KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kim an “Evil Human Being” | E!

The sisters' savage fight continues over the phone and Kris Jenner & Khloe are caught in the middle. Watch on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kim an "Evil Human Being" | E!


  1. I’ve never seen Kourtney cry because someone hurt her feelings. (Besides Scott…). Kim must have really got to her.

    • Exacly.For so many years they have been talking about how lazy Kourt is.Why dont she say no to the money her sisters give her after they do the job 3 of them signed a contract to do ? Kim never complains you can go and see old episodes Khloe was always the one complaining about Kourt wanting the money but not the work.

    • Girlboss Simmer this comment is why our society is falling apart. Thinking it’s ok to be mean and hurtful. It’s never okay

    • you must be pretty dumb to think this is not staged, Gosh how can u guys be fooled like that!!

    • Nico Robin and? That’s how she makes money. She doesn’t have to leave the show. She can obviously keep doing what she’s been doing. It’s made her millions. She also doesn’t have to be Kim’s servent like everyone else.

    • Kourtney Delusion of Grandeur… she’s superior, doesn’t need to compensate or compromise to meet he others schedules, laughs/GRINS when she’s hit s nerve /pisses someone off. She’s got real issues, way beyond what we see on camera… Seek help Kourtney or adjust your meds.

    • This is a show they show to us what they want to show. We all think to know them cause of this reality tv show but its about 1 hours per week (with some lot of stop). Before this season of kuwtk i was thinking khloe and Kourt were best friend but actually Kourt confirm that all these moments was fake… Kourt looks more « normal » more « in our planet » u know what i mean ?

  2. Kim calling kourt a lunatic for being emotional about her sister and family and everyone criticizing her and her looks and life while Kim freaks out about losing earrings and someone copying her decorations.

    • Cameron S what are you talkin about Kim is all fake everything about her she’s been getting plastic surgery for years it has nothing to do with anybody making fun of her she just likes doing it

    • Look, if I had lost expensive earrings I would cry too and I’m sure you would too… also if kourtney is so confident with her beauty then shouldn’t she not really care what they say ??

  3. I’ve always loved Kourt over any of the smuts. She’s a great mom and the only one with some real personality.

  4. Kourtney sounded like she is really hurting. Shame on Kim for being mean and Khloe for laughing and making light of it.

  5. Wow Kim, narcissistic personality! “If I said something that hurt your feelings I’m sorry!” She’s so full of herself! Get off your pedestal Kim and grow up!

  6. It makes me sick that kris just sits there whilst kourtney is truly hurt. It doesn’t matter if ur sisters, nobody deserves to be spoken to like that.

    • Not saying you’re wrong (about the part) but if you’ve been saying nasty things to your sibling(s) and get insulted back once and you cry or get mad, you have it coming. That hypocrite crap ain’t it

    • They are grown ppl what can she do ? All she can do is guide them they are adults

  7. I agree with Kim. She is not putting Kourtney down for not having another job besides filming KUWTK, she’s putting her down because all og the other sisters have other jobs and try to be accommodating while Kourtney is always the difficult one. Ex: When Kim was wanting to use her for her app everyone else was in from jump but Kourtney had to be complicated. She has always been the one that if they say go right she’s going left. Although I really do like Kourtney but I know exactly what Kim is saying.

    • Ruby B Then I think that she should of just said I won’t do it. Instead of trying to get everyone to work around her empty schedule.

    • Kourtney has kids and she is down to earth what would u expect her to be while she’s the only one that out of their prospects which is better than Kim

  8. This is EXACTLY why Rob went through so much when he gained weight and was depressed!

    • Spot on! They are a narcissistic family and Kris and Kim run the show. They are emotionally abusive to the other sibs.


      She is the only one being difficult with the schedule for NO reason, she doesn’t have a job other than the show. While everyone else has BUSINESSES. But of course she can’t cooporate.

      It has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that SHE won’t cooporate with a SIMPLE schedule. Wich shouldn’t be a problem cause she is the least busy.

  9. I’m on Kourtney’s side. I hate when people say sorry and they say it out of spite, not because they mean it….

    • Kimberly Enriquez it doesn’t seem like she’s lazy like she’s already said before she doesn’t need to do those jobs because she doesn’t need the money from them the other sisters are extremely money hungry

    • Stella esther monganaga yes she is the other sisters argue about petty things and say extremely hurtful things and expect not to have consequences it’s like they don’t think twice about what’s coming out of their mouths wouldn’t surprise me since they can’t keep track of what goes in

    • My mom doesn’t intervene between my &my sister either, it’s better that way because when you take sides the other one will hate you .
      Also they are both adults and must work out their problems alone.

  10. Kourtney can’t cry and be emotional bc her family is mean to her and Kim can cry bc she lost her earings and someone is copying her decoration

  11. okay…this is why I like khloe because she was trying to stop Kim from ruining her mood more and start a fight. Luv ya khloe❤❤❤

  12. Kourtney never cries like that! Kim is evil. She takes after her mom and so does Kloe now. I used to think Kloe was different from Kim but I guess Kim talked her into taking the oath.

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