KUWTK | Kris Jenner Upset About “Hoarding Money” Accusation in Caitlyn’s Book | E!

Kris sets the record straight about how she is portrayed in Caitlyn's tell-all book! Don't miss it on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Upset About "Hoarding Money" Accusation in Caitlyn's Book | E!


  1. Everything they said about Caitlyn is on point tbh. Caitlyn gets on my nerves

    • julia herrera, Caitlin/Bruce Waits Till he is almost 70 years old to start transitioning! There are trans people who are in their 50’s – 90’s but they started their horomones and surgeries below 30 years old! I am going to be 24 years old and I am getting Bottom surgery in a few days! When you are 67 years old you only have 40 years left to live! Why would Bruce live 67 years as a man and 40 years as a woman? WTF! I’m not a bigot I’m just stating the facts!

    • Sura S, I completely agree! I just can’t understand how she went from a family man to this whole other life. It doesn’t make sense to me but I guess we don’t know what a person is really like unless you live with them.

  2. Come on Caitlyn, Kris stood by you for so many years and you publicly disrespect her. Why? I think Kris is really keeping her cool here and I commend her for that.

    • Captain Coco Same the transition never was upsetting to me but his disrespect towards Kris makes me not like Caitlyn

    • @TT but why would Kris or anyone put themselves in that position ? Kris didn’t gain anything from that, if anything she was made to look like such a bad person when Caitlyn is the one who lied to everyone, not just the Kardashians but his other families too

    • pdquick1 He released the original ‘Vanity fair’ article, on the very day one of his other sons was taking part in a prestigious motorcar race which he won. So his child’s day in the sun was heavily overshadowed in the media by his ‘transition’ publicity.

  3. I think publicly disrespecting someone or calling them out is not okay. Caitlyn was at first someone really inspiring, but now she’s so fake, and overall annoying

    • She could’ve been inspiring like everything was going for her to be a great figure but, she ruined it herself :/

    • shisuk as well as ugly inside and out. He looks like a man who tries to look like a woman but fails in every way.

    • How was she in any way inspiring? OPRAH is someone you call inspiring.not this trash who calls himself a woman

  4. Hold up!!! Bruce told his 2nd wife that he wanted to be a woman before they divorced but didn’t think to tell Kris 💀

    • jesse sharpe Linda said in an interview that it was a huge secret and it wasn’t her place to tell anyone.

    • Exactly… How could he marry Kris and keep a lie for so long and make 2 babies with her.. And mess up theor lids lives and grandkids … He IS A MAN ANYWAY

    • Kris knew all about it, if you actually watch all the seasons with that in mind you pick up on a lot of little things Kris and the kids said to Bruce before he was caitlyn. All the kids knew. They walked in on him cross dressing a few times and also Caitlyn is right. After Kris divorced rob, to be with her lover ‘Bruce’ ( they were together long before it became public) Kris would take advantage of all the royalties that come with being with Bruce until he basically went broke, Kris would take control of all his finances. He had to get approval to go out for lunch, to buy clothes and even to buy parts foehis beloved model airplanes Kris wouldn’t let him do anything even though His name was on the credit card.
      Kris knew all of his secrets and when they couldn’t get pregnant years and years ago, Kris and Bruce went to the doctor to get taken off medication because he was on hormone replacement, Kris would even let him borrow her clothes. This was just Caitlyn airing all of Kris’s dirty laundry and she hated it.

  5. Caitlyn has yet to actually write a book about herself. All her books are just about bashing Kris and the Kardashians

    • +Kayla Anderson the book isn’t about Kris that’s what people missing! It’s about CAITLYN! and on interviews people ask 1 or 2 questions about the Kardashians

    • +Kayla Anderson she answered maybe 1-3 questions about the Kardashians during interviews lol you’re judging Caitlyn on this clip from the kardashian show

  6. I watched the show for years. Caitlyn confuses me. Granted Kris could be harsh with Bruce but Bruce was all about being manly and high moral values. Kylie wanted to wear makeup at 15. Bruce wouldnt let her. Caitlyn is shallow, mean spirited and everything she accuses the girls of she is. I know people who are part of the community none like her.

    • Jeanne Marie Thompson
      I know people who are part of the community and they are exactly like Caitlyn. My mom was what gay men call a “f@g hag”. They seem to take on this stereotypical female Dynasty Joan Collins type persona when they transition when they interact with women who they resent (and, more than likely, wanted to be like and have studied for a while). Men with female alter-egos appear to be just misogynistic men who play victim behind a female persona while passive-aggressively trying to tear down women they were 1) once intimate with or 2) have a secret envy of.

  7. Caitlyn is the biggest snake ever. How she all of a sudden turns her back on her family shows the type of person she truly is. Say what you want, but the Kardashian clan sticks with each other through thick and thin. For Caitlyn to start all this drama and hurting her children shows she really never genuinely cared about them in the first place. She’s starting to get on my nerves more than any of the Kardashians.

    • Emilee Sienna I feel the same way like he raised Kim kourtney and khloe when their dad died and now he does this

  8. Ugh i thought this book was about Caitlyn’s new life as a woman, but guess it’s just a tell-all bash on Kris to sell the book.

    • Erica Swanberg I’m not a real Kardashian fan, but Kris Jenner turned a negative situation into careers for her family. I honestly think that Caitlyn was and is still jealous of Kris and resents Kris for leaving her out of some business dealings. I wouldn’t be surprised if Caitlyn was mad about not getting a collaboration with Kyle Cosmetics.

    • Ι do not know what has transpired between the both of them but i do not think that Kris is either a good mother or a good person. If she was a good mother then she wouldn’t allow her daughter or her family to be so extremely exposed.

    • I was literally about to say the same! Kris looks like Bruce in the thumbnail eewwwww LMMFAO

  9. they honestly don’t even need to worry. Caitlyn isn’t fooling anyone.

  10. I used to support Bruce/Caitlin but I feel like he/she started to be different lately.

  11. Caitlyn Jenner has done the Craziest most unimaginable thing for me – She’s Made me like Kris Jenner

  12. Honestly, Kris Is the real MVP of this whole family, I don’t know if Bruce/Caitlyn knows how much of a hustler/boss he married and how lucky he was….

  13. Caitlyn did ruin Alot of lives. She could have been more honest before marrying these women.

  14. I don’t understand why caitlyn blames everyone that she had to stay a man and was uncomfortable if she knew from a young age why did you get married 3 times blame it on yourself Because no one said you have to be Bruce forever

    • Nyc Girl yeah.and I see a pattern . seems he would hide his true self,marry, have a couple of kids with you then blame you.These 3 women he mislead them.he doesn’t even care how they feel.

  15. I find it admirable of Kris to still be considerate enough to refer to Cait using the female pronouns when referring to their past. She truly accepts that Cait has always been a female.

    • thisishowweduit I appreciate that too. I honestly would have a hard time remembering that person as a man when I knew them as a man and not accidentally calling them a man when speaking of the past. I guess repetition must help like with all things.

    • I think she just doesn’t want backlash from a group that is heavily a part of the industry her daughters are in.

    • Bruce/ Caitlyn has never been a female! He was born a male, and he is still a male

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