something and it’s your job you have an obligation to do it, kendall is an adult if she wants to hire someone or do something about her anxiety she needs to make an appointment. kendalls dream was to be a run way model. if sh cancels things she already agreed to and damage her whole career, maybe she should just finish the things she already agreed to and take time to take care of herself

    • She’s giving advice as a manager and a parent. And what she’s saying isn’t wrong.

    • Im sure Matthew Knowles wouldn’t be concerend either. Chill out and get that money$$ honey!

    • el el that’s how my mom is. It’s not that she’s isn’t concerned it’s just that they think you are stronger than your problems because of what they had to overcome …

  2. I’m positive Kris does care about all of her daughters but when your in the fashion industry and you make a commitment to a big time disgner you have to fall through because just as quick as you’re put on the scene you can be taking off a lot faster

    • Lily Garner your 100% right but Kris seems to be worried about Kendall losing her career which Kendall really seems to enjoy that’s why she was bumed out not that she didn’t care about her health I’ve been their before I’ve had sleep paralysis more then once it can be cause by a number of things but kendalls is probably stress which is causing her sleep paralysis she should see if she can do a walk or have a doctor make a quick house call then she should do what she has to do then take an actual vacation at a recovery spa clinic, but like I said she’s worried that it will affect her career if she does fall through

    • Things happen, even though she booked them but her health does come first. If her health is on the line that is more serious and it needs to be taken cared of first.

    • When I saw that conversation and heard what Kris said I realized with surprise that she sounds just like my own mother would’ve sounded. Of course she cares, but as a mother she has to tell her that she has a responsibility.

    • That maybe true for most models but not the Kardashians, anything they wear or do people copy in their millions. If 1 designer pulls the plug there will be 100 more waiting.

  3. She’s got a big testemony. let’s wait and watch while God is working in her heart.

    • Lily Garner You do realize this is probably for attention right? This equal to the girl saying “boohoo I have anxiety” then go off to skanky club parties right after. She probably doesn’t even Have sleep paralysis and has insomnia. In fact there may ne Nothing wrong with her because thats how Hollywood works. Make up some Bullshit for viewers to eat up on camera and send it out.

    • Naire Karakuja are you kidding me the kardashians do not have enough acting talent to pretend to have anything lol

    • WTF…I would never wish sleep paralysis on anyone..but damnit u just struck a cord… How dare you say she needs to get over it? Dont speak on what u dont know…sleep paralysis be upon you now!!!!!!! Then comeback and say she needs to get over it.

  4. all these child/teen celebrities have major anxiety and depression.
    just shows you that money can’t buy happiness..

    • I agree to some extent but I wouldn’t call that major. There are many celebs who do struggle with that and it’s often the job that leaves them that way (when it comes to actors for example) or they go off the rails take drugs etc. And I’m sorry because even though I feel for people who have any type of mental disorder no matter who they are, I wouldn’t call that major, she just has sleep paralysis and can afford to go to all sorts of therapies and even quit what she’s doing and not work anymore if she wants to. She has that privilige that only few people have. When it comes to the Kardashians they often make a problem and say that they’re fine few weeks after or since they aren’t that smart they tend to overreact in many cases.

  5. I think sleep paralysis can be really scary, especially during nightmares. I’ve experiences it myself and its hard to get of sometimes

    • Humaira N i have it sometimes and i learned how to manage it, just stay calm and wait until it stops, i noticed this happens to me just if i take a nap on the afternoon and i’m not sleeping so deep, when i am disturbed by noises and i get half way awake then it happens. If you act anxious it gets worst so just calm down and it will eventually go away. I assume it is caused by being half awake/half asleep.

    • Humaira N Also…sleep paralysis can present an opportunity to have a lucid dream and I’ve done this before once I became self aware of my emotions. The more anxious or fearful you are it will get worse. I try to relax and whatever I’m seeing, I turn it into something positive (lucid dream) because your mind is ultimately the one in control.

    • You’re right.   You can learn to control your dreams, and it can get very interesting.  I found that’s one  way to deal with it in a positive way after I was terrified for about a year.

    • Wow interesting, I get sleep paralysis sometimes too and have had lucid dreams. I’ve been in dreams that I was aware it was a dream and was able to change things inside the dream at will but haven’t had a sleep paralysis lucid dream where I could control what was happening if that makes sense. I have a theory that sleep paralysis and lucid dreams is more common in higher I.Q. people / people with higher brain function, I am a member of Mensa Australia and other members have brought it up in discussions and it seems to be quite common with Mensa members (top 2% cognitive function / I.Q score).

  6. Poor baby has to fly around the world in a luxury jet AND make millions of dollars doing it, let’s pray for her!

    • *All the private jets and money in the world won’t get rid of her sleep paralysis and major anxiety.* That’s like saying that a private jet will cure your cancer. You sound like a major idiot.

    • +Romy EC Exactly. It will get him nowhere and he still will be major loser.

