New R. Kelly Accusers Come Forward, Claim Sexual Abuse When They Were Teens | TMZ

The women are represented by Gloria Allred, who came out strong against the singer at the press conference by accusing him of using his fame to manipulate 2 starstruck teenagers in 1995. She claims he plied them with drugs and alcohol to take advantage of them sexually.


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  1. Im so sick of seeing her…why they goin sooo hard on Kells..all of a sudden?..I aint saying he innocent but damn..sumthn is fishy…πŸ€”πŸ§

    • +CopperGirlAsia And your ultimate point is that, what, she’s lying or he’s innocent?

    • +Alex Muncatchy WHY NOW?!!…WHAT IS THE ULTERIOR MOTIVE FOR ALL THESE PEOPLE COMING FORTH NOW…AGAIN AS I’VE STATED BEFORE….WHY NOW?!!!…clearly comprehension is not your strong suit..although reading is fundamental. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ’†β€β™€οΈπŸ™„

  2. What is the purpose for these assholes to bring forward this information after all these years for tho??? First Bill now Kells???

    • +Karen Wright God forbids someone rapes you, you gonna press charges 20 something years later right???

    • when this happens and the rapist/assaulter in question is a rich and powerful public figure, it is terrifying to come forward for fear of backlash. hell even when its some random kid at a high school its still terrifying to tell your story with all of the people eagerly screaming that you’re fake or just regret it or are trying to get something out of it. however, there are strength in numbers. the more women come forward, the more other women feel comfortable to do so as well.


  3. Latresa Scaf is 41 years old. Her DOB is 02/78. Rkellys concert with LL was in 1996; that would make her 18. Lawd please stop. Then she has the audacity to tell her story 23 years later. This clearly turning into a money grab. situation.


  4. If he was guilty he would of been in jail already.. they need to stop this..they trying to do a bill.

    • this guy has married a minor in the past and has a video of him pissing on a child. A CHILD. Not to mention all these victims coming forward of all the cruel things he had done to them. Dont defend people like this. It goes to show what kind of person u r.

    • Are opinion don’t mean nothing if the law system have not arrested him what does that say.. he’s innocent people do lie and make allegations. Yes he married Aaliyah her parent consent to it he did piss on a girl..SO WHAT THATS WHAT THEY LIKE..THEY BOTH WAS PISSING ON EACH OTHER.THATS THEY LIFE. If you don’t want nothing to do with R Kelly then cut him off…and keep it moving get out your feelings because your opinion is not going to send him to jail.. if he was guilty he would have been in jail since 2002.. all these other ladies who’s coming out are above age writing book going on TV shows doing YouTube making money but it’s not showing that he’s guilty. Everybody has a flaw and some have worse of than others. and if that make me a bad person then keep it moving. Only God can judge

    • It’s all about the evidence if there is no evidence is no proof everybody he been with was consensual sex. Sparkle said that was her niece But she never mention how she was having sex with R.Kelly when she was married to Andrea. And her career wasn’t Poppin like she assumed it was going to be. And that’s why her husband left her Sparkle niece father said that wasn’t his daughter on the video the video is still available on porn site. He was paying the girl like she was a prostitute. Kim Kardashian came up on the sex video that was released now she is a millionaire. Her sister was sleeping around when they was under 18. In Illinois if your 16 and older you are illegal.

    • And I’m not sticking up for R Kelly or defending him I’m speaking the truth.. and there is no evidence that’s why he’s not in jail when it came to Bill Cosby there was evidence he drugged them Everybody had consent sex with r kelly.. if he committed a crime he would already been in jail this is just facts. They made a documentary about him being abusive and having sex with them. But if you look at details these ladies was above age and stay with him over 5 years they could have left anytime when Jocelyn was at the Trump Hotel and they did a well check they confront the ladies and they said they was fine if they had any evidence they would of arrest him. Hugh Hefner had thousands of girls in his house. R Kelly has two ladies what makes that a cult..

  5. These comments….”Why now?” “she only in it for the money’ “leave R. Kelly alone.”
    These speak volumes of yall’s character.
    Don’t defend a sexual predator.
    Don’t immediately shout liar at a probable victim.
    And stop resorting to fiscal/monetary reward as the rationale for someone speaking out after decades of silence.

    PTSD/Trauma does insane things to the psyche.
    And the reason that people take a long time to come out? it’s not because it’s “for the money’ and “attention” (as so many here have implied) it’s because they feared EXACTLY what yall are doing: They feared that they wouldn’t be taken seriously, called attention whores and that they are just trying to jump on a bandwagon.

    It’d be difficult enough to live with this on your own, but having some insanely judgemental keyboard judges attempt to sway the conversation because you like the music of the perpetrator? where are yall’s priorities?

    And stop with classic what-about-isms. It