R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slaves Front Row and Cheering at 2016 Concert | TMZ

TMZ has obtained concert footage from R. Kelly's 2016 show in New Jersey as he was touring in promotion of his album "The Buffet." This video was shot in October of that year, and you can see Joycelyn Savage, Dominique Gardner and Azriel Clary standing right next to each other right at the bottom of the stage … in clear view of Kelly.


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  1. lol those slaves weren’t really slaves…. they into the bondage….

    • +davidcici11Evolution not talking about your ancestors talking about those fans

    • +Lil Reese AKA The Chiraq Grim Reaper asking another man to eat your nuts… you ain’t low key gay anymore…. homo

    • Cristopher Calvo Fiallos nibbia u sck the come outta my nuts fggt since u on my nuts so much

    • +Lil Reese AKA The Chiraq Grim Reaper nibbia? come? sck? fggt? your a whole lot of mistakes aren’t you boy…

    • +Lil Reese AKA The Chiraq Grim Reaper but if your really from Chicago… I’m sure you can find a gay goon to do it for you, since your all about that guy scene… enjoy ๐Ÿ’

    • +Iverson Judkins I agree his music is amazing I just feel like people are assuming and using his songs as a target at the end of the day we need to prove that he’s done these things for these ladies and if he has one of those girls cheering in the crowd don’t look brainwashed to me they look like they’re made their own decision the only two people who should be locked up for Aaliyah and allegedly slept with a minor which is sparkles niece.

  2. There were some real victims, but these ladies here were in it for the money, then cry wolf later.

    • +Edgar SaintvilUse your common sense. If a 14 year old knows about sex, then obviously a man in his 20s does. I don’t see anybody bashing his sister who molested him from age 6 onwards. But of course she was a female so yall give her a pass, when in reality she created Rkelly.

    • Maybe but still doesn’t excuse the fact that he manipulated and had sex with minors he’s a sick man that documentary really fucked me up and it showed how black people for the most part would still support him even though they have daughters themselves after the sex tape it’s just crazy no matter how much proof you have of Robert Kelly being a sick man people still give him a pass

    • They jus destroyed this man legacy cuz he probably dnt have the money to keep giving them or left them nd they see a way to get famous

    • How do you know their were some real victims? Don’t let propaganda media play you to want some real victims. Innocent till proven guilty in a (none bought or bias) court. Remember that.

  3. Every is so ignorant focusing on this R Kelly Thing. Yโ€™all donโ€™t understand this is just a cover up so we can be blind that the government is not going to give us our TAXES!!!!!

  4. Catch it ๐Ÿ‘€ From mark 1:07 she grabs his attention with her hand, he walks over, she points at the girl recording them then he walks over to grab security & the girls point at her again. He then gestures to his bodyguard for the girl recording to be moved & she replies “move? let’s go then”.

    • And she said “Move, Let’s go then”….Didnt sound to happy to me and why the video keep cutting you think she wouldn’t have a pic or a video on stage?….She tried to had him that black shirt or whatever it was and he must’ve said no and or leave because that’s when she said “Move, Lets go then”….She said it with attitude because them hoes got her kicked out….

    • Wowww i did not notice the first time until you said something. Why he kicking her out when everybody is recording….because she got the girls on video. And of course they groupies they star struck and thats how he gets them to do what he wants them to do. Why people not thinking out the box.

    • He was pulling her on stage but I will say this…… It sounds like it may someone’s mother or aunt.

  5. sad to say but do y’all know how many lil girls who trying to sex him they to damn young to be there looks like they stalking him ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” how them lil girls even know his music these some groupies

  6. They need to stop using the word SLAVE so loosely…. It’s a slap in the face of our ancestors..๐Ÿค—

    • Our ancestors?
      Not all black people were from Africa and was slaves. Our ancestors was already in America.

    • Tracy Garvey Fray ALSO whites….. The Arab slave trades that included Caucasian captives were often fueled by raids into European territories or were taken as children in the form of a blood tax by the families of citizens of conquered territories to serve the empire for a variety of functions. In the mid-19th century, the term ‘white slavery’ was used to describe the Christian slaves that were sold into the Barbary slave trade.

    • +Riece Rolex why was he giving them money for their silence in the first place? Because innocent people do that on the regular? Ok I get it now.

    • +MsPookie2 some people just won’t get it until it happens to them or someone they love. I’m with you tho.

