Kelsey’s Plus-Size Modeling Career Ended by Accident | Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian | E!

On "Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian," Kelsey gets emotional sharing her tragic story about her weight gain.


About Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian:
In “Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian”, participants will get the opportunity to reinvent themselves from the inside out with the help of Khloé and some of the best fitness and nutrition experts in the world. Whether these men and women have been dumped, are trying to mend relationships, or facing any of life’s other tough challenges, Khloé – who has overcome her own body issues – is there to help. With the help of Khloé’s elite celebrity trainers, stylists, and glam squads, participants work hard to transform their bodies to be best versions of themselves. The results display a significant change for each participant, leading to a final reveal to the world and confront with those who doubted them.

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Kelsey's Plus-Size Modeling Career Ended by Accident | Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian | E!


  1. Don’t let people change u
    You need to want it yourself
    If your comfortable with being plus size be plus size
    If you more comfortable with being skinnier be skinnier
    Don’t try to make other people happy
    The most important thing is that you’re happy
    You don’t live your life for other people

    • HD Aylueh don’t let ppl change you, if you want to die a fat related death, do it 😊

    • HD Aylueh totally. And if you like killing people. Kill people. Change is bad, even if it’s for improvement.

    • jasmine brar When “confidence” makes you overlook the fact that you’re headed towards an early death, it’s called “delusion”.

    • jasmine brar that’s why obese people are entitled and expect hard working taxpayers to fund their loser existence

  2. kloe te amo desde costarica no me pierdo el programa de uds X favor ayudeme ami a recuperar mi vida ser saludable eres la persona mas autentica y digna de admirar desde hace 3 años perdí mi mama se fue al cielo y desde ay mi vida acabo y solo Cómo y como y ya no se que hacer mi esposo me dice gorda fea la gente de mi alrededor me dice gorda quisiera ser como tu. kloe eres lo mejor

  3. God bless her! She is so beautiful inside & out. I am sure she’s going to make it in the model industry

  4. She’s so fine to me… watched a the episode and couldn’t get her off my mind. Would change Kelsey at all

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