Kim Kardashian’s Serious About Becoming a Lawyer, Says Attorney Shawn Holley | ?TMZ

Kim's attorney, Shawn Holley, tells TMZ … Kim's interest in the law has always been an authentic interest she's had for a long, long time and adds she's truly interested in being a justice warrior.


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  1. *No Way She’ll Be A Lawyer…Once All The Work She Realizes She Has To Do…*

    • +GAME_ THEORY You are a hypocrite because you are criticizing Kim for doing what pretty much EVERY company does. Sell stuff to those that buy it. Its literal capitalism. You just dont like that its her that found that specific market and started the social media marketing revolution. You would not be saying jack if it was some other company like Calvin Klein, Revlon, Victoria Secret, or JayZ retar3ded products at Roc Nation which i personally don’t buy. Or Puff Diddy’s cheap Vodka that he sells to the uninformed. Or 50cents fake-water etc. You don’t get up all on them for being capitalist I assume???? What are you a communist my vato?

    • +Naysha Austin *I Don’t Think She’ll Be Great At Being a Lawyer…Just Like She Wasn’t Great At Being A Porn Star To Get Famous.*

    • +Jekyll Hyde Oh okay. I understand your point 100% better. I kind of agree with you now that understand. And yeah, she changed. But my point is EVERY brand, or company has done this. Yeah, she got big because of the sex-tape. But she used that maybe bad situation, to her advantage. Its like Apple gets big of Steve Jobs pretending like he invented stuff etc, just like Microsoft literally stole what they started with. And Reality TV is a business. Even Trump saw that Market and made some money of it. A business and product that people want and buy. People still watch every Survivor show etc. Just like Tyler Perry does that Madea BS because there is a market that buys it and makes him rich. I dont buy hair weaves, but there is a market for that. She saw a potential market, used some quick fame and maybe fake hype I agree with you, and smartly capitalized on it. Its literally the American dream. And I don’t think she should get the blame for the insanity of her stepdad Bruce/Cait3lyn Jenner. I mean its family. They seem to be a close family that does not abandon each other. Just like she should not get the blame for women injecting their butts to copy her. In that case we should blame ever Victoria Secret model for making women want to be thin. Or Arnold for making men injecting fake pecs and calf implants to look like the Terminator etc. Thats on the people that follow or buy their products. I think she wants to get her law degree to get more respect, and she said she wants to understand the legal issues she advocates for like with Prison Reform. I think she is maybe planning running for office in the future too. I mean, if Arnold can run for Governor of California she has a right to run for something if she want with Kanye 2024! And yeah, she should work with Trump more, seems like she has done more than most of the SJW crowd that only talk.

    • +Jesus Perez *Her Brand (Family’s Brand) Is Fake Reality… But Her Doing Meaningful Work With Trump Turned Her Brand Into A Real Reality…I Believe Kanye Had A Lot Of Help In That…Without Kanye I Don’t See Kim Meeting With Trump At All… Tbh I Have More Of A Problem With Her Family More Than Kim…But Kim & Kris Are The Main Reasons For Creating That… Kylie & Bruce Promoting Their Bs Propaganda Is What I Hate The Most…Kylie Would’ve Killed Herself By Now If She Didn’t Become Kim’s Plastic Surgery Clone…*

  2. hopefully the lawyer scenario doesn’t become a marketing brand for new line of products!

  3. Ugh just attention seeking 🤦 SHOUT OUTS TO ALL The REAL people who going to school to become a lawyer💼/ who is in college now doing all the studying, homework, exams , papers & hard work to be in this field

    • Exactly what i was thinking. She could just donate to the California Innocence Project if she really cared. It’s all about attention .

  4. Shes gonna blow her way to the top lol. Thats the only way she gonna become a lawyer.

  5. Well, we all know she’ll be able to buy herself into any college of her choice. Give me a break. This is hysterical.

    • She’s not going to college she’s gonna intern for 2 years then take the exam 😂😂

  6. If Kim goes through all the hardworking years of education and everything it takes to become a Lawyer I’ll see her on another level.

  7. Boloney! Kardashian a lawyer? Leave her where she belongs! At home and doing nothing!

    • Don’t worry about it. Even if she does become a lawyer and that’s a big “if”, she’ll fail because she’s a good for nothing attention craving thot.

  8. That’s great, maybe someone can pay for her to enter a prestigious school and buy her grades and lawyer clout. Give Aunt Jackie a call I hear she has all the connections.

  9. Ppl can say what they want but Kim’s dad was one of the greatest lawyers ever… she might surprise a lot of ppl with her knowledge of law.. she ain’t get that rich being stupid

    • So because my mother had always been a successful business woman in insurance… I should know the ins and outs? The man died before she became an adult… His career means nothing pertaining to hers or any of his other children! So because the parent’s are successful in one field that means the child should do the same? Get real

  10. Lawyer doesn’t pay as well as socialite status does. She will never be a lawyer. 😓😓😓😓😓😓.

  11. Yeah right. Will she pay for her degree under the table. Oh my bad. It’s probably already paid for. Stop lying chick.

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