KUWTK | Scott Gets Upset Over Being Uninvited to Khloe K.’s Party | E!

While hanging out with Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick finds out why he wasn't invite to Khloe's surprise party. Watch on "KUWTK."

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KUWTK | Scott Gets Upset Over Being Uninvited to Khloe K.'s Party | E!


  1. Kourtney is my least fav of the Kardashians. She couldn’t even be honest with Scott about why he wasn’t invited!

    • Garance Eymard I’m with you there! If it were my bday and my sister didn’t want her ex there for whatever petty reason, I’d 100% respect it. My loyalty for my siblings/parents is so much greater than for any secondary family member sorry!

    • Yeah…how ignorant of Kourtney to not want the man who cheated on her when they were together and was ignorant and drunk for most of the time they were together at her sisters birthday. And when Kourtney did invite him on holidays to spend time with her and the kids and her family he decided to fly another woman out to him instead. But of course Scott plays victim. I honestly think he is just worried he will lose the limelight and wont be able to do his club appearances but seems like by the comments he doesnt have to worry cuz people actually support this scumbag.

  2. I agree with Scott on this one. They always claim he is family so why shouldn’t he be hurt that he wasn’t invited. Like it or Not Scott and Khloe have always had a close relationship

    • Scott is family to Khloe, so yes, he should be at her birthday party, which all of the family is invited to. He doesn’t have to socialize with Kourtney there and vice versa. Kourtney should mind her business and stop trying to be petty. Both Kourtney and Scott have moved on, and even so, that doesn’t mean Scott is out of the family for life. Think again. He’s like a brother to all of them and a son to Kris. That doesn’t stop because he and Kourtney are no longer together.

    • Beinglively You think the tv show is their real life? 💀💀💀 Of course they’re extra on there for the views and money like throwing the water in his face. Like I said, Scott is still part of the family, whether you personally like it or not. Kourtney shouldn’t have control over her sister’s party guest list. Kris has also been in Scott’s corner too since the break up and has been supporting him. Like I’m over this argument at this point. You have your opinions, and I have mine. 🙄 I’m done because while I can see this argument from both sides, you are too biased and cannot. Au revoir.

    • Neileen Samuel She was talking to him on the phone and was fine with him and did the interview with him agreeing with what he was saying. she doesn’t hate him. she just disagrees with his choices sometimes. However, if Khloe knows that Kourt didn’t want him there she would agree for her sisters sake.

    • Nicoya_Beauty yeah, i implied she disagrees with his choices. Which led up to her not wanting him at her sister’s bday which was so soon after the Cannes trip. Aka he episode where he called and threatened her, then showed up and hung out with multiple trash 20 years olds. Dont get me wrong i love scott, but nobody should be on his side in this situation. He can’t pick and choose which family functions he wants to be a part of. It’s either all or none if he keeps using the family excuse.

  3. To be honest Scott is my favorite kardashian, don’t know what the show whould be like without him, love his honesty

    • ^Thank you!!!! People are forgetting that this fool’s been cheating on her SINCE SEASON 1, dropped outta rehab like 5 times, and put her through hell for a decade! You don’t get to cheat and do drugs for a decade and then be upset that you’re not invited to stuff. No sympathy for him lol

    • then why dont they just completely
      cut him off like tell him you are not welcome to the tv show anymore, kardashians are sneakily using him to add story and drama, have him play the bad guy role to make the karsdashians look good, kourtney is a hypocrite, they’re both still using each other

    • Cristine de Mesa Yup.. These bitches are plain dumb just because she’s a woman I’m not going to defend her.

    • Cristine de Mesa no they don’t. He’s the father of her 3 children. He’s been a part of the family for 10 years, during that time he lost his whole family so they became his family. They aren’t using him, they told him he was family and so it shall be, but he made his bed and he’s got to realize that Kourtney will put up boundaries some occasions especially after he traipses all Cannes with multiple 20 somethings while she is there, also threatening her before the trip. That was the episode before this so lol i wouldn’t want him at my sister’s bday either.

