KUWTK | Bruce Jenner Feels Left Out of Kardashian Family | E!

Kris confronts Kylie about neglecting her father, but can Kris convince her to change? Check out this scene from "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Bruce Jenner Feels Left Out of Kardashian Family | E!


  1. Her parents are going threw a divorce and she does not know how to react to it
    It’s a common thing not to mention she is young and just wants to have fun with her friends not want to hang out with her Dad golfing

    • It’s all staged and fake. Barely anything isn’t acted out before being filmed on this unreality show.

    • No!It’sbecause he feels like a woman and he has a thing called dysphoria which makes him struggle with life and his gender.He thinks like a woman but she was born a man!You can’t just choose to feel like that,and if she had not had all the money she had she would have gotten suicidal!Some people kill themselves over it!So next time think before you type or speak!You could really make people mad like that!

  2. Anyone notice Kylie’s lips look normal here? Haha before all the injections!

    • I miss the old BRUCE. Now he is pretending to be a woman. He has issues, big time.

    • +Catherine Spinella Hate people like you. If it’s an insecurity of yours. and you have the resources to do it, why not spice up your face and make yourself look the way YOU want to look. You’re in no place to judge her, she’s a grown woman.

    • +Jammer13v11 AJ she didn’t even say anything mean or anything lol She was pretty before but I agree that she has the right to do what she wants with her own body. She looks fine now too.

    • +Catherine Spinella​ you’re welcome! Some people just always want to argue.

  3. Fake or not
    One thing I admired about Kris/the Family is they know how to communicate what their trying to say while also trying to understand the other person’s point of view most of the time
    Then they both agree on a plan etc (Win-Win)
    That takes REAL intelligence IMHO & is part of the reason the family bond is so strong & successful
    That’s just me though

  4. Omg any one agree that the new Kylie Jenner 2016 is so different now and not the natural Kylie any more

  5. How responsible of Kris to have modeled kindness towards Bruce (regardless of the separation)and expected it from their kids.

  6. I think Kylie planned her pregnancy because she wanted to start over with a new family after dealing with her parents for 5 years.

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