KUWTK | Kris Jenner Changing Last Name Back to Kardashian? | E!

Khloé Kardashian is shocked when momager Kris reveals she's ready to change her name again! See Khloé's reaction in this "Kardashians" deleted scene!

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Changing Last Name Back to Kardashian? | E!


  1. “If Bruce can change his name to Caitlyn, I think I’m good” 😂😂😂

  2. why back to Kardashian. her ex husband is dead and he’s her ex. she should change it back to her maiden name.

    • Chocomuneca19 … Anyone here know what her maiden name is??…just curious

    • GucciArzola i mean thats like saying we should all thank lightning because without it humans wouldn’t have discovered fire and would still be living like apes/ have gone extinct.

  3. Honestly Kris keeps serving up these roasts this season and I’m loving it

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHA “if Bruce can change his name to Caitlyn I think I’m good” 😂😂

  5. Why is she saying she is the original Kardashian? Her ex husband and his family are the original Kardashians and her kids, not her.

  6. Kardishian is the name associated with most of her children. Famous or not it’s the name that ties her with her babies and allows her to escape always being reminded of Bruce. Seriously let her do her.

    • With her kids permssion maybe. But those kids are her dna plus ex kardasian. She divorced him.Kids have more right to add her maiden name. Guess that he did not copensate her for the moths forming this children.

    • There’s nothing wrong with what Candice said. Kris doesn’t want to be reminded of BRUCE- the man she married who doesn’t EXIST ANYMORE. Now, there’s only Caitlin. Bruce doesn’t exist anymore, but Bruce was the man she married and the man she loved- of course she doesn’t want to be reminded of her dead/non-existent husband. She didn’t marry Caitlin, she married BRUCE. I’m so glad Caitlin is happy and being true to who she truly is, but once upon a time Kris married a man name Bruce and she loved him. The name Jenner doesn’t remind her of Caitlin, it reminds her of Bruce- a man she was married to for YEARS. If anything, it would probably give Kris a fresh start with Caitlin.

  7. I’m actually 110% down with Kris doing this, it’s totally the right choice. I love Khloe but she needs to lay off… :/

    • Kardashian isn’t even her maiden name. It’s her ex-husband’s name. It seems weird to change it to that. I wonder how her ex-husband would feel about this if he were still alive…

    • I agree and see where they are both coming from. It also reminded me that someone who’s long gone gave them their last name. I think maiden or changing it to kardashian is all good. Kardashian is good to keep the brand going I guess it sounds “good” is why she’s picking it. It does make sense to change it to the original as well since she is no longer married to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and Robert Kardash. If she changed it to maiden it would be Kris Houghton.

    • She gave up her maiden name and took her husbands, that makes Kardashian HER name as well. Women are shamed into taking their husbands name, and then they aren’t allowed to keep it?

    • Khloe shouldn’t be questioning Kris. Khloe was the hair dressers baby. Khloe ain’t even a Kardashian.

    • +Bellaud Where do you live, whiner? In last century? In third-world country? But here in wetern countries in 21st centuries NOONE IS SHAMING OR PUSHING WOMEN TO DO THAT. Women can literally do what they want. Enough with this victim mentality, it doesn’t look good on you ;-))))))

  8. “If Bruce can change his name to Caitlyn I think I’m good”
    😂😂 shut Khloe up real quick lol

  9. Hell yea you can Kris. What he can change his name and it’s all good but you can’t? You do you Kris.

    • Amen! If he can change his name and gender no one should have anything to say about her dropping the last name Jenner. Hell Kendall did.

    • +Latoya M I just feel that her keeping Jenner as her last name is just going to hurt her now the person that she loved is no longer a man. She is very hurt Bruce’s transition. I feel like that’s why she’s doing it.

    • +ThereGoesBryan yea obviously but also ridiculous to change it to a name of a man shes also no longer with

    • +Latoya M You must be her biggest fan and live your entire life through this dysfunction family.

    • ThereGoesBryan yess that’s why she should change it to her maiden name she’s not a Kardashian or a Jenner I mean it doesn’t make sense to change to Kardashian when her ex husband died like 20 tears

    • +Alex Gomez
      No, she didn’t. Changing your last name is a much bigger deal than changing your first. Unless you are a total moron. Alex.

    • +trha2222 Well Bruce changed his entire anatomy, compared to that changing a last name is nothing. That was Kris’s point.

    • +xXSilverSparrow32Xx
      He didn’t change his anatomy at all. He is still a man biologically.

    • +xXSilverSparrow32Xx Psychologically? What about factually? He was a man. He still is. He just chooses to call himself a woman and uses a woman’s name. But biologically he is a man.

  10. “If Bruce can change his name to Catlin (Don’t know if that’s how you spell his new name) I think I’m good.”

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