KUWTK | Bruce Jenner Intent on Including Brody | E!

When Bruce finds out Kris didn't invite his son on their family vacation to Greece, he insists she rectify it on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians." For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here:

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KUWTK | Bruce Jenner Intent on Including Brody | E!


  1. bruce is right about this one, but its bruce’s son it should be up to him to make the call for the invite

  2. While I agree, Kris isn’t the only one at fault. Bruce hardly had any relationship with his children before & after Kris entered his life & then all of the sudden became some super dad when it came to her kids. Neither of them seemed to make the blended family situation work. It’s sad. Brody is closer with his stepfather David & his kids, & even his new wife & her kids than he is to his own father & Kardashian step siblings. It’s not all Kris, it’s Bruce too.

  3. Well I wasnt talking about what Bruce did for his kids before Kris and we dont know what happened then for a fact so we cant even speak on that but i was talking about how Bruce accepted and raised her kids but she never did the same to his kids.

  4. Kris is just making excuses. She could care less if he responds or not. I think she doesn’t like him bc Brody won’t put up with her “ways”…. His brother seems to be the peace keeper type and Brody seems to be like Khloe – someone who will just speak their truth

  5. Kris really is evil. How can you not invite her stepson. She makes excuses for not inviting Brody.

    • Kris isnt the evil one here bruce didnt keep in touch with his other kids when they were growing up so shes involved with drama she cant relate to bc bruce was there for her kids an kylie an kendall

    • how is she evil ? brody is not her son, she has no obligation to do anything for him. bruce is the father and if he really wanted to bond with the guy, he should have done something to get him on the trip and not put it on kris. bruce should grow some balls, act like an actual father and not puts his problems on other people

  6. Actually, He loves this drama and creates some him self and cries for attention on here and wanna be big part of the show as you can see now and before.

  7. I’m sorry this dosen’t make no sense if she asks and he decline all the time he’s a grown up adult I’ve seen the show ain’t no big fan of these people only person is Scott,Lamar,Bruce.

  8. Yeah..but you’re real dad should be asking to and he did admit he was blaming her for his dad and his real mom that they broke up which isn’t true and still act like a damn kid and crying for attention and now he’s all up on the show now.

  9. Did anyone else think that Bruce was like “fabulous bra” and was like low key thinking of stealing it.

  10. I would not be with any woman that treats step kids like Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian! I wonder if Corey Gamble has children?

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