KUWTK | Kourtney K. Sets House “Boundaries” With Scott Disick | E!

After Scott randomly shows up at Kourt's home, she decides it's time to put a stop to the surprise visits–but will Scott take it seriously? Watch on "Kardashians".

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kourtney K. Sets House "Boundaries" With Scott Disick | E!


  1. Scott burned her in the end with the “ not wanting to hug you” comment! Ouch! LOL

    • Mikkel Michael I honestly dont think he was trying to be malicious I think it may be hard for him to hug her (maybe he still has some feelings or there is some chemistry still there) and he wants to keep that distance. They seem to be really trying #Coparenting

    • crysco2010 why would he keep the distance just curious do u think he could still have feelings for Kourtney but is trying to hide it by acting distant towards her ?

  2. I wish Scott would just get out of there and be happy without all the bs kourtney throws at him…. all she wanted it seems is her three children.

    • obviously she only wants her 3 children. She made it clear she doesnt want him, and somehow he keeps on following her back even though he has nothing to offer

    • He keeps following them for the fame…. and I wouldn’t want him either he was never able to get it together for their kids I don’t blame Kourtney for leaving him

    • He just needs to move on with his life! Whether that be with Sophia or someone else in the future he will find someone and forget about her eventually! He will start his own family maybe one day

    • Mia CW He already has a family- whether or not he will make a new one with someone else, his current family will always be a part of his life.

    • exactly! I hate when people say that Kourtney trapped scott–when its the other way around. The kardashians are his career!

    • Evander Mcguill Scott is an addict, what do you think is gonna happen? Sofia is there as a crutch.

    • nah he doesn’t look happy at all with Sofia they both really attracted to each other

    • I really hope there is an epic comeback.. like its just all part of the show or something. Ilovescottandkourtforevs!

  3. It makes me sad because he’s still clearly very much in love with her and I feel like she never fully let him into her heart…

    • +Emily that was how she had them living. Her in the bed with the kids and him in the guest room down the hall. I think he drank so much because he was unhappy in the relationship but she was his first serious relationship and her family was his family so he didn’t want to let go. I think he is finally happy and he doesn’t want to get back with her. I think he is finally building a life outside of her family.

    • Nancy Loyal honestly I think he will always love her, and if she wanted him back I wouldn’t doubt he’d drop Sophia for her in a heartbeat. He needs to drop some friends and get his act together. But I agree with you 🙂

    • +Emily really I don’t he has been showing any signs of bad behavior since he has been with Sofia. For the first time in forever he is healthy and happy. Before the only time he was happy was when he was hanging out with Khloe.

  4. Lol Kourtney thought she would make him jealous lol she ended up dying in her own movie with a hand shake

    • Loom Geek Exactly. Yet everyone is pointing things out that have nothing to do with what just happened here.

  5. Guys I don’t know but I always feel like they will finally get back together. And btw, what is that? “No hugging”????? I mean, you’ve known each other for yeaaaaars. U can’t just “cut” everything……..

    • yeah its heartbreaking to see it in his eyes – i started watching kuwtk from the beginning again, and i dont think it seems like she ever loved him, she just wanted kids

    • no she just did not want to stay with a drunk, after waiting for scott to change for the past ten years

    • mina siddiqui I don’t know many people that could deal with so little emotional commitment, kindness and support from their girlfriend, no wonder he was drinking

    • Sophie Swanson he was drinking since the start of his relationship. Also the reason he’s rich and well known is because of Kourtney. If he was miserable he could’ve left. Kourtney is the one who had to be with an alcoholic and party crazy significant other for a decade, girl tried to make it work but in the end you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change

    • +R.O.T.C SEEMYeah, also this is a technique of a pick-up boys/girls and narcissistic manipulators. Who are you from them all?

  6. They still have great chemistry, guess 10 years of ups and downs couldn’t kill that. I wish them both happiness since they both, and especially Scott seem so happy with their new partners, best of luck

    • Yep! “He” needs to move on! Look what Ashton Kutcher went on to! Say goodbye to Demi, Scott! Make your own life, without having the ring in your nose. Say good riddance, don’t look back!

    • She’s the best looking of the three Kardashian sisters…by far. Still, I think Scott has moved on.

    • Kourtney looks AMAZING.She has always looked younger than Kim.Kim looks a MESS;I don’t know what has happened to her face.She definitely needs to go back to her old-school hair she used to rock circa Reggie Bush.

  7. How does Scott not have his own reality show yet. Like seriously. This guy is hilarious and entertaining.

  8. I think Scott knows Kourt tricks when she tries to make him jealous or start a “problem about scott’s behavior” He won this one !

  9. Due to how kourtney was in her relationship…with her lack of affection and emotion at times…the lack of hugging shouldn’t bother her

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