Killer Mike Says Jussie Smollett Should Just Apologize And People Should Move On

We got the rapper Friday at LAX, and his take is very different from most. He says, after all, Jussie's an actor and actors assume roles. Here, he just allegedly assumed the role of a liar.


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  1. Sorry doesn’t work all the time… sorry is for fight a 17yr kid for calling you names this is beyond sorry 😒 if he welcome back lets welcome monique back bc what she did is sorry what he did is unacceptable

    • Jussie Smollett is mixed so technically he has white in him. He’s Creole, Jewish and more…

    • no because if a white people did it nothing would happen by you saying if he was white ready means you are racist because of what he did that’s why people are mad

    • TheTezExperience are you trying to suggest that only white people have telephones.
      What people do on telephones and they can use them to call 911.
      Especially if they don’t get their chicken McNuggets.

  2. The idea of forgiving another human being and moving on left this ill intended and deceptive tmz reporter completly shook.

    • +J A exactly my friend. But there r ppl losing there mind about this story who don’t even live in the US. Ppl nowadays love to upset, offended and put somebody down.

    • Mo mo He thought because it was a big black straight guy that he would hate on Jussie. Guess what not everyone spends their time hating and judging people. Shocking I know.

  3. Man what a hipokrit black man Rosanne gets fired n jussie gets forgiven thats double standards

    • +dane bentley well honestly we are all suppose to be forgiving. Jussie is going to face consequences, and is currently facing some.

    • beginner’s luck yeah I know he is facing consequences and probably should be. Like I said I would be fine with forgiving him if he wasn’t willing to send 2 innocent men away for his fake crime. You can still be forgiven and face consequences, both can be true. I agree that he should be forgiven I just don’t think he should walk away Scott free.

    • +dane bentley I didn’t hear anybody say he should walk free. He said forgive him and move on. Honestly have you noticed that Jussie Smollett is getting more attention than that coast guard that was planning a terrorist attack on Democrats ?

    • bigdc202
      0:08 ” we should forgive him”
      Is what Killer Mike said.
      Did you even watch the video?

    • +James Miller as a black man I disagree with you. I honestly feel like most black ppl didn’t believe him from the start. Black twitter, and black ppl on Reddit were discrediting his story the day it came out. Civil Rights groups denounced Jussie .We definitely held Jussie accountable.
      What I didn’t see was when all those stories like Bodega Betty, Poolside Patty, Barbecue Becky, etc… were out last year I didn’t see a abundance of white ppl calling out their own for miscalling the police. He won’t get jail time likely because he doesn’t have a extensive criminal record.
      I definitely think Jussie should pay for his actions, but his biggest punishment will be his career sliding.

    • +JUGGALO-MADNESS nope… theyll send him to jail because hell be deemed fit for court and theyll say he knew 100% of what he is doing.. it’s going to be a beautiful thing to see him in a cage

  4. I think he means that the public should move on, not that he shouldn’t face prosecution and legal penalties if convicted

    • +blitzedPIG that lady actually looks like the actor from planet of the apes…secondly she is barely a half breed anybody could mistake her for a white person your acting as if she was straight out of Africa which she definitely was not!

  5. Um no Killer Mike, I’m sorry. He wasted a lot of money and time and played on peoples emotions in a very emotional time. He’s not getting off that easy.

    • beginner’s luck
      A Man Written Book! That Every 5
      Years The Vatican adds Additional Books To! Sure! If It’s Written So Shall It Be!
      Be Sure To Forgive Satin On Your Way Down!

    • +Aphrodittee I honestly don’t do conspiracy theories well love. As a grown adult we all should know how the Bible was actually presented to man. It’s your choice to believe that’s how it happened or not 🤷. I just got done telling somebody in this same video that all God asked Noah to do was build the ark and tell people about it. He ain’t force nobody on. Did you take a shot at his weight because you don’t agree with his opinion ? That helps 👍🏾… Not really.

  6. He deserves to go to jail just for how stupidly he went about it..i know 4 yr olds who could cover their trail better during a “cookie heist”.
    Lets look at the brightside.
    They say EVERYTHING happens for a reason right??
    Maybe he’ll meet his true love in prison.

  7. Stupid? Really? In this country we call it a crime you knucklehead. Jail should be his next residence.

  8. LOL! What about Roseanne??? She apologized and still lost her career. I didn’t know Valerie was black either btw. Also, if anyone here in the comment section has ever taken Ambien then you probably know what a weird sleep medicine it is. Some people don’t have any crazy reactions to it but the majority of people do. I did. Left my house @ 2am and tried to walk to 7-11 for a Slurpee LMAO! 😂😂😂😂 That’s a crazy med. Just saying. I know I’m rambling but Roseanne always had a mouth on her…like it or not, that’s just who she is. I still don’t think she’s racist. She can’t work anymore and that’s messed up. Meanwhile, she did plan a fake hate crime, she didn’t break the law by making false claims to the police and whether you like her or not, she used free speech. No one has to like her words buy she didn’t commit a crime. We’re all supposed to just “move on” amd “get over” what Jussie did? I’m not the biggest Rosanne fan, trust me lol! However, if Jussie gets a free pass somehow then Roseanne definitely deserves one. Sorry for the ramble. I just hate hypocrites.

  9. “so Harmful to the culture and everything we are trying to achieve here”

    Who is WE ??? Lol

    • I’m confused to listen some things about this but haven’t spent the time on it to really pay attention I got other things I’m trying to do. Bigger fish to fry.

    • I always ask that question too. Many groups consider themselves as part of a collective, where as whites generally don’t )except in political beliefs and hate groups).

  10. “He’s an actor just doing something stupid”?, huh, I thought killer Mike was all about justice, he gets a Netflix show and now he’s just another B.S. liberal mofo. it’s ok when we do it, is what I took out of that!

  11. Killer Mike has the right idea. Jussie did something dumb and yes he does deserve some punishment but most of all we should move on.. Bigger issues around that we can focus on than just hating on another celebrity that does something wrong/ foolish like this. Im not even going waste my time joining the hate wagon…

  12. If Jussie was white man accusing a black man, do you think killer mike would of said that? 🤨

    • he wouldve said “hang them crackers, put them in jail for 20 years, ruin there career than call him a neo nazi white supremacist”

  13. If the shoe was on the other foot.. There would be an uprising. This was more than just an actor doing something stupid and *everybody* else sees that.

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