Khloe Kardashian Splits With Tristan For Allegedly Cheating with Kylie’s BFF | TMZ News

Khloe Kardashian has thrown in the towel, breaking up with Tristan Thompson after she found out her baby daddy allegedly cheated on her with Kylie Jenner's best friend … TMZ has learned.

We're told Tristan flew into Los Angeles to spend Valentine's Day Thursday with Khloe and their daughter, True. On Sunday night he was at a house party, where we're told he snuggled up with Kylie's BFF, Jordyn Woods.


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    • ​+Violett Reyes Idk if Kris is a genius or a lot of people in this generation just lacks common sense. I feel like their stunts wouldn’t have worked on any other generation. When I read the title, my mind immediately knows that its for publicity. Idk how thousands of other people cant think like that. And yes I know im giving them the attention they want, too but I just read the comments to see if anyone had sense to think like this. But can’t blame them they’re getting $$$

    • Jewel H The only reason why I say she is a genius is because she is a PR, she knows how to respond to reporters and interviewers. She trains her family with professionals to correctly respond to reporters in a tasteful way that doesn’t make them seem like they’re awful for not wanting to respond. Also the fact that she pays off tabloids for whatever she wants published is on a different level. Most people that get famous don’t stay relevant as long as they have and it’s because she know exactly what’s going to keep the viewers watching and she knows exactly how to protect her family from stunts that would make their brands look bad. She protects her fortune at all costs.

    • +Alana Taylor But the bigger question is: who gets with a basketball player/rapper/actor/etc and expects faithfulness?

    • Mr T Raa Well u almost can’t expect faithfulness from most men in general. 😏 It would have been nicer if he could have at least waited until the baby was a little older.

    • All Things Bella but I get what you are saying but the kardashiana did it to too many people. they get a pass because they are w hite and have white privilege in America . and plus of who they famously are. but they hurt far too many black women. they knew what they were doing . they wanted to show black women that white women are better for them than their race of women which is not the case because they use their. white privilege and them being famous to trash black women . people can ignore that fact but that’s just what it is. they were jealous of black women and wanted their men. Google up their history and all the black women they done wrong.

    • All Things Bella see the thing about karma the low down and dirtier you are karma will make it worse .

    • Courtney Fluker I agree. Very true. No matter the nationality or gender or age Karma comes.

  1. I don’t think Tristen knows he’s in a relationship with khloe seems like she’s just another baby mama

    • she got no attention from celebrity men other than him, she also wants to feel special LMAO…she has no career or talent other than being carried on by kylie, so a basketball player was a huge deal for her.

    • Don’t worry, they still besties. There whole thing was planned. The show can’t rely on Scott being wild and Kim having surprise babies forever

    • Why wouldn’t she,???? She seen Kylie do this black Chyna Khloe do it to Trina with French Montana Khloe has broke girl code so many times, but Jordan been around all that so why wouldn’t she do what she been watching them do for years.???

    • +Coco T or both high and drunk cuz Kylie and joydon act like they can barely walk like their legs to heavy. Plus she knows everything about Kylie and that family plz baby daddy ain’t going anywhere either, but khole will say like her sister it’s true father

    • +Taylor Seward that’s what I think coke and drinks he say something about her weightloss, the girl lost her father what about 2 years now

  2. wow….kylie’s best friend…still i wouldn’t put it pass kyles or her sister’s if they knew of it, were set him up and see how low he could go…well how low did he go?…seems all the way to me…😂orrible!😄

    • nine yards songs Yea it sounds like they tried to set him up…Jordan is like family and under the Kardashian management…they ‘re probably trying to get her on the show and give her publicity while making Tristan look bad…Why would he take that bait? Smh

    • +Keelee K no doubt..still what i don’t understand is how he fell for it..shows a guy like that has no scruples or morals…sad…

    • I was just saying the same thing! Why should we feel bad 4 her. The same way she got was the same way she lost him.

    • +TAN yeah I’m just sick and tired of everybody posting o Christians a hole-in how dare he do that to her but that family is well known for taking multiple men from multiple women and most of the time they’re black women that they’re men’s are getting took. If she didn’t want to be in the damn kitchen should have got the f*** out while she could.

  3. The Kardasians are only getting back what they put out. They take other folks men, now woman are fooling around with there men. Keep it in the family babes.

    • No one can “take it man” if he leave bc of another woman he wont never yours. Most men that cheat are not sorry.. just sorry they got caught bc ur feelings that dont gaf about. Ik. Been cheated on b4.

    • naturalpn7 no real woman hangs with other women, then sleeps with their current or even ex. This is KARMA at its finest!

  4. Well Kylies ex friend Justine Skye was dating Travis Scott before Kylie had a baby with him..Karma

    • Regina m
      I heard Kendall dated asap rocky after travis. Supposedly Travis admitted he dated Kendall first. I read an interview in the beginning of his and kylie relationship if that was really him.

    • Kendall had him before Kylie 😂😂😂 they learn to be thot’s at a young age in dat family 😂👊💯🙋

    • Regina m I don’t know if Travis dated Kendall or not but he posted a couple pictures of her on IG before getting with Kylie.

  5. ok but Khloe got with him why he was still with his baby momma so we feel sorry for her Because……..

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