    • +Joshua Maundo TV they may him brought it up or sold their kids to that man. You can’t just bash one person when there’s several people involved. It’s years after the fact so the damage is done it’s all hearsay at this point. Samething as Bill Cosby if you get enough people with the similar detail true or not and the jury is made up of ramdom peoples with no law degree or experience you’ll be founder guilty.

    • +Riece Rolex I’m not saying all the parents are innocent. But that doesn’t make him any less guilty. If I pay you for the rite to piss on your child once a week, I’m not innocent just because you’re okay with it.

  7. Thanks TMZ…

    Like,it’s crazy…..
    One girl said I left then called him back…but he didn’t answer……one girl out and about shopping free to do wateva,which is a way for u to leave,then the girl that was in the hotel with ole girl been back and forth to him 9 years back and forth….
    Mannnnnnn fuk them hoes they choose TO..

    • I absolutely agree with you on this one yes R Kelly is sick but them girls didnt deny him either

    • Teron Lawson so we wait till there 18 lmao you can play captain save a hoe with other children but that kind of makes you look suspect my dude, you might be the one with an agenda with these young hoes since you tryna save them so much, I bet you made a sanctuary mansion for them to sleep behind closed doors so you can mess with them huh? Lmaoo

    • Bobby Oddly since I’m tryna save children from psycho rapist. I have a secret agenda for these young hoes? Cuz, wtf are you even talking about. How. How bro.

    • Bobby Oddly low key think you like little girls now bruh. “We wait till they are 18” who is we. You and r Kelly lmao

    • I was just thinking that, either him or his people sent this to make him look good, my thing is this at the end of the day r Kelly gotta live with r Kelly, if he is guilty then he has to live with himself, his past coming back to haunt him, if he admits to and apologizes for his wrong then it’s up to him, honestly if he hides it only to deceive people then the backlash Is horrendous, to except it like it’s nothing will only make it worse

    • That’s exactly what I thought if they were trapped and being mistreated I would have run in that crowd for help

    • Htown Lifer it don’t matter if they were held against their will. These females were children when Kelly starting fucking them. No, point blank period. He is wrong. Aaliyah was 14. No matter how she felt ab it, he’s a sick bastard and a grown man whose trying to have sex with high school freshman

    • Remember this is back in 2016 thats when Azriel and Jocelyn first met him so in the start obviously they would be happy Jocelyn is like his little puppy pet so shes all for the fame n fortune she does not care. Its now 2019 and those girls are unhappy sex slaves getting peed on(Jocelyn likes it). Notice dominque is looking like a boy and concerned and unhappy cause she met r kelly in 2011 shes already suffered and had trauma happen to her. Glad shes home now

    • nehemiah hall not seeing their parents is a CHOICE! stfu ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ

    • MsMeeSee cuz they got let out the house for a day. Of course. Let u be in jail and they say u going out for a free concert

    • Somebody please send this to they parents, coz I see ample opportunities to escape, in which they clearly have no interest in doing.

    • +eklipsta bro there a video that one of the main girls bragging on how she neglect her kids for a whole summer to be with him & then corrected herself by saying she had family members taking care of them.when summer was over she would come visit him on the weekend..they said that hostage, brain wash ,& were in a dungeon for shock value..that’s how you sell a story..so no kidnapped chargers on this man…come on Just Think about it

    • Gia Roberts I agree. Iโ€™m not saying he did not brain wash/manipulate them BUT the parents had a window back then to intervene they decided not to. Once those particular girls became of age that was it they are doing what they want and they are where they want to be. Once they snap out of his bullshit they will leave. I noticed that was the common thread in the documentary.

    • Gia Roberts Thank you!!! This is also the reason why I’m going continue to jam to my r.kelly music and if I ever get a chance to go to his concert front row….I’m there!!!!!

    • +Renee Tulloch because you don’t know how he threatened them. Abusers will see their victims as property. The if I can’t have you nobody will type of mind of abusers. You leave them and they will kill you type.

    • Cloudy Campaign yupp joycelyn too n at the end you hear the female voice say โ€œ letโ€™s go nikkaโ€ thatโ€™s the nick name Dominique mom call her ๐Ÿค”

    • luticia brown I think you should start with yourself and show example for your kids in the future. You supporting his music will make him money which will provide him with a good lifestyle.

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