KUWTK | Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Plan Rob’s Nursery | E!

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" stars discuss how to decorate Dream Kardashian's surprise nursery. Check it out!

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KUWTK | Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Plan Rob's Nursery | E!


  1. I’m tired of Kourtney’s obsession with organic stuff. She gets to point were it becomes annoying

    • +Jasmin T Beer what’s so funny I just said his I think people are overreacting and clearly your one of them!!! life is good you should get one!! and sry if I don’t reply to you your just not worth my time xx

    • I don’t get why Americans walk around their house in their shoes. Makes no sense. Allow your feet to breathe and stop getting dirt everywhere in your house. Isn’t it more comfortable without shoes??

    • Trinity Greene there’s no sheet on that brand new clean white mattress though.
      It’s so rude to walk on someone’s bed in shoes. Only someone that far removed from reality would do that.

    • Ocean lights but they never step anywhere dirty and if their shoes get dirty they just buy a new pair lol, think about it, they have their houses cleaned everyday and are driven up the the front door everywhere they go, no dirty shoes for the kardashians

    • cathy Henderson it doesn’t have sheets on it so it’s not like anyone will sleep directly on it

    • Blosca Abate coz they’re rich…. And they can just step on several mattresses and still buy more to step on them too

    • Yeah how arrogant of her. Imagine walking on a clean white mattress in shoes! That’s so annoying

  2. I remember when this show used to be fun and full of life. Now it’s just lifeless and depressing. But I’m still watching :/

  3. Is it just me, or did everyone else cringed when she wore her dirty shoes on the mattress?

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