KUWTK | Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Make $1M Bet | E!

Can Kris find Mrs. West 10 slabs of rare marble flooring? The mom-daughter duo raise the stakes on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Make $1M Bet | E!


  1. Does Kris charge Kim for rent, utilities, food, etc? If not — she sure should. Kim has become unbearable.

  2. seriously.
    miscommunication? lmao last time i checker kris took something that didn’t belong to her and is acting like its ok. Kris…get over yourself your crazy!

    • Jag har en egen hemsida att det var ett av de bästa i veckan under den här artikeln har utgått och boken hanterar det finns en del har en stor del i veckan under den

    • I see what you mean but clearly Kim has been searching for that specific Marble. I mean I can’t afford it but it know what it’s like to screenshot something and save up for it then go to the store and they’re like “we don’t have that in stock anymore”.

    • You’re right. After Kris lets Kim AND Kanye live in HER house, with their kid, she stills asks Kris for things.

    • I recall resenting the fact that my mom always pulled the “because I’m your Mom” card whenever we disagreed while living together, and it automatically concedes the victory to her. Like, how is it even rational?

    • Jennifer C and for letting her and Kanye and their kids live at her house for years rent free

  3. With all the money Kim and Kanye have, I’ve never understood why they even live with Kris in the first place. Go rent a freakin’ house til their own is ready!

    • RIGHT?!?! I think rent was free but still should have moved into another house

    • Umm Kris is so funny and she is her frikkin mother and she has a luxurious and big mansion so why rent a house when you can live with her

    • SuzieQ121 when I have as much or more money as they have, I won’t even rent a place as I renovate my new big house. I will just buy an impeccably done place to live in while they customise my house to my liking then when I eventually move into my done house I just sell the transition house I bought 😊

  4. They r over there paying 1M$ dollars for a table and I’m over here struggling to pay bills and buy what’s nesessary for the house 😭😭😭 life is so unfair

  5. lmao this show though. “KIM: mom, you took my marble slabs”.. “KRIS: we have a serious miscommunication problem”. kris literally talks about miscommunication every episode. like, we get it girl, move onto the next (made up) story line will ya?

  6. i’m over here cooking ramen noodles every night, & their making million dolor bets for tiles 😂

  7. I would be pissed too if my mom took my freaking imported marble! “I only took 6”
    who said you could have any?!

  8. Kim’s problems
    “My diamond earring fell in the water *sobs*”

    “We got into an epic fight cause my family copied my Christmas decorations. *threatens family about this year”

    On house warming party “they stained my pillow! You know how much is this pillow?!”

    and so on and on….
    kourtney: “kim, there’s people dying in the world!”

  9. im so worried for kim… was she ever able to find the 10 slabs of calcutta gold? ive been worried sick!

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