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Khloé gets kicked out of her DUI class and is forced to spend time behind bars. Take a look. For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here:

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KUWTK | Jail Time | E!


    • Bookworm Reviews so you had to point this out because..🙄 majority of all reality shows are scripted, staged and recreated for various reasons. Who cares? As long as it’s entertaining and one of the highest paid- long lasting Reality Shows TODAY; not to mention the Spin-offs🤔🙄

    • Tennille Alexander didn’t intentionally point it out and I’m already well aware that they stage practically everything, it was just facts about the show, I personally don’t care about them or who they are, I just watch their show because like everyone else, their drama is addicting from being so ridiculous

    • DDR1610 I know this is old but I’ll still respond to it. When people are famous/well known it’s extremely difficult to ensure their safety as there’s people wanting to constantly talk/harass/etc. to said famous person. It jeopardizes their safety which the jail in this case would be responsible for, so what they normally do for these cases (obviously there’s exceptions) is hold that person in a cell by themselves, and then let them go after a very short period of time. They’d have to take up more space by normally keeping them in their own separate cell because it’s happened before where someone hurts the famous person to gain notoriety. 15 minutes of fame, basically.

    • MissyMy This is an example of white privilege, if she’s going around driving under the influence then she’s a dangerous criminal.

    • Base Bentham this isn’t white privilege, it’s a mixture of being famous (and the privileges with that) and what I stated above. She’s a high risk for the jail, so why keep someone in that you’re liable for but you know will most likely get hurt so another person can get attention from it. Don’t look too far into this, seriously.

  1. BAHAHA, This is my favorite kardashian moment. “guess who’s going to jail!” hahaha.

    • Ariana Snider same here they all seemed happier more real but now omg they all look weird to much plastic surgery and very fake unhappy I stopped watching the show along time ago

    • I love the ones with 1 hour. More stuff is going on. I like the 30 minute episodes for when they were.

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  2. I love how Khloe was all shocked that the judge actually didn’t give in and let her off easy. She really doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. They are so disconnected from reality it’s sickening

  3. Back in the day when they could walk publicly on the streets without crowds around them

  4. i loved the show back then now it’s boring all they do is sit on they’re phones and do nothing

  5. “Worse than Bruce’s manicure”. If only she knew what was coming.

  6. “ Kim would you stop taking pictures of yourself, your sister is going to jail. “


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