KUWTK | Kardashian-Jenners Learn of Tristan’s Cheating Scandal | E!

Don't miss the moment when Kendall, Kourtney, Kim, and Kylie find out about the video of Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloé. Watch on "KUWTK"!

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KUWTK | Kardashian-Jenners Learn of Tristan's Cheating Scandal | E!


  1. Imagine growing up one day and understanding your father cheated on your mother days before your birth… Tristan really broke his daughter’s heart before anyone else could

    • Well I’m 16 now and I found out a few years ago that my father cheated on my mother while she was pregnant. And believe me, it’s not something easy to process.

    • Lol that’s what I went through it’s disgusting, also knowing that your mom was willing to take him back it’s harmful not gonna lie. But she’ll be fine, I hope

  2. This is totally irrelevant but at 0:30 , it sounds like kim was about to rap when she said ” hold on” in sync with the beat.

    • +Me Gillium Kendall was trying not to laugh, Kim just to see Khloe’s reaction, Kourtney seemed like she expected this, and Kylie was thinking the best way to tell her. Honestly this whole thing is probably staged and not the first reaction because how come they saw but Khloe didn’t?

    • Veronica33 S Probably just the way she handles a situation, doesn’t make it right thi

  3. The saddest thing about this is knowing True will see alllllllll of this when she’s older. I can’t even imagine. Poor kid.

    • J. JJ It’s her mom’s fault too because she had no business messing with him while he was with another woman who was PREGNANT!

    • Well lucky for her, the divorce rate is already far over 50%. And I’m willing to bet the majority of those are due to cheating. I’m not sure what the difference is? Seeing it in your house vs seeing it on tv?

    • +SavannahEdits exactly, and people think because in those situations because it wasn’t a best friend of a Kardashian it’s somehow okay or just so much less worse. It’s a shitty thing to take part in period. It was shitty and awful of Jordyn to do it yes That’s true. But just like with Jordyn it was shitty and awful, of Khloe and Kylie to both hook up with someone they knew was taken. I hate that people pretend or ignore that That’s the same thing cuz it is

  4. it was in my recommendations after Tristan cheated on Khloe with Jordyn hmm..
    Edit : so i think im not the only one getting the recommendation i guess…? 😂

    • +YoursTruly Forever lol imagine this time when kendal finds out about the whole thing she is pooping or something XD, nope never gonna happen all planned

  5. K Scott tryna be all good and act like he doesn’t know what cheating is lmfao gtfo 😂😂😂😂

  6. Kendall: omg there’s a video of someone cheating
    Scott: *excessive sweating*
    Kendall: it’s tristan
    Scott: OH phew thank god– i mean whatt that’s terrible

    • my sister and her baby father are no longer together but I still look at him as family because with out him my nephew wouldn’t be here

    • In the episode, they do brave things (I’m not going to spoil) when they hear the news about tristian.

      They go skydiving

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