Tyrese Makes The Best Video Ever! | TMZ

Tyrese got pissed off at a comic talking smack about him and made this rebuttal video. Hilarious!

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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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Tyrese Makes The Best Video Ever! | TMZ



  1. Spanky is waaaaay too short to have played the role. That was a ridiculous statement. Then again, he is a COMEDIAN. #tyresegibson  played the hell out of that role!

  2. Spanky got murdered on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out by *Fabolous: “I heard you was the dude in High School, now look at you, you’re just an overweight Ja Rule”*

    • I don’t think you know much about rap battling to not understand what “murdering” or “killed it” means

    • +Henri Afari you’re joking right? If you want to talk about anybody murdering somebody on a track then you would have to acknowledge Cassidy when he slayed freeway now that was murderous. Canibus versus LL Cool J that was murderous. When G Unit was at the top of their game and it seemed like they were beefing with the entire industry and the only two people to really represent was 50 cent & Lloyd Banks now that was murderers. Nick cannons TV show is trash and fabulous is far from being considered anything remotely relevant in the battlefield for that matter. Anybody with A proper functioning brain regarding logical sense and lyrical comprehension can recognize that. 

    • +Henri Afari
      I have nothing better to do? If you say so dude. Seems like your too insecure & butthurt to have a mature debate & are incapable of proper criticism. Typical for you people!

      Furthermore, I couldn’t care less about Wiz, but to blatantly utter & insinuate that he won a mixtape award because he’s having marriage problems is absolutely preposterous as well as lame. If that’s the case, then any celebrity going through marriage problems can & will automatically win any & all nominees. xD

    • He’d be like 43 now so I bet he would probably just be the coolest laid back dude still makin hits.

  3. In 2001 Spanky was 15, is short and fat. Its no way he would’ve been casted for the role Jody, and why does everyone have to be suspect when they defend themselves.

  4. Rule number 16 in trolling. Don’t troll someone who is way more successful than you. It makes it easier for them to call you out. 

  5. This is a new low for Tyrese. Tyrese speaks about morals and has very optimistic videos and speaks on life, and he stoops this low to demean and belittle someone else who isnt as successful as him? I dont like this Tyrese, but i guess he must have been mad at the comment and his emotions got the best of him.

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