  4. Kourtney will never be over Scott… she should just save her energy pretending she is smh…

  5. I like that Scott finally threw that in Kourtney face. He is finally opening up and letting it out. Kourtney that wasn’t ok that was mean.

    • But like him cheating on kourtney, choosing alcohol over his family, not showing up or answering during important family moments throughout the years is okay?

    • Neileen Samuel omg gurl I agree. People are actually defensive over a cheater!! What does this say about the people in our world? FUCKED UP!!!

    • I don’t see her comment condoning Scott’s behaviour. Just stating that kourtney isn’t perfect either. No one is.

    • Alyssa Salmon but like where did she say she was perfect? So Kourtney stands up for herself for once and she’s being mean or implying she’s perfect? Idgi.

    • Djamila Monteiro if he is that bad why does she let him around their children? I️ think she was just mad because of his behavior lately and didn’t want him there.

    • hmmm…you do have a point. To be fair Kourtney isn’t innocent either (or have balls to speak out for that matter). My personal opinion is still the same though. Co-Parenting aside, they don’t have to want to party with each other. That’s a total vibe kill specially considering that Scott repeatedly embarrasses everybody in those types of settings. My parents are divorced and while they do have a very friendly relationship, they don’t always invite each other to private parties…

  6. Scott Is not as dumb as ppl think. he has no problem with telling the Kardashian clan the truth.! in this case I agree with Scott him and khloe have a very good relationship so if she’s over him like she claims then why not invite him ESPECIALLY because it’s not her party in the 1st place!!

    • Beinglively Khloe and Scott are close now, though, so this would have been all Kourtney’s doing.

    • Beinglively Lol, that time when Khloé slapped Scott for cheating on Kourtney. And when she got Pissed off at Scott when Kourtney found out she was pregnant. Khloé said he got her pregnant so he could keep her forever , that was the time they were still dating on and off

  7. That’s not really y? He asked u to jus tell the truth and u couldn’t even b honest with him, proof Scott isn’t the only reason that relationship didn’t work out

  8. Scott has no family . Like literally. Only child and parents dead . The Kardashian’s are his only family and the way they treat him isn’t really nice in my opinion. He must feel really bad when they don’t invite him to anything, he probably feels left out .

    • so maybe he should’ve thought about it before cheating on Kourt.. imagine your ex cheating on you and still be invited to your family’s birthday parties.

    • lol no, they actually treat him nice even though he has hurt Kourtney alot of times he cheated on her always drunk and on rehab, that’s bullshit

  9. I’m with Scott. He is family. The only Kardashian ex besides MR Kardashian Sr who is loyal regardless of his hoochy B/S. Kourtney should just get over him being an ex and regard him as a brother lol.

    • Mmala Mokone Girl, imagine breaking up and having him around ALL the time, her family should sorta break up with him too.

    • He really isn’t. If I break up with someone its not even debatable that my friends stay my friends and my family definitely stays ny family. He has no claim on Khloe and should stop feeling like he is entitled to one just because he has known her for a long time. It makes no sense.

    • sisters come first- before exes… uhm if my sister asked me to not invite her ex, even if he and I were friends, I wouldn’t… common sense and common courtesy?!?!

    • ​+MySisterIsAFoodie okay if yall feel this way then WHAT ABOUT THE FAMILY hanging out with french montana and inviting him to things if he is Khloe’s ex, it literally the same thing. montana goes to like their christmas parties and everything… even now they still hang out with him and she is now w/ TT

    • +mysockisslipping okay if yall feel this way then WHAT ABOUT THE FAMILY hanging out with french montana and inviting him to things if he is Khloe’s ex, it literally the same thing. Montana goes to like their christmas parties and everything… even now they still hang out with him and she is now w/ TT

  10. Shame on kourtney, she knows Scott has literally no family left. Scott has expressed several times that he’s afraid that him not being with kourtney also means he loses being apart of his second family (the only one he has left). Kourtney had absolutely no reason to do that, it’s not her party. I don’t agree with how Scott’s been treating her but he’s still human.

    • Beinglively Shouldn’t have hoed around in the first place. And he wanted to go to her sisters party who he knew before Kourtney. And what is he supposed to move to the moon so he Kourtney can move on by not seeing him again

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