Melissa Joan Hart Gets Read by Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The actress and her family get emotional when Tyler makes a connection to a deceased family member. Watch on "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry".

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Melissa Joan Hart Gets Read by Tyler Henry | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


    • +Nightshade Books I have over fourty years working with those that do this act as well as using some of their methods in My own act once in awhile. . They are all frauds. Your expertise in this field is what exactly besides Your Tube. spending money calling psychic phonelines etc…..?

    • +Nightshade Books Also it could be possible that someone can really do this. BUT there isn’t a list of proven psychics or Spirit Mediums, faith healers etc… anywhere. However this is a very long list of proven frauds with name such as. Uri Geller, Tamra Reed. The Fox Sisters, Davenport Brothers. James Hydreck. Peter Poppoff. and many more. Don’t try to bring up Dr. Schwartz from A.S.U. who had John Edward in his so called tests. His peers even called the Dr. on his B.S.

    • You’re a liar. They aren’t “all frauds.” In fact, there are more real mediums than there are real Christians. I’m not stupid. I know how many con-artists there are out there. But that doesn’t change the fact that a few of them are the real deal.

    • +Nightshade Books What I stated is a fact Again ther aren’t any proven Pxychics or Mediums. Well there ever be? Who knows but so far since the start of man again no one has has been proven to be any such thing. That is a fact that cannot be proven wrong.

    • +Nightshade Books Again your expertise on this subject is what exactly? Have you ever worked with any of these people for years? Of course not. Again your knowledge base on this subject is what?

  1. Thank You Tyler for giving us some stuff to watch on YouTube even b4 August I just love watching your readings soooo much. 💚💜💚

  2. I know this is irrelevant but if its going to be this hd they need to make sures tylers make up artist has their stuff together. his face is completely different shade than his neck.

  3. Let him read the spirit of Natalie Holloway if he can really talk, to piece together what really happend to her!!!

  4. i usually dont cry at this show.. but im ballin my eyes out… how did i not see this one… this show is amazing………

  5. I love this guy! Being a medium myself, although I don’t do readings that often, it is so refreshing to see someone else around my age being so open to spirit!

    • Andrew Barker
      Dear Andrew, this is Shubhi. I have a question if you don’t mind answering. Can dog sprits watch us and protect us?
      My dog died two years ago suddenly and I have had dream visitations twice by her.
      I don’t know anyone who is medium, I read your comment here and thought of asking you.
      Thank you

    • Of course dog spirits watch over us! I’m sure your dog is with you and those dreams are very special. You must have had a strong connection in life. 🙂 <3

  6. It dumb cuz he doesn’t say names and doesn’t say “stroke” but just pointing to head then melissa tells him stroke and they all shocked?

  7. so I get the skepticism with mediums but videos like this convince me all the time. Like the emotions and the crying.

  8. People are asking for his service and he is providing hope, comfort and awareness. What is wrong with that? For insecure, vindictive and jealous people out there who don’t believe this …Then don’t watch! For anyone who understands clairvoyants, mediums or others with a higher vibration of senses ~ We applaud you Tyler for sharing!

    • I’ve had people say to me old Joseph is a medium actually Joseph was not a medium Joseph actually came to the Pharaoh and he said this to the pharaoh I know nothing I don’t know your dream but Joseph said God has given me the answer to give you to answer your dream and he said tell me your dream so the Pharaoh tells him of his dream about seven heads of wheat healthy seven has a week and 7 unhealthy heads of wheat seven heads of unhealthy wheat 8 the other 7 on healthy edge of wheat 7 healthy cows and 7 fat skinny gaunt cows they ate the seven healthy cows which means there will be 7 years of famine 7 years of famine and no food or water in the land for those seven years so what that means is I don’t know but God has given me the answer to answer your question God gave him that ability to do that Joseph knew nothing but God came to him to interpret the pharaoh’s dream. Mediums do not seek out God to get their interpretation they seek Out the Devil to get it or they going to Google so yes let me just say this as a Christian man I do not believe in mediums nobody should they’re Liars that’s what they are.

    • You’re an idiot, Stevie.
      He’s a fraud.
      He’s no more a clairvoyant than
      my big toe.
      He doesn’t provide comfort, he
      creates false memories.
      He’s a two bit carnival sharpie who
      takes advantage of people’s
      pain and grief.
      Wake up, moron.

  9. I believe he didn’t know her mother had to turn her own mother’s life support off. One, the media doesn’t care her grandmother died so that wouldn’t not have been wide spread. And that particular detail is not something people topically think to share… I can’t explain it. But I do believe in high vibrations. I’ve just never experienced it greatly. Things that’s make you say hmmm…?

    • +New England’s Insomniac Theatre you should watch this whole episode it’s crazyyyy good. There’s a part where Tyler mentions a child on the other side that was from a miscarriage and the sister in the other room starts sobbing and the mom is like, you?? So that was something that was so private she didn’t even tell her family.

    • +Tapiokapuddin It’s estimated that 1 in 4 recognized pregnancies result in a miscarriage. Forgive me for not being blown away if Tyler was able to unearth the revelation that either Melissa, or someone she knows, had a child that passed or miscarriage. Most cold readers use that line. Who’s the child that passed? If they get nothing, they ask about a miscarriage or abortion.

    • +New England’s Insomniac Theatre it’s really good tv idk why ur like making a big deal out of it I’m literally giving u an episode recommendation this is the best one. And he doesn’t say anything that’s wrong. I personally don’t know anyone who’s has a miscarriage tbh

    • +New England’s Insomniac Theatre bro lmfaoooooooooo give it up, you go to such insane lengths to try to explain away what he does. “Most cold readers use that line” about miscarriage?? Puh-lease. If you don’t believe that’s fine, but the length you go to to try to logically explain why every single one of his readings is fake is insane. Give it up, don’t watch.

    • ​+sxfghsdgf asdfgadsf I’m a fast typist. 🙂 And yes, Theresa Caputo has used the miscarriage line as well as Matt Fraser. It’s usually where they go when they don’t get anything off of, “who’s the child that passed?” There’s no limit to how low they’ll go when they’re wrong.

  10. Making the decision to take your love ones off life support is so difficult and nice that he brought this family healing.

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