KUWTK | Scott Disick Wants to Surprise Kourtney Kardashian | E!

Should Scott fly to Iceland to meet with his ex? Kris Jenner offers her advice on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

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Scott Disick Wants to Surprise Kourtney Kardashian | E!


    • True . But I wished he thought about his family when he was cheating and getting drunk every night . Kourtney and the kids deserve better

    • you are right, I wish the same thing. but maybe he needed this time apart from her. I think he has changed and I see her giving him another chance maybe not some time soon but I think they will get back together they both still care about each other and Scott has really grown up a lot over the past year.

    • Scott seems like the kind of person who tries hard when it’s too late but if he gets what he wants, he switches and takes it for granted. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde

    • yes , he aknolwedges the phases and how times shift. He actually imagines 10 more years.

  1. I feel like they work better as co-parents. I see her with a older middle eastern man someone like her father.

    • Lunar Lights Probably, she likes these younger men. & good for her when they act their own age.
      She deserves it!

  2. “Não suporto mais ver essa família grandemente rica e doida dos Kardashian e Jenner e gostaria de ver realmente celebridades de verdade tipo que fazem filmes em HOLLYWOOD e Red Carpet com gente rica famosas e lindas!!!”

  3. you can tell Scott is struggling with Alcoholism just by the redness in his nose and face.

  4. The misery on a mans face is just so rewarding when you know he caused it himself…

    • Annette Rueda-Valerio that’s cruel it’s not like he beat her or was a mean guy he just had addiction problems he lost both his parents in a few months y’all have no compassion 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • +Albert edmond He CHEATED on her, death of his parents had nothing to do with his infidelity…

    • Eugeniya Leshenko there’s no actual solid evidence he cheated lol. He was just accused.

  5. I honestly love Scott and he’s really trying and I just want him and Kourtney to be together

  6. I don’t feel bad for Scott he always tried he always went back to alcohol

    • but he lost both of his parents and didnt know how to handle it, in one of the episodes he was saying how much he struggles with fame…i guess as viewers we dont see what happens what goes on behind the scenes. Some people are weaker than others but yeah i wish he would try harder his a good guy!

    • +andrea021 o i agree but even before he had a reputation depicted in the early episodes but i totally agree

  7. Scott needs to stop being so desperate I think that’s pushing kourt away, he’s not always the victim …

  8. that a boy scott go get her back wife her up go chase her down and make her yours again

  9. I feel bad for him. Kourtney is the love of his life, and Scott fucked that up and has to live with it. He just needs to make better choices and keep his life on the right path. Maybe one day she will come back.

  10. Kris: she just wants you to be a good dad
    Scott: yeah… I don’t really know what to do..

  11. I bate they will end up back together , the love is their that’s Obvious and they will and up engaged some time in the.future, they are made to be together for rest of their lives !!! Every relationship has problems it just up to you how to chang them and have the relationship work

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