Kim Kardashian’s Inbox Flooded With Letters From Prisoners | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Kim Kardashian is becoming the fairy godmother of prison inmates, because they're flooding her inbox with thousands of letters every day … asking her to help them find freedom. Also, Video of 3 women featured in the "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries shows them front row at one of his concerts, but it's not necessarily what it seems.


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  1. I wish I was Kanye I wish I was married to Kim Kardashian he’s the luckiest man alive with the hottest girl alive

    • +Josh 97 obviously you got issues if you don’t think Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest girls on 🌎 you got issues if you don’t want yourself a girl like Kim Kardashian

    • COLORADO ANDY it’s just you who got issues and besides Kim is not even close to be one of the hottest girls on earth 🌎 she got famous from getting piped by Ray j in that sextape that you was beating off to for who knows how long and I prefer Kylie Jenner over Kim Kardashian

    • She is going to have to wait. For its *Trump/Kanye2020* , then Kanye2024 as first black-American President! But I would vote for Kim in 2028 or 2032. She is a Christian woman(sinner but who among us is not). She is obviously a great business woman. And she actually gets stuff done that helps people…unlike BLM , Kaepernick, or Deray who are fakes.

    • She also started and led the way for the Prison reform bill that just passed that will free thousands of people that are not in for violence, and have done the right thing to reform. She, Trump, and Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner made it happen. Not the fake NFL players, not Kaepernick. Not BLM or Deray fakes. But Kim Kardashian. lol.

  2. That gay guy talking about Kevin Hart here is very annoying. Anyone else noticed that?

  3. Kim is a beautiful brunette. She is a successfull business woman and a caring mom. Her heart is pure. Kim is a wonderful woman with excellent feet. Her feet are a piece of art.

  4. wow that’s pretty impressive
    guess they aren’t just a sex tape after all respect

  5. This is too much….Kevin Hart has apologized which is required and if the community is not satisfied with the apology then seek God for an understanding

    • Ikr. the gay community and LGBTQ Community want to compare sexual preference to color preference!! Okay, cos its the same thing!!! Oh no wait!!! Theres a gay community/LGBTQ community, theres even a black community… but is there a gay race??? An LGBTQ race???? No!!! And i dnt mean a race for the cupboard door..i mean black ppl ddnt get a choice!! In my honest oppinion ur race is one thing thats alrdy decided for u!! If ur mama black and ur daddy black u is 99.99 percent gonna come out black.JS.. but gay its a toss up JS…

  6. I love how people are mad because some of the BS is being brought into the light in this R. Kelly thing. Truth is some of those girls were there because they wanted to be.

  7. *Kanye Gonna Be Pissed… If He Doesn’t Want Drank Stalking Kim… He’s Gonna Go Really Nuts With All These Criminals Contacting Her.*

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