KUWTK | Kim Kardashian West Explains Horrifying Paris Robbery | E!

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star tells what she did when the robbers were outside her bedroom. Watch.

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian West Explains Horrifying Paris Robbery | E!


    • Dyllan Chukes And if something traumatic happens who is gross enough to milk it for publicity asap? Oh thats right who else

    • Clearly they never robbed you, it’s of the most traumatic thing that can happen to you, the fear of someone hurting you and maybe even killing you is horrible. If I was you I’d think twice what you said and thank god that never happens to you or a loved one.

    • Heyco Wild how can you say that you weren’t with her and you don’t know the story so shush your mouth

  1. It’s okay to dislike her, but what happened to her no one deserves. Y’all need to chill and put yourself in her shoes.

    • Check out my channel for a never before seen clip of Kim Kardashian about the Robbery

    • Annoynumis 123 I kinda needed that to cheer up a bit from this horrific sounding experience. thanks

    • HypedMany yo chill the robber prolly had families to feed and people to support now theyre gonna be doing jail time for being nice enough to let her live. I know niggas who would have burried her in the desert and gotten away with it and lived happily ever after.

  2. It doesn’t matter if she’s the poorest person or richest person alive, she’s a human, she has a beating heart. No one deserves this, not even your worst enemy

    • meh some people are evil enough to deserve it, like there are a lot of fucked up people in this world. truth be told they coulda been way more aggressive and ruthless, kim got off lucky (she even stated this herself), but nonetheless it must of been a terrible experience.

    • VoltedV how do you know it’s fake? If you got robbed, and your child is at home, and you’re in Paris, wouldn’t you be sad? you would be thinking “will I get to see my kids again? will I ever get to see my husband again?” and someone comes and tells this is fake, maybe the show is staged, but this isn’t staged, she’s crying for a reason, she has a beating heart, wether she’s rich, poor.

  3. Kourtney’s expression is the same no matter what, Kim gets robbed, Kim has a baby, she don’t care

  4. It’s so fucked up. I know people don’t like her because people feel she’s famous for no reason but nobody deserves this especially she’s a mother and a wife now. I’m glad that she’s okay. I can only imagine how scared she was 🙁

    • Being in Paris before the riot, makes her a relevantable tourist. To bad she couldn’t enjoy Paris before the flames.

    • Terzluv are they dancers, are they singer, are they actors, no they’re not they’re business people they own successful companies and that’s their talent

  5. i actually never hated kim she seen so chill and nice i have to give her some credit i don’t really care what people say about her shes amazing

    • Yes, shes so sweet too. On a video she said she liked watching kids stuff I mean aweeee

    • Yea when i went to the pumpkin patch i saw her im like omg omg mom can i get a pick and she was so sweet the body guards were mean and she is like stop being rude guys me and my mom were in shock

  6. I’m gonna say this, regardless of your personal feelings you may have towards this family,they are NOT bad people. Hearing Kim speak on this experience step by step and thought for thought almost got me glassy eyed.. Because I grew UP in the hood in CA and I have been shot at twice and hit once…so I KNOW from personal experience what it’s like for someone to point a gun at you with intent to kill. I know what it’s like to have your life flash Before your eyes and to think about your children and what’s going to happen after your gone…you’d be surprised how much passes through your head in those moments. So when I hear her say these things I feel her 100% and I think it’s fucked up how insensitive people can be…at the end of the day she’s. human being…a mother above all else, who cares what she does or how much she has feel me?

    • Nick K But they are not good people, and they are insensitive people. They too rob other people, like that basketball player ex-husband.
      No one should get this traumatic experience, but I hope it gives them a lesson to be nice toward others. It doesn’t seem so.

    • bia Then tell me what you know about them? They don’t seem very nice people as well. I will gladly change my point of view, if you can tell me nice things they do toward others.

    • +thiery572 Okay, they are shallow and self-centered sure, but why exactly do you say that they ”rob people”? They earn their money, they don’t take them from me or you, they find their niche and exploit people’s love for gossip and drama. Not the noblest job in the world but it doesn’t hurt anybody or take away money form anyone. Politics do way worse, cause they really rob people. Focus your hate on real criminals….

    • +Eugeniya Leshenko I am referring to that handsome ex-husband basketball player (I forget his name). The one that got marriage annulment. He’s not that rich. Not as rich as her. He gave her I think 1 million diamond ring (all his salaries), and she divorced him in several days (I think) because she didn’t like him. I think fair enough if she didn’t like him, to get annulment, but she should return the ring as well. Because the marriage was fake at all.

  7. I hate reading these horrible comments about her. She is a person and no one deserves this to happen them. I really hope you all take a good hard look at yourself.

  8. tbh I don’t see why people are hating so much on Kardashians/Jenners. They’re people, they make mistakes, just like us. Photoshopping isn’t a crime and I don’t see what there’s to hate about. They get really anxious because they’re celebs and there are crazy psychos trying to do something to them.

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