KUWTK | Kim Kardashian West Is Willing to Have High-Risk Pregnancy | E!

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star is ready to undergo surgery to give North and Saint another sibling. Watch!

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian West Is Willing to Have High-Risk Pregnancy | E!


    • Meee S buh then again he loves having a big family as she said in an older episode she wants her kids to have the same!

    • Meee S why not get a surrogate. why risk your own health and possibly leaving your kids with kanye west

    • I doubt if Kim would adopt. She has her “frozen ” eggs….that were done prior to any doctor telling her she has problems carrying another child. I think the “frozen embryos ” were done first cuz Kim didn’t want to ruin her body…..I was actually surprised that any doctor would do that, not knowing if she had problems with pregnancies. I guess Money TALKS and B.S. walks in this case too.

    • Then why in blazes did she have her eggs frozen WAY before she even married Kanye. I didn’t watch the episode but it was in re-runs several days ago…..it was in the description of the show etc.

    • Sure…but then Kim’s pretty good about lying too…and that seems ( lying ) is relevant.

    • TheMisslilbit the show aired before Beyoncé and the shows are filmed a while before they’re aired so come again

  1. Omg I screamed when I seen this! I hope Kim have another baby and the pregnancy goes well! 🙂

    • I understood what you were trying to say, don’t listen to people like that.  You’re english is fine.

    • +IMPO I know that’s why I just laughed. People like that Urks me. My grammar doesn’t have to be PERFECT when 99.9 percent of the people who reads it understands what I’m saying.

  2. I mean like if she really wants a child, she can always adopt a kid. That meaning, atleste one child can have a luxurious lifestyle instead of going through foster homes.

  3. Khloe is right! Why do it again? She has two beautiful children a boy and a girl it’s a complete family lol.

    • Helga G Pataki There’s no need to be rude! I totally understand the dangers of her getting pregnant, I wasn’t encouraging that! Maybe I should’ve clarified, what I meant is that if Kim and Kanye want more kids, they will probably use a surrogate which they have talked about on KUWTK before! That’s what I would want for Kim to do, and I think she will! I was just saying if she wants more kids, it shouldn’t be our decision to judge her for that! I hope she ends up using a surrogate, I think we will see more of that on the next season! again there’s really no need to be rude!

    • Imagine being adopted and suddenly being on camera all the time? Although adoption is beautiful, I feel like it would cause useless stress for the child idk imo. Unless she adopts a baby or the child isnt on camera until she/he is ready to be.

    • in one episode she said she fears she wouldn’t love her child as much as her other kids

    • Lulu Puff adoption isn’t for everyone. some people would rather have a biological child

  4. I know everyone mentions adoption, but its not butterflies and rainbows to be adopted or to have a child who is adopted. An adopted child goes through so much more mentally. Money alone doesn’t make a happy childhood btw…. Yes, I do think its selfish to risk her life when she has 2 children already. Those 2 children need her. However, it’s no one’s decision but hers. I hope it goes well for her.

  5. what about adoption. she did seriously think about it a few years ago when they went on that trip to somewhere (I forgot where) and met that one girl named Pink

  6. I don’t blame her family’s reaction. Similar thing in my family…, we were like “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?”… I understand wanting another child… but to put your life at risk, knowing something could happen to you… yea… uhh… hmmm…. not sure about that one there Kimberly

  7. Watch North & Saint not have a mom just because she doesn’t fully understand how dangerous it’s going to be to have another child , they said it right there you can bleed to death like doesn’t that trigger anything ? Death .

  8. So we already have the Plot for the next season. Kim K almost dead after pregnancy complications.

  9. Wait aren’t her kids already siblings? Like you need more than two to be considered siblings?

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