  7. She is on every cover of Vogue in every country, portraying “strength and beauty” but she is developing mental disorders that will last her most of her 20’s and 30’s

  8. Sleep paralysis is one of the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. I had a combination of a lucid dream and I was in my bed, unable to move no matter how much I wanted to and I could see dementor like dark figures coming towards me. This happened 3 times to me so far and it’s still scary as sht.

    • People who get this often get used to it and try to enjoy it
      They see it as relaxation of the body or something you should search it up it might help
      (Ik I’m two years late)

    • The only thing that a human being can control, even during your sleep is your breath. When you sleep your heart beat and breathing won’t stop. So the next time it happens to you guys, try to breath thought your nose really fast. If you do this your body will realise that you are awake because your breath isn’t like it should be if you are sleeping and you will wake up in seconds. This happens when you don’t get much sleep or you don’t sleep through the night, jetlag, working at nights, etc can cause this. Your Body wants to sleep but your mind is confused because of normality you are awake and so this happens that you body is sleeping but your mind is awake. You need to get a sleep rhythm

  9. You can see that Kris is genuinely concerned with Kendall’s health and commitment to her career. It may seem like she doesn’t care at all, which isn’t the case from what I saw. She just wants Kendall to know, that if this is going to ALWAYS be a problem, she needs to find a way to make sure she does keep her commitments. Designers and all of those other people aren’t going to simply stop, and wait because she has an issue. But with sleep paralysis, there is no REAL way to fix the issue, but talking to a doctor will definitely help ease the fear. 🙂

  10. Im not saying she has it bad or anything, but like she is constantly traveling, and yes sleep paralysis is normal, but if it’s a constant thing it can get very frightening. I dont see the problem with her asking for a break from flying.

    • Grace Meyer I agree with you, but it’s a big deal if she asks to take a break from flying because she’s a really famous model so she’s booked for a lot of designers to do jobs, they’re all like some of the best designers out there who’ve originated from different places so if a big factor of her job is traveling to go to every place and do the actual job. Her asking to not go on a plane is like saying “You want to go to school but not wake up” doesn’t make sense.

    • If it’s a constant thing, it means she’s probably too stressed due to anxiety. I get bouts of sleep paralysis and it happens most when I’m stressed or I’m having panic attack regularly. It really seems like Kendall has anxiety disorder possibly Generalized panic disorder like myself. It’s really hard to manage especially at her age. I wish her the best of luck!

    • There is nothing normal about sleep paralysis. I dont care what anyone says..not doctors or anyone.

  11. It doesn’t matter if she GROWN. open your eye’s. Kris is her mother. if u have children u would HELP your child out by taking her to the doctor.

  12. Does any one look at the video and say hold on. Kris just looked at her daughter as if Kendall is the problem reminding her people have her booked and are counting on her. She is not a slave to those people as a mother her health comes first, God forbid she goes through depression. No one is helping Rob

    • Kendall’s job is modelling and pulling out sick from a couple wouldn’t jeopardise her income, she has millions. You on the other hand, could pull out a couple of times, but it would affect your income. I guess what your mom is trying to say is that taking a break from work wouldn’t solve the problem so missing it wouldn’t do anything. Kris looked at Kendall as if she was the huge problem and pretty much guilt tripped her into the trips. That’s what the ‘bad mom’ was for

    • look man she has every right to be scared of this.Yeah people going to work without legs okay but at lest they can sleep and have control of their body to wake up or get up that is deep no joke

    • Angelique Canty yea that’s what I’m saying. She should take care of herself first, and get support from her family so she can get back on track with her life. God forbid she goes through depression!

  13. All I notice from this is that Kendall is the only one left in this “family” w any natural beauty…

    • +Afro Afro Perhaps…but from the few bits of their show that I have watched, she always gets on the others, esp Kylie, for all the botox, fillers and other augmentations. Also she is shaped nothing like the others, esp Kim (I.e. tall, thin & less shapely, vs short and curvy). If she were, she would not be able to do runway modeling. Anyway, at least she looks the most like her original self…Kylie on the other hand is a sad case to be the youngest at that. I also think she has done well considering the insanity that surrounds her. If I were her, I’d move to Paris or Milan at 25, marry a count, and never look back, but that’s just my opinion…

    • Yh i dont think she should move to paris why would you stay in a place where you cant even communicate

  14. Kendall is probably the realist out of the whole klan. This family is a mess man lmao

  15. shes over stressed and needs a mom to tell her that its ok if she slows down amd needs a break

    • Agreed but from what I’ve seen the facts are as followed:
      Kendall loves her jobs modelling and whatnot
      Kris is both her mum and her manager
      Kendall has mental health issues – particularly with anxiety surrounding her health and travelling
      I think it’s fair to assume kris is trying to teach Kendall that it’s important to stick with your commitments, you can’t just flake on a job – it’s not a huge jump of difference than if Kendall had a “normal” job, you don’t really get he option to one day be like “I’m not coming in because I’m anxious and don’t wanna travel” – well you could but it wouldn’t look good for future jobs. I’m not trying to invalidate mental health or anything obviously but I get the impression Kris is just trying to teach Kendall how to deal with her problem instead of letting them overcome her

    • Its life my friends, to get to the top mans got to put in hours. She is helping her conquer her fears

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