KUWTK | Kris Jenner Shocked By Rob’s Sudden Engagement | E!

The "Kardashians" momager finds out via social media that son Rob proposed to GF Blac Chyna without telling her. See her saddened reaction.

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Shocked By Rob's Sudden Engagement | E!


    • but her daughters tell her, he doesn’t… yes always baby rub and everything that he once he gets no matter what so us so unfair to for him to do that to her, if he has problems with his sister’s that’s okay but you don’t have to take out your mother too

  1. I feel her pain, your finding out your son got engaged to someone by people texting you. That’s kinda messed up

    • +John Doe no money? Are you kidding? She has her own makeup line, clothing line, and beauty products. What are you smoking?

    • +TheJordan97971 Chyna is worth 3 million. Which means she has way less than that. Does she have a little bit of money? Yes, but is technically broke. The only income she’ll ever get is from making baby’s. Tyga and Robs child support.

    • Issac Torres he’d only just gotten engaged the night prior. maybe he was going to call and let her know the day after but the net beat him to it. it’s what happens when you’re in the eye of the public. nothing is sacred. Also kind of stupid that she’s pissed off. it isn’t like he waited a week and then she found out. HE PROPOSED THE NIGHT BEFORE UUURRGGGHH entitled people who think they have to know EVERYTHING. so annoying.

  2. Well if they reacted this way to his engagement news, I can’t wait to see how they react when he tells them Chyna’s pregnant.

  3. I feel so bad for Kris, all of her daughters tell her to stop sucking up to rob, all the while she is providing a Great life for him. Then he doesn’t even tell her when he gets engaged

    • +Kristen Lewek
      That’s his mom
      HIS MOM
      A person that given him life
      Feed him ,grown him
      Bouth him a house
      And he doesn’t give her a call

  4. Rob I know you’ve been really lonely, depressed, and upset for a long time now but OMG YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MARRY AND IMPREGNATE THE FIRST GIRL THAT COMES ALONG :(((((

  5. Very disappointing, but I bet he felt they would try to talk him out of it, so I understand. By the way I HATE all the coats they’re wearing this season . . . they’re in CA for goodness sake its ridiculous! That big purple mess is ugly on Chris. Just saying.

  6. as a mom, I’m sure that hurts. but then again this was coming to them. she looks old and tired

  7. Despite what we may think of Kris, Rob is wrong for that. If your child did that to you, you would be feeling some type of way too.

  8. Now Chyna is going to be a KARDASHIAN LOL and her baby is going to be Kris’s ONLY Kardashian grandchild….

  9. She really did give rob an amazing life. You can tell he is the youngest child. Cries about everything. Smh

  10. Didn’t Khloe did the same thing? Everyone was congratulating her but not Rob?! Smh

  11. poor Kris she’s right she never did anything to him but give him life and not to mention buy him a home

  12. Guess now she knows how Bruce felt when Khloe got engaged. He found out on the news. Sucks for Bruce more bc everyone but him knew.

  13. Whoever did her makeup needs to get their eyes checked. Her face is so orange compared to the rest of her.

  14. Well Khloe got engaged to LO Bruce was the last know. He found out when he turned on the news. So why is she so shocked and hurt?

  15. I personally feel like Blac is using Rob to get back at Kylie for dating Tyga, but that’s just my opinion.

  16. Kris is disgusting. She said she did nothing wrong to him. I don’t watch the show and I’ve been watching clips, and she treats Rob with such little respect, same with Kim, Khloe, etc. Rob didn’t tell them bc they’re assholes and make drama about everything. I’m happy for Rob, and he should live his life. He doesn’t need to tell people what he’s up to when they don’t even care.

  17. It’s the same as Bruce (kaitlyn) found out that Khloe was engaged with Lamar on social media or tv show!!!!!

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