Paul McCartney DENIED at Grammy Party | TMZ

This is one for the ages … Paul McCartney turned away at a Grammy after-party … not once, BUT TWICE.


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Paul McCartney DENIED at Grammy Party | TMZ


    • jose, haha! its about respect and am not trying to sound condescending, just a matter of personal rights. I deal with this matter everyday in the courtroom and this guy has the right of way even if its paul/faul(if u know wht faul means)

    • +chip whitley …If it’s Faul, then he’s a better musician than Paul ever was, because he alone matched the number of hits Paul had together with Lennon. So do you still believe in that?

    • chav, cant really say that. we’ll never know how the real paul would have done since his life was cut short. doesnt matter if any of us believes it or not, but just the position of being a beetle you were destined for success.

  1. Uncultured swine. Probably didn’t even know who those legends were.
    Children these days.

  2. the guy who has written the most US number 1 hits in history, and won countless grammys, doesn’t get let into an after party hosted by other songwriters. What? Ummm…WHAT?

    • +AllstateIts Inyourhands Wrong! Paul was denied entry because he was looking for a private party that was being held that night less than three miles away:Mark Ronson’s. Paul was invited to Mark Ronson’s party, but accidentally showed up at Tyga’s party. The doorman denied Paul entry once it was clear that Paul was looking for ANOTHER party, not Tyga’s. When Paul realized that he had tried to gain entry to the WRONG party he tried to make light of it (“We need another hit song!”) because it was less embarrassing than publicly admitting that he was confused as to exactly WHO’S party he had shown up to. When Tyga found out about this he contacted Paul and apologized BOTH privately and publicly to Paul. Tyga’s party that night WAS NOT connected to the Oscars nor exclusively for Black artists, and anyone with even half a brain knows that McCartney IS NOT irrelevant, period.

    • +chip whitley Tyga DID NOT know until the next day that McCartney had been turned away from his private party. When Tyga found out what had happened he contacted McCartney and APOLOGIZED (both privately and publicly) to McCartney. When the doorman was later questioned as to why he denied McCartney access to Tyga’s private party he said it was because McCartney was looking for MARK RONSON’S PARTY, so of course he denied him entry.

    • Maybe if Pauls generation hadn’t started charging for education they would know who he is !

    • Royal George no it’s because he got the wrong place, if they really wanted to attend their party you really think they’d be turned away? Lol

  3. Paul’s’ music will live on for eons and Tyga will soon be starting his job as a cashier at Target

    • listen, am only going to tell u this one last time. dont care who u r, i dont have to let you in my place if i dont want to, case closed enough said buddy.

  4. Maybe we should question why Paul McCartney would want to attend an after party with “Tyga” and “Bow Wow”. Surely he could find better company. I guess it’s lonely at the top.

    • +x Apparently Paul stated that he got Tyga’s party mixed up with Mark Rosen’s party, which was held three miles away.

  5. He was looking for Mark Ronson and was told he was at the wrong party. You can hear that if you listen. He keeps asking for Mark Ronson.

  6. Paul is so nice, such a gentleman. Love his reaction, just smile, joke around and go to other party… 😀

    • They turned Bowie away in the late 80’s at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. I was already inside and didn’t know til later what had happened. A friend told me and said it was actually a fashion at the time by Doorman/Management to show how cool they were and boost their profile by turning away famous people at the door. Pretty corny and f’d up.

    • +The Gr8 Zelda My first language is Urdu. Not english. Im not gonna go back and re-read my damn YouTube comment, I just don’t care that much. Also it takes 2 to argue, and you started it. 

    • Sarah Marshell Seriously, Girl, I fucking love your sarcasm xD

    • I knew this was a joke right when I read it… Lol. Only an idiot doesn’t know who Sir Paul is

  7. Apparently Paul got the Tyga’s party mixed up with Mark Rosen’s party, which was held three miles away. That makes more sense.

  8. Paul is knockin at the door. Paul is ringin the bell. Do him a favor, open the door and let him innnnnnnnnnn

  9. *paul:* hey it’s paul mccartney
    *bouncer:* …….
    *paul:* I was in the beatles, the biggest band of all time
    *bouncer:* never heard of them
    *paul:* hey jude? here comes the sun? let it be?
    *bouncer:* not ringing any bells….
    *paul:* I have a knighthood?
    *bouncer:* huh?
    *paul:* uh…my wife made those vegetarian sausages
    *bouncer:* oh, paul! come on in mate

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