Kim And Tristan Thompson Come Face To Face In Khloe’s Delivery Room | KUWTK | E!

Khloé Kardashian is in labor–and Mrs. West must keep things civil with Tristan Thompson who recently got busted for cheating. Watch on “KUWTK.”

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Kim And Tristan Thompson Come Face To Face In Khloe's Delivery Room | KUWTK | E!


  1. i can’t believe she even let him in the room honestly you’re a bigger woman than i am i wouldn’t even be able to be in the same room as him let alone hold his hand and have him be rude to my family like that she is a saint

    • Did he not give up his fatherly rights when he chose to put his dicks feelings over his baby’s.. y’all saying that baby deserved all that stress and he deserves to keep his fatherly rights? Hahahha misogyny did y’all real wrong!🙊

  2. Kim reaction behind Tristan is hilarious. I couldn’t imagine me being that patient to a man who cheated on my pregnant sister.

    • Kim is usually so serious, even Kourtney said Kim needs to loosen up. Why is she acting goofy in a serious moment?

    • +BayBeeGurl86 ! Khloe was not Tristans side chick, Tristan broke up with Jordan months before he got with Khloe

    • How you get them is how you lose them. He didnt mind leaving his last baby mama when she was about 6 mos pregnant, even if she says they were broken up at the time, it still painted a picture. He never wanted Khloe, he wanted the fame that came with her name.

  3. Holding his hand…. really! She used to talk to Kourtney like she was a complete idiot when she would forgive Scott all the time. Now look at her! A complete embarrassment and clearly all talk.

    • Jesus she’s in labor, there’s more important things going on than being bitter, it’s bad for the baby and she knows that. She’s being a responsible mother and making the environment as positive as possible.

    • Now that’s she’s in that position yeah it’s different lol she probably didn’t understand why Kourtney would keep taking Scott back. We all do that, until it happens to us

    • Real Love86 khloe is literally the most confrontational out of all of the kardashian’s/jenner’s. she literally in labor learn how to be empathetic she’s still a human what the hell??

  4. I understand letting him be there to witness the birth of his daughter (If he even cares) but the hand-holding and the fact that she stayed with him says a lot about Khole and her lack of self-esteem and self-worth. It’s why she stayed with Lamar after all the disrespect he laid at her feet over and over again. This man showed you who he was before you got together and after you got together…and you still staying? She gotta take responsibility for her actions. Fool me twice….

  5. I understand why she’s with him. That’s her baby’s father and she’s always wanted a family unit… HOWEVER, she looking like a straight up fool 😩😩

    • I think we all need to step aside and let khloe, have this moment for herself. So judgemental but khloe right now needs support not a judging crew. she has waited for this moment for so long they could she would never have a baby and now here she comes please when you see khlloe smile at her and don’t give her grief She’s has enough going on in her life as it is she knows what she’s doing with she’s already had Lamar.

    • +Rebellious Ravin no Jordan admitted that Tristan broke up with her way before he met Khloe

  6. Khloe hid Lamar’s drug use for ~2-3 years before she told her family. Only Rob knew because he was staying with them at time. I am convinced that she knew about Tristan’s cheating way before it became public. Once again she kept it from her family. Look at how she handled the whole thing – she knew! I feel so sorry for her. She has such a good heart, she deserve far much better!

    • +Anonymous Khloe admitted that she lied about not being able to get pregnant because Lamar was on drugs so she told him she couldn’t get pregnant but in reality she was on birth control the entire time she was with Lamar. He never stopped doing drugs do she didn’t want kids with him. She got off of birth control when she got with Tristan.

    • I feel so bad for her to she needs to stop going out with basketball players she just need to focus on her daughter and her family now on someday god can send her the right man in her life but with Patience

  7. I can’t understand how this man got away with everything as a sister I would never be nice or even say hi , like I’ll be there for her and not be rude but I wouldn’t acknowledge him there , She knew everything

  8. 0:40 Why is Kim’s expression so relatable???🤔🤔Oh I remember I haven’t grown up yet and I’m still petty af😂😂😂

  9. I respect Khloes decision. I don’t agree but I respect. Wanting to bring your child into the world in the most positive and drama free way is way more important than revenge or anything else that could’ve been said. Unfortunately it’s his child too and he has every right to be there and see that baby. I’m just glad everyone kept it cool for True’s sake

  10. That’s what happens when you date a dude that already left his old baby mama to make a new one……….😂😂😂😂😂

    • He’s probably staying with Khloé for her name and brand and money. Plus he already knows he can go out and cheat some more and swine his way back in if he gets caught because he’s seen her do it with Lamar and now, she took him back the first time. I don’t even see what upside there is on her end for staying with him other than the kid but he’s not even an average role model for her. Lol.

    • +T MB But that does not give him the right to take advantage and cheat on her , just because khloe had forgiven lamar in the past. If you really love someone you dont do smth like that..

    • Αντωνία Φ. Oh, it IS messed up on his part. No denying that he’s a pig and a gross human being but when will women stop giving these kind of guys the light of day? That’s why there’s so many memes and jokes out there about women thinking they’re the one who can change a guy even if he has a bad track record. In this case, did Khloe really think Tristan would be faithful and reliable to her with his past? Even a baby doesn’t change or motivate this guy to step up as man. She’s just a “notch” in his belt now as he’s moving on with his “conquest” of collecting more “notches”. Lol. With her name and family brand, she’s probably his greatest sexual conquest so far. It’s sad and pathetic.

    • +T MB i agree with you but when you are in love like khloe was (at least i guess so) you really reaaaaally think that you can change someone and make him be the best person he could possibly be. And some times that is what actually happens. Its just not that common, it’s a rare thing. But Tristan still is a piece of trash.

    • sorry not sorry I have a weird feeling that rich people give birth differently 😀 Greetings from Austria

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