Tyler Henry Meets YouTube Star Madison Beer | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The social media sensation gets read by Hollywood's go-to clairvoyant and opens up about her struggles. Watch on "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry".

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Tyler Henry Meets YouTube Star Madison Beer | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


    • Can you please explain to me what is happening in the video? Does the mom have cancer? because I’m very confused.

    • +Joslin Rodriguez he was saying one of her relatives that have already passed died from cancer

  1. Everything he said was on the Internet. Just because he says he doesn’t go on the Internet, doesn’t mean anything lol

    • Ini Rotimi ….reading is not a “gift” lol. No one is born already knowing how to read 😂 it’s a learned skill 😜
      And no one can see through people either, I’m sorry hunny. It’s just physically impossible.
      Psychic abilities are not physically possible either, ****BUT**** luckily psychic abilities are not physical. They’re energy, which is something you can’t always see, but it’s there. And where he gets messages from passed loved ones…it’s like air, blowing through a curtain.. it’s there, you know it’s happening – but only some people can feel that breeze (energy) through the curtain, because they stand in the right spots because they felt the light breeze from a draft one day (like a premonition or something), which tingles all over them, often filling them with the need to seek out what they felt cause it was exciting & refreshing – and absolutely *nothing* like they’ve felt before! – So that air (energy), flowing through the thin, flexible curtain wall between the two realms: the communication is able to travel through with the energy, & reach those waiting on our side of the curtain, hoping their message can be passed on ☺️ 🙏🏻 💕 ✨ it’s so special.

    • If you all think he finds info by googling the internet for EVERY SINGLE CLIENT…and IF he does, then he’s amazing for even doing that and being able to remember so much detail to relate back, no prop cards are visible, camera man not holding a Q card or client would notice. And remember this video is just a small clip from a longer consultation, we don’t see the more personal things that are said.
      Now he’s only about 22yrs old, and has seen at least 150 celebrities like this. Don’t you honestly think that there would be a huge hoo and cry by now, calling him out for being a charlatan?? The show taken off air suddenly ?
      I’m sorry….I’m a clairvoyant myself, and it’s taken an awful long time for people like myself and Tyler to be believed,accepted, and not to be accused of witchcraft, or in the U.K. where I live, being burnt at the stake!
      No…in all seriousness please don’t judge a book by its cover..I have faith in him, and think that given time he will grow with his gift and become even more famous. It’s a great shame he doesn’t tour and do readings of the public from the stage. But even there would probably be accused of having plants in the audience. So what “should “ he do to be accepted and believed in by you? Absolutely nothing more than he is doing right now. Please people..have patience. If you don’t like or believe, then don’t watch. These people all do, and are very happy, and these readings are for them alone.
      I repeat “Don’t judge a book by its cover” please. 💖😘👍

  2. Stick in there Maddison and her brother .Btw I know this is not the time but Madison’s Brother is hot Af

  3. for any of you who believe tyler has a gift. his gift is to communicate with Demons not with people who have passed away onto the other side. when you die, you either go to heaven or hell. there is no way of talking with the dead. only God has that power.

    • Summers, according to the bible when you die it says nothing about going directly to heaven or hell. “believers” fall into a sleep state to await Judgement day along with the living. They don’t just suddenly appear in heaven or hell.

    • kianaaa ok i honestly believe that no one goes directly to heaven or hell.When we die,we remain in our graves till judgement day,where god evaluates our actions,etc.Tyler isn’t communicating with any dead people at all,as these people are in their graves(extremely good peoples” souls are with god in the meantime,not in heaven since the judgement day hasn’t arrived yet)Tyler is talking with deamon like beings.Some are good and some are bad (it’s called “jinn” (in arabic,cause I’m muslim).So there are good jinns and bad jinns,and some people are able to communicate with them,and we stay away from that,and forbid fortune telling etc,because people actually communicate with these jinns/deamond and their lives get ruined.These jinns can mislead these people and lie to these fortune tellers (even when the jinns know thr truth).That’s what black magic is.I hope you understand my point of view 🙂

  4. Okay I don’t understand who has cancer ? WHo is Tyler ? What is going on ? I’m new in here haha

    • everyone looks different in real life than on a photo especially when its on instagram lmao so naive to think people would look exactly the same as their look in pictures

    • Selena Seavey why on earth should you think anyone looks different in a photo. It’s the same person, people are supposed to look the same on reality as they do in photos

    • Josie Wood yeah but people (especially young girls) edit photos a lot these days…. *Especially* INSTAGRAM photos.
      Here in this video “in real life” as you guys are calling it – although she’s the same person (who *is* wearing make up – whoever said she’s not needs to get their eyes checked lol), but yeah so she SHOULD look the same whether it’s this video,?or just a photo (because like someone else said – she’s the same person, & yeah also – she prob IS styled as usual, *and* IS wearing her usual/fave *make up* that she is comfortable with)
      ❗️⚠️😲 ****BUT!!!!!**** 😲⚠️❗️
      when you’re shown in footage like this – although all the Hollywood bright lights are still in your face & stuff – you are moving & the light reflects all diff ways, plus you’re showing a range of emotions…not just shot from a split second in time that the camera has taken, right at that exact moment when you look perfect (or whichever way you’d like to portray yourself)
      For example you know when you take a burst of photos, or those girls who take like 50 shots just to make sure the camera could capture & so you could pick out whichever one is the perfect one you want to “appear” like today.
      Oh LOL, & also hahaha you know sometimes you’ll take a few pics all at once, & when you look at them to check – there’s always like one photo looks great, and then the very next one in the burst, you see it and you’re like..:.😦 ….wtf…..😳 …: how did that happen?!? You know – one of your eyes looks all mong, & your nose looks 6 times bigger all of a sudden, you’ve grown a second chin & you look like someone just punched you in the face cause your jaw looks dislocated & chubby just because at that split second the photo was taken you’d juuuuust caught yourself out of the light by you tilting your face by like 1degree without even knowing it 😂
      THEN, with the perfect photo – on goes a filter, a few saturation, contrasting & highlighting ups & downs until it looks just perfect (but barely like you anymore 😝) and viola!👌🏻 instagram girl makes her post – everyone tells her how hot she is – & there you go! Happy for the rest of the day.

      Unfortunately in real life, people don’t have the bright lights to follow them around, or light reflectors or a make up artist there to do touch ups throughout the day & night 😂

      It’s sad for people on dating sites cause BECAUSE they do the exact same instagram routine – they look awesome – but then when they get out into real life…. well, let’s just say it’s not Hollywood. Therefore there is no one to rush around waiting on you making sure you look perfect every moment of the day when doing tv or press or stuff like this lol.

    • She really doesn’t. But then again most celebrities look different from their instagram. To me she still looks the same tho

  5. What the hell? YouTube star?!!? She’s a freaking singer! Not a YouTube star 😑 and also Instagram famous and she sings really good

  6. Tyler Henry needs to meet Lilly Singh (IISuperwomanII) so she can connect with her material grandfather!

  7. I’m not sure if anyone has said this but Tyler look like the kid from home alone all grown up, maybe the hair.. lol

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