KUWTK | Kris Jenner Surprises Khloé Kardashian With Dozens of Doughnuts | E!

It's time for Khloé to indulge while pregnant with tons of Krispy Kreme treats–but the soon-to-be mother has some objections! Watch on "KUWTK."

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Surprises Khloé Kardashian With Dozens of Doughnuts | E!


  1. I love Kris, but I’d be so annoyed if I was Khloe. She’s fine. Let her go through her pregnancy however she wants.

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    • Smart Panda07 she’s struggled with her weight in the past and I guess she just wants to be as cautious as possible

    • Smart Panda07 I lost 30kg Les than 3years if u suggest 🍩 I’ll definitely say no thank you … I really understand the struggle Khloe is going through

    • she just didn’t want to gain a lot because her and tristan are both really tall and on the thicker side so if she ate all of those then the baby would have gotten bigger and she would have to have a c section

  2. soooooo Khloe is saying that she doesn’t want to eat unhealthy while PREGNANT and her mother is UPSET about that ? what is this family lmao

    • demarloves lmao her mom just wants her to relax. It might be too much but she just wants it to be a positive stress free experience because who knew it would’ve happened… I get it.

  3. Khloe is so annoying. If my mom brings me donuts i just say thanks mom and even if i dont eat them then ill share With someone else. Idk are they really making a scene out of donuts 🍩 ? I love this family but u cannot watch this show no matter how hard i try lmao so dumb

    • You sound dumb asf. If Khloe doesn’t wanna eat unhealthy then she doesn’t have to.

    • khloe didn’t eat them because she didn’t want to put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy because her and tristan are both really tall and he is really buff so if she put on a lot of weight the baby would’ve gotten bigger and she would’ve had to have a c section, which she obviously doesn’t want. please watch the whole episode before you comment

    • Weird thing with narcissistic parents. They put you down for your faults (being fat) and then freak out when you’re skinny, and accuse you of being too thin or sick and try to shove food down your throat. Weird catch-22. Probably a little bit of jealousy.

  4. Khloe- ” I can’t eat 8 dozen doughnuts” well then someone’s not trying hard enough 😂😂

  5. Kris, feel free to come by my house. I’d *greatly* appreciate a box or 8 of Krispy Kreme donuts

    • Yeh true same especially if someone pays that much for me without me having to spend that type of money

  6. Mom brings donuts. In normal world: thanks mom!!!!!!!! In kardashian world: problem issue make drama out of this

    • A normal outsider world, yes, because people take what they can get without question. The insider world, they all know someone’s likes, dislikes, and exactly who eachother are with questioned intentions when something is off.

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