KUWTK | Kris Jenner Breaks Down Over Loss of Bruce | E!

The "Kardashians" star has a difficult time going through Bruce's old clothes with Kim. See how the family will keep the memories alive.

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Breaks Down Over Loss of Bruce | E!


    • My dad died and I actually feel like this would be similar to that. Bruce IS completely gone.

    • Jorxox16 It can be like that because a person you’ve known for so long is not only completely gone but it is like they never existed because Caitlyn felt as a woman the entire time.

    • Why you should be 1000% happy, Kaitlyn is finally who she wants to be

    • 2000Betelgeuse What an obtuse thing to say. She was married to this man for years, and now they’re not together. Divorce is like mourning a person… They’re gone in shape or another. Caitlyn is a totally different person. In one way, yes she’s probably happy for Caitlyn. But it’s still so hard… It’s hard being with your best friend for years and having all these happy memories together and then having them ripped from your heart.

  1. I think Caitlyn is selfish because she could’ve chosen to do this transition way earlier in her life. Selfish because she knowingly continued to live a life that would hurt others i.e. her family

    • Snigger
      This comment is hilarious. No honey, it’s HIM. Society now a days just blows my mind away. I love gay people but homosexuality is not okay. To know you are a male, to see the male body parts, where is the confusion in that? It’s not about what you feel, I could FEEL like bird and try to imitate it as much possible, and even ask people to treat and see me as a bird but guess what? I’m still a human. No matter how hard I try I can’t and won’t ever be a bird. Same goes with this. 200, 500 years from now if someone were to discover his bones and try to identify what gender he was, they would see the bone structures of a man because THATS what he is, a man.

  2. when she smelled and then hugged the velvet coat tight, I could feel the emotion through the computer screen

  3. since the birth of Caitlyn, this is the first video that make me feel very sad for Kris. Although Kris and Bruce Jenner with divorce and really wasn’t as close as before this is a lost of a second husband. I’m very sure Kris is also thinking about Robert (Kim Father) all over again.

    • face You can be divorced and still love someone. Sometimes divorce is not what is wanted, but what is needed. At least at the point in time when this video was taken, she was still processing and grieving the loss of her husband. There is no linear process for grief. I hope you never have to experience this level of hurt in your lifetime, but until you have, it is not wise to judge.

    • Kris is full of drama.Way back,she doesnt care of Bruce.All she needs is to be famous and be rich.She ia bloody selfish wife.

  4. I’m sooooo happy for caitlyn and her transformation but I also have so much sympathy for kris. this is obviously a woman who was deeply in love. when she sniffed and hugged that coat, my heart broke.

    • Asjad Almutbage It is. Bruce is gone. Caitlyn isn’t Bruce – doesn’t look like Bruce, doesn’t act like Bruce. Bruce is dead

  5. This is so sad because she has to support Caitlyn or else it will make kris look bad but if I were kris I would never talk to “Caitlyn” again

    • Why? They’re still peepl
      who shared a lot of life and loved each other. It’s hard for them all but he faced the truth in himself . He wanted to be true to that in his last few decades.

  6. Imagine losing someone and they’re still alive and in a way dead to you. Its heartbreaking.

  7. Some people are just so mean. Remember that these people are human too. At some point Kris loves Bruce and I am aware they have through drama and stuff. However, she knows that she’s losing the Bruce that she loves and thinking that he’s gonna be gone now is difficult to process through.

  8. poor Kris her husband became a woman, her girls are so drama and her only son is never around anymore. I would be the same if I was her.

  9. I think people are being too harsh to the Kardashians. Kris, as greedy and selfish as she is, is still a human. Bruce was her husband for 20+ years and the father of her 2 children. Who wouldn’t be sad if your partner for 20+ years changed his/her gender and went around the media saying Caitlyn is so much happier than Bruce? It’s like a huge slap to Kris. What are those years that they spent together means to him? She also doesn’t have the time grief because the media will label her as a bad person if she doesn’t support Caitlyn’s “courage”. Also, imagine how Kendall and Kylie felt. In their young lives many things has changed in their lives. Their family shoot to stardom, they’re being followed by the paparazzi everywhere, their parents got a divorce, and their father became a new person. It’s not easy to swallow those things. I’m happy for Caitlyn coz everyone deserves to be happy, but it’s completely normal for Kris to be upset. If I were her I’d ignore Caitlyn as much as possible.

    • Kris was ambitious in crafting the family image she desired. She has reached enormous, unimaginable success that is a surreal dream for most. Unfortunately, some of the best life has to offer comes with a significant price. In her case, it’s her public grief. From what I’ve read, Kris was aware that Bruce was out of place as a male, that he crossdressed but she had her perfectly crafted family served on a platter that the public ate up. I believe Bruce when he said Kris was fully aware of his plans. It’s easy to deny something we don’t want to believe and now, it’s like BOOM, in your face for Kris.

  10. I’ll be pissed off if my husband decides to be woman after 25 years of marriage too. He should have never married Kris and do this to her.

    • i mean it is a pretty awful situation. But at the same time if it didn’t happen then kylie and kendall wouldn’t have been born.

    • +AlienPrincess ATX “…It’s a very complicated issue….” No it’s not. Simply, he’s a man who placed his fetish and fantasy (of wanting to be what he is not) over being what he is: a man, husband, and paternal (male) influence in his children’s lives.

    • Mary Hearts You transgenderism is a complicated issue. You do t understand it at all…it’s clear by your comment. I personally don’t think Catelyn Jenner is a bad person. The difference between people like you and people like me is that I feel that way based on Jenner’s character and personality, not the fact that she’s transgender.

  11. Kris is upset because Caitlyn will never be the same as Bruce.. It is really sad, like losinbg a loved one when they die. I feel you Kris x

  12. I feel bad for her then because she’s not mourning the loss of a husband she’s mourning the loss of a total person. She was married for a long time. That was their dad. It’s sad regardless its hard.

  13. Say whatever you want about the Kardashians but for them to show us what a family can go through together when one member is transitioning is brave.

    • Jimmy Green

      Imagine you have 2 beautiful children. A boy and a girl. You like spoiling your daughter and playing ball with your son(or whatever…. you just love them OK?!). You have prideful wife (or husband) and a loving pair of parents.
      But as ur family branches out you still have the gut feeling that u aren’t who you want to be. You’re stuck in a position where you aren’t a female nor a male. You love your spouse to death yet u don’t want to keep living the way u are. You try and drive yourself to be your “since-birth” gender and forget the emotions you have. Only leading up to more stress and pain in your heart. Making things worse your spouse may not agree with u being transgender but they still support in your transition.

      It isn’t easy is it? Hiding your true identity, is EXTREMELY difficult. Especially when the ones you love could go against you.

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