KUWTK | Kendall Jenner’s Sassiest “Kardashians” Moments | E!

Kris Jenner's supermodel daughter is all grown up! From feuding with siblings to taking a stand against Caitlyn, check out Kendall's sassiest times on TV!

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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner's Sassiest "Kardashians" Moments | E!


  1. Y’all remember when she threw a flower vase on the ground cause Kim lied about being sick. Lol Kendall is so extra

  2. Kendall’s attitude is the worst. She really thinks she’s hard. Smh

  3. Kendall should be grateful because people don’t even have moms or there moms are sick or away in the military or a job. And her mom isn’t going to be here forever. So she needs to be grateful that she has time to spend with her mom

    • Thats overgeneralizing it. Moms aren’t the greatest things to ever exist especially when some are the most obnoxious and abusive people who use the ‘I’m your mother’ excuse for every wrong thing they’ve ever done

    • Okay, yeah, but everybody gets pissed at their mom from time to time, people just don’t film it.

    • Laisa mums are who brought you up who gave birth to you you breast feed you who changed you who cared you for 9 months with all the stress and pain

    • because her attitude is her outlet.. when you r trying to be nice all the time like the other kardashians the drama just naturally builds up

    • I agree haha! Thanks for your comments. I didn’t expect to get all the way to the top! Ya’ll are awesome! 😀😀

    • I know that’s never proper, but sometimes you just get pushed to it, or that’s the only way you can put it.

    • +Hooray Bagels I really don’t feel bad for kendall I think she deserves it when kylie was with her boyfriend and she want to be with her sister so you rather leave your mum and go to your sister kylie gave her what she deserved this is called karma

    • I mean Kris makes a fair point, she travels a long time to another city for business and she’s supossed to not see her daughter that happens to be in the same city?

  4. Lol everyone acts like Kendall is the natural smart one but she seems like a total brat to me if I’m being honest.

  5. lmao kendall and kylie are typical white girls no respect for their parents 😂

    • christian doodles Uhm, Kris Jenner is a white woman with dark hair, and that’s all

    • Henrik Hagenn kourtney kim and (maybe) khloe and rob are HALF armenian, the other two are white. also even though those four are half armenian, they didn’t grow up in armenian culture, they don’t speak the language, and they don’t really keep up w their armenian side/family (i think?) so really you can’t even call them poc since they grew up in white culture with their white mom and stepdad ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Personally, I always thought that being rude and sassy is the different thing. I get sassy to defend myself from the rude people. And kendall, mostly, being rude here. except the one when she knew that her brother regift her present, i can’t blame her for mad at him about that.

  7. Her sassiest line ever is when Kris told her that money does grow on trees, and she responded “Yes it does, it’s paper”

  8. y’all act like you never had momwents like this with your family smh just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean you have to hate on her every has these moments…

  9. Kendall’s attitude is the worst I don’t know why y’all hype her so much. The way she acts is disgusting

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