Kylie Jenner Torn Over Jordyn Woods Cheating With Tristan Thompson | TMZ TV

She and Jordyn have been friends forever!

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  1. He didn’t want Khloé 🙄 they taught Jordan well! That’s how they Roll!!

  2. Oh god😣 i feel so bad for Kylie, she is in the middle of this, with one side is her family and with the other is Jordyn. I remember the video where she said that every time they’re apart she miss her so much, and she said like “is that what love is? Are we in love?” And that “wedding” and when kim and kanye asked if they can stay at her place she said something like nobody staying at my house but she living with jordy . I mean god they are so close. I think this situation won’t tear them apart cause they’re just way to close, i even thought for some time that they’re together or something

    • victor smirnov Kylie is now in the position that she placed Kim in when she decided to date Tyga. In life, things come back *FULL* circle🤔 No need to feel sorry☝ It’s life with a dash of Karma.

  3. I just don’t believe this family it’s just publicity stunt they only want us to watch keeping up with the kartrashians

  4. Mike
    This is all a planned “Publicity Stunt” by the boss of the house herself “Kriss Jenner”. Especially because the next season of Kardashian’s show is going to air soon. So they want all the attention they need for the upcoming season.

    Kriss Jenner and the Girls have done this type stunts many times in the past. So why is everyone surprised now that yet another man in the Kardashian clan is cheating?

    And Jordyn being very close to the family, I am certain that Kriss Jenner has once again planted the seed. Kriss have definitely talked her into this. Plus her being young and naive, she just couldn’t turn Kriss down.

    Currently Jordyn have her own brand of cosmetics with Kylie Jenner. So why would she throw all of that away for a few days fame on Social Media by dating Tristan?? And for some weird reason Khloe and her buddies have been very public on Social Media regarding Tristans cheating.

    This is all just all too FAKE to be true.

    Isn’t it just incredible that from all of the men the Kardashian sisters have dated, none of them have been faithful to them. But what people doesn’t realize is that these women are now Millionaires because of that 😉

    It all certainly does smells funny to me.

    • I think the EXACT SAME THING!! All of this is JUST for publicity. I don’t believe any of this. Khloe’s Instagram stories are so dramatic. The retweets and tweets her and Kim are liking on Twitter … Idk it’s all so obvious for me. Is FAKE. They’re gonna make it seem like it’s real, and then they’re gonna “forgive” Jordyn and everything is gonna come back to normal.

    • Ain’t nobody got the time to read that damn long book. What are you an author? I only read the first sentence and got bored.. Byeeeee 👋

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