Tania Desperately Tries to Play Nice With Shiva & Veronika | Second Wives Club | E!

Shiva and Veronika's hangout session is interrupted by the sound of Tania calling them! See it on "Second Wives Club".


About Second Wives Club:
“Second Wives Club” follows six women who are married or engaged to wealthy, powerful men. Shiva Safai, Katie Cazorla, Veronika Obeng, Shawna Craig, Tania Mehra and Morisa Surrey may indulge in mermaid pool parties, live in multi-million dollar homes and have luxury cars with champagne refrigerators, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to navigate the complications that come with having stepchildren, managing their own careers, and being a second, third, fourth or even fifth wife.

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Tania Desperately Tries to Play Nice With Shiva & Veronika | Second Wives Club | E!


  1. I would love to just once see on these wealthy life reality shows, someone that is selflessly dedicated to helping the less fortunate or environment around them. At least once a week!

    • Hay your the hater and the bullie if your going to hate for no real reason then your a hater

  2. Disgus in jobless women. Omg shiva who is she? She acts as if she was born into wealth haha

    • jasmine es my point is that, yes she might have lots of money, but you can’t buy a status. And she doesn’t act very natural to me.thanks all to mo and Gigi, today many people learned about her haha

    • Alla Lusinko iran has harsh laws that are unfair to women. of course she’d want to come to us. Iran is lovely, dont get me wrong, I am Persian myself. But life can be easier here. Also she probably acts weird on tv bc it’s probably weird to have cameras around your face idk

  3. Lets have tea and hash it out but I don’t wanna discuss what I did that caused the friction k thanx TTYL


  4. Veronica is looking more stunning because of her hair straighter and fuller and her face is gorgeous so I am happy for her but her personality is horrible.

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