Maddie Ziegler Learns Her Grandma Is Her Guardian Angel | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

"The Book of Henry" star gets emotional when Tyler Henry connects to her late grandmother. Find out what connects the two on "Hollywood Medium".

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Maddie Ziegler Learns Her Grandma Is Her Guardian Angel | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. Aw I love maddie so much, she has this ability to draw you in with her emotions, it’s like you can almost feel it with her, especially when she dances

    • Luciana Vega not true acting and dancing are the same and she is great at both unlike Chloe who can’t act and non of her movies haemorrhage made it to the big screen only lifetime tv and that scary one never even came out it bombed before it could go anywhere maybe they will show it on Netflix for like a minute like the cow girl movie what a joke that was non of the teens could act if Maddie didn’t go on a world tour with sia she would have more movies under her belt she just finished 2 and they will be out soon and she is doing one with Kate Hudson now Rachel Cole not Kenneth Cole

    • guys kenzie wasn’t there because this was a reading for maddie. her grandmother was just suddenly brought up and they didn’t know it was going to happen. I am sure maddie doesn’t always go to kenzies interviews or anything. just my opinion though no hate pls

    • mate if McKenzie was included in everything mackenzie will have everything and Maddie will start to have nothing Mackenzie sings act and everything so McKenzie us not left out they do separate stuff

  2. Wait. She said she’s never met her grandma but she said when she passes you can see me as a cardinal?

    • +Alicia I don’t think I’d say telling that she can paint and also birds is a vague thing. If he said this to you or me I’m sure we’d say “yea no mate that’s not us”.

    • Alicia You should really watch him on the try guys. He nearly reveals a huge family secret of one of the men there that is completely unsearchable. It had to be bleeped out because no one is supposed to know and the guy was super skeptical until that point.

    • I mean when you see a guy doing phsycic readings for FAMOUS people who live their life in the PUBLIC eye you can assume a lot of things on the show are fake.

    • It’s rude for people to have opinion if they think something is fake I don’t think so

    • It’s not rude to call it that what’s rude is this Tyler Henry guy taking advantage of emotional gullible people.

  3. I wish i could do this but for my brother so i can know what he is doing now but Tyler only does celebs

  4. Why does this remind me of the episode of dance moms when Maddie did the angel solo. Her mom said that her mom (Maddie’s grandma) is her guardian angel. Don’t attack me, this just feels so scripted

  5. regardless of whether this is real or not, when she said that she felt connected and such to someone she’s never met, that hit so hard for me because my entire life, I’ve always been told I’m just like my grandfather, that my grandfather would’ve loved me, etc. I never met my grandfather before he died and I think about it a lot, how, why, what we would’ve said to each other, etc. I wish I could’ve known him. I really do

    • Carly Arty Even though you dont know him personally, im sure he would have loved to know you to.

    • i never met my grandfather. neither my sister or brother who are older than me. one is 8 years older than me and the other is 6. my grandfather died when my sister was 9 months old. my mom would say that i’m like him in a way. i remember last christmas, my dad bought me a box of records and a player. they asked my to pick whatever you want to hear. and there were a lot of popular artists like aretha franklin, beatles, etc. i came across one that just caught my attention immediately. i just felt drawn to it for some reason and once the music started playing. my mom asked me who is it and i said ” peter, paul, & mary.” she glanced at me and smiled sweetly. she said that it was one of his favorites to listen to and she was amazed how similar we are. and i still listen to them.
      he died before i was born and has such a huge impact on me.
      it’s endearing but it also hurts because i want to meet him so badly.

    • INFINITE no one asked for your input here. We were talking about that it’s emotional that maddie has a connection to her grandmother who passed away before she met.

    • carly tired I never met my grandma and grandpa from my dads side because they died when my dad was 12. I wonder what they where like

  6. All this guy had to do was watch dance mom’s and look at her social media pages. All the info was there. No big reveals here in my opinion. Just saying

    • Sadie Blue all it is is the devil making contact in place of the loved one. This isn’t real. Satan pretends to be the loved one that’s why the medium believes he’s actually hearing them but the Bible says no one will make contact until we get there ourselves. Satan knows everything that Jesus knows about us. Through faith alone is how we will get to Heaven and know they are waiting for us. He isn’t going to have some medium be a free opportunity. That would be giving us sight not walking in faith. I feel sry for anyone who believes this.

    • aimster 17 There is most definitely a spiritual realm but people that don’t believe in God see it different than us who believe. I know that these so called psychics, are playing with evil spirits most of the time. I always find it strange how these celebrities say they are atheist and believe one is just dead when they die, but go to psychics and “contact” their loved ones.

  7. why isn’t Kenzie there… like Maddie’s best friend is there but Kenzie isn’t at least in the back

    • Abby Elizabeth oh okay so Kenzie is not important. but it’s not surprising she’s never been important “Maddie’s better” “Maddie’s this” “Maddie that” “Maddie” “Maddie” “Maddie”

    • well maddie was is more closer to her grandma (melissas mom) even though they never met and mackenzie like was so young and melissa barely talks to kenzie about her mom

    • Kate Herrera ik!! They say what he’s doing is fake, they say he searches things up, how does one search up about a clebrities grandparent, that probably passed before their career, and nobdoy knows about them. My mom went to a medium once, ik from experience that they are real.

    • Well the predicting is easy there is no spirits on earth the spirts are in gods hand , so thats just the devil’s kids who are taking information from the past; it may sound off to you but tyler communicat with the devils kids not good spirits

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