Kris Jenner Breaks Down Over Rob Kardashian’s Troubles | Keeping Up With the Kardashians | E!

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" mom has a revealing moment in Thailand worrying about her son, but should she let Khloé leave to take care of him?


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Kim Kardashian's High-Flying Freak-Out | Keeping Up With the Kardashians | E!


  1. Rob is going through a hard time emotionally and Kim should be more understanding. It’s nice that Khloe wants to be there for Rob. He feels like a black sheep and Kim doesn’t know what that feels like so of course she’s not going to care. You would think since becoming a mother that she’d be more sensitive to other people’s feelings and have more empathy but she has the opposite effect. Kim gets more narcissistic and mean the older she gets. That’s why she could care less for Rob. Many people understand what being a black sheep is like. When Rob poured his heart out and cried on national TV she was so unmoved and unphased. She didn’t get off the couch once to console him. Khloe was the only one and Kim can’t chastise Khloe for wanting to be there for Rob. When she was going through that sham of a marriage to Kris Khloe was the one who was flying all over the place to be there for her out of everyone in the family. What if something bad happened to Rob? She’d probably take more selfies and milk it for more press. SMH

    • strawberriesncandii i agree with you Kim is selfish careless and its like if she didn’t have hear nor feelings it sucks how in the time Khloe felt responsible for Rob plus going through a rough time with her problem with Lamar

    • The sad thing is rob is the smartest and one of the two who actually had a college degree and was athletic,but his family gives him no credit for that

    • Not KevinBro the thing is Kim’s success is partly due to kris and kris finding great opportunities for Kim

  2. Kim should be helping Rob because he is her full sibling alongside kourtney and they all three share the same mom and dad!

    • Khloe’s real father is Alex Roldan….Kris Jenner cheated during her first marriage from Robert Kardashian Sr.

    • I dont even think the fact that they share the same parents matters. If Kylie or Kendall were in Rob’s shoes it wouldn’t be any different just because they’re only half siblings.

    • Some people don’t express their feelings but care deeply about others, some people express their feeling, but deep down they don’t care,

  3. she looks like a botox fish … and a robot all kim cares about is herself and fame

  4. I agree with all the comments before mine, Kim comes off really insensitive in this clip, and Khloe seems to be the only one who can channel those feelings of insecurity well enough to care for Rob. Kris is too caught up in her own career, Kim is in motherhood-bliss, Kendall and Kylie are loving their separated lives, and Kourtney is always doing her own thing with Scott. Rob is going through a very difficult time and honestly if things don’t get taken care of soon, he could eventually harm himself. You never know, depression is real, folks. 

    • You can’t just pull out of depression. I’m sure that Kim tried before, and after a while she got tired of the drama. Kim can’t fight Rob’s battle, only rob can. And just because someone don’t express their feelings, doesn’t mean they don’t care.

  5. I remember when Rob wanted to be a model and Kris called him all sorts of stupid. I was so hurt and angry. He could’ve had his own but she didn’t want him to trump the girls.

  6. I always try to listen to and understand Kim when she talks about Rob’s situation, but she always leaves me with the same impression: selfish. She portrays herself as such a horrible sister.

  7. Kim is just being rational. Imagine how the trip would be if everyone was sobbing over Rob.

    • +Pandacat🎀 he has been battling depression the last three or couple years. he isolated himself for a very long time, not going out in public or anything. 

    • +Chloe Marie Must be real hard having everything you would ever need. Guess having a soul in more important than wealth eh?

    • +bonebroken because their faces are so filled with botox and fillers which hinders real emotions. Crying and frowning uses so many muscles in your face. The infamous ugly cry is literally their normal face trying to break through all that plastic-ness lol

    • +bonebroken I said the same thing. Kim looks identical to her when they cry.

  8. Kris is still their mom at the end of the day.. I think people forget that.. her emotions for her children are real. Not everything is fake people

  9. Kim kinda makes a good point about being “selfish”. I’ve relaized this in my life so much.

    • She used to be nicer to rob but in recent years she’s been so heartless and mean none of the other siblings are this mean to rob. It’s sad Kim literally puts both Kourtney and rob down despite the fact they went to college.

  10. For the first time I believe kris was being real and raw here when she started crying .

  11. Kim is so heartless. Her mother is crying in front of her for her brother and she keeps a straight face and the only thing she has to say is “Rob is 27yo”. Smh

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