KUWTK | Kylie Jenner Does a Makeup Tutorial on Kris! | E!

Want to know how to get that famous Kylie Jenner lip? Here are the tips from Kylie herself! Then, watch the season premiere of "KUWTK," March 31 at 9|8c on E!

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kylie Jenner Does a Makeup Tutorial on Kris! | E!


  1. Why are all the Kardashian’s so beautiful 😍! And the Jenner’s also

  2. *The way Kylie says her own name is the same way she said it when she uploaded a video of stormi and trying to get her to speak her own name hahaha*

  3. Beautiful…i love how good kylie treats her mom. The other sisters are so disrespectful to kris.

    • Nay! When the earth is pounded to powder,
      And thy Lord cometh, and His angels, rank upon rank,
      And Hell, that Day, is brought (face to face),- on that Day will man remember, but how will that remembrance profit him?
      He will say: “Ah! Would that I had sent forth (good deeds) for (this) my (Future) Life!”
      For, that Day, His Chastisement will be such as none (else) can inflict,
      And His bonds will be such as none (other) can bind

    • I think it’s because Kylie treat’s her mother extremely well and is always courteous and polite. So Kris does the correct thing and reciprocates. And. Speaking as a mother myself. The youngest in the family usually gets the most attention as they are seen as a baby.

    • I’ve always said I wish Kris was my mom, could not even imagine living that life.

  4. aw i kinda feel like you can tell how much kris loves kylie by the way she looks at her <3

    • Lau Wesserle hahaha I was thinking about that too. It’s not a pinky nude it’s a nude

  5. Ok so Kylie might be in more then 2 episodes this season if she’s willing to do promo ; I’m hyped!

  6. I actually have a lot of respect for Kris. She supported all of her kids and now they are established doing their own thing

  7. Makeup totourial? She Only doing Her lips…(how to use Kyliecosmetics lip products totourial)

    • the thumbnail had the lip only. also i feel like she’s better known for her lip stuff as makeup

    • Make-up tutorial doesn’t mean it has to be a full face of makeup.. this is a makeup tutorial for the lips. Not a Full Face

    • Lipstick is part of make up. What are you talking about? She’s showing how to have kylie lip on her mom. That’s what make her money her lip kit.

  8. Kylie have a very calming aura about her just the way she talks, the sound of her voice & how she carry herself. Very
    chillax & very alluring.🌹

  9. Kris: Is that a new look on your eyes
    Kylie: Yeah. I was going for the subtle everyday

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