Kim Clarifies Calling Kourtney the “Least Interesting to Look At” | KUWTK | E!

The "KUWTK" sisters react to fan responses surrounding their nasty fight…and Kim admits she only meant to call Kourt boring. Is that better?

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Kim Clarifies Calling Kourtney the "Least Interesting to Look At" | KUWTK | E!


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    • Kim is a horrible person. She is so selfish, trashy and hateful. Not to mention the way that she dresses is ugly.

  1. Kim is definitely gorgeous however I love how natural kourtney’s face is she looks really nice. They used to resemble a lot back in the days can you imagine how stunning Kim would look today if she stopped getting all of that surgery

  2. They can all thank Kris.  SHE is the only reason ANY of them are rich and famous.  She’s a friggin business genius.

    • I feel like the therapy sessions and counselling have really helped them heal. It’s so positive to see that a former couple can get along, not just for the sake of their children but also because they have a mutual love and respect for one another. They both look so relaxed and happy in this clip.

  3. Scott is crazy, remember when Scott was like *if you lose your butts, we might all lose our money!* hahahahahahahaha

    • TheCubanMafia97 jesus wasnt conceived by a man and a woman, he came straight from God so we dont know

    • +TheCubanMafia97 many people from the middle east, Israel, are blonde with light eyes and pale skin, also this didn’t have to do with race but race obsessed sjws will always have to bring race up 🤷 ain’t nobody cares hoes

  4. I love how Scott try to be fair and make the peace! I always say it Kourtney is the most rude… All the time to Kim and Kim just exploded once!

  5. I don’t know why people freaked out over Kim’s comment and I don’t get how people thought she was talking about her looks. To me it was clear she meant that Kourtney is just boring and not interesting to watch.

    • Irregardless they’re sisters and have said worse things to each other. People need to relax

    • That sounds just as “awful” if not even more wtf… Defending people isn’t one of your skills, huh? 😂 besides, it’s a lie. Kourtney has a different sense of humor what makes her moments in the show very enjoyable (I mean, as much as a reality can get lmao), her pics are very aesthetically pleasing, she had videos of her traveling around the world, her life story had its ups and downs. All in all, she’s not boring to watch at all (again, as much fun you can get from a reality show which lbr, in any case, all of them have their very boring moments).

      Anyways, I do think Kim was just mad and she just wanted to hurt Kourtney’s feelings but people exaggerated and it’s easy to forget we all tend to do that when we are furious with someone, mainly if that someone is your sister tso people needs to chill.

    • Yeah I mean the first time was basically dissing her looks this is more dissing her personality. Like she is bland like all the gluten free crap she eats.

  6. I always thought that Kim has a boring personality while Khloe and Kourtney has more to talk about. Kim is just the surface, the cover but the content are the other sisters.

  7. Kourtney is the only one exiting to look at, Kim and the others they look like clowns 🤡 with those chicken legs and dirty diapers!

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