Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Have Dinner Together with Stormi | TMZ

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott appear to be on the path to total reconciliation … having dinner together with their daughter.


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    • Edgar Cuevas I’m saying they must be annoyed because they can’t live there lives without people following them everywhere they go

  1. Okay ? Who freaking care ? Omg i just disable the notifications bell cause literally this is embarrassing .
    They had dinner SO WHAT ?

  2. Earth Shattering News.!!!! Damn, now I can start my day knowing they had dinner and aren’t starving!!! 😁

  3. There should be a law against paparazzi and children. When these celebs have their babies/kids it should be off limits for this kind of intrusion. Everything about it is just wrong. He just had to rush his daughter out and hurry and buckle her in bc of basically being harassed. It’s horrible 😣😣🤯

    • Stefany Hyer yes so sad there’s no law about it. I’m starting to think that’s how the circle of life is in the industry though 🤔 maybe celebs are low key in on it to make their bucks as well. Something to think about

    • +Tisheral Vay of coarse they are.. half of them call to advise where they are..

    • Stefany Hyer trust me if they didn’t want them their they wouldn’t be there. Kylie literally wasn’t seen for 9 months caring her daughter. I’m not saying it isn’t invasive but I’m having a hard time believing they don’t want that attention. People have said Kim used to tell them when and where she would be places.

    • Muva Mortis that’s bc she literally didn’t go anywhere and that’s not fair either to have to live your life in isolation. I’m sure they want to do normal things as a family and it has to be hard with that lifestyle. I understand that’s what they sign up for and have many perks, but I just feel there should be limits especially with children!

    • +dumbtune nah but its sumthin about seeing ppl walkin around like they’re God that i just dont like.. & when u got mfs treatin em like they’re God it just makes it worse

  4. The real story here is the she went to dinner with a toddler WEARING WHITE!!!! LMAO 😂 😂😂 let them live.

  5. When yall stop caring about them they start talking… nobody cares about them anymore. Yall so thirsty for them to say anything to you it doesn’t make any sense lol wow yall trying to hard 😂😂🤣

  6. So what I’m so tired of hearing about this Klan of women and their paid actor men… talk about something important like how they plan on BLOCKING THE SUN!!!! I BET Y’ALL WON’T DO THAT!!!!

  7. Happy to see you guys trying to keep yuh lil family together don’t let gossip or negativity destroy you guys let that baby have a mommy an daddy family togetherness!! God bless this lil family

  8. I know y’all saw that man holding a baby😑… Have some respect for the child’s sake☝Geesh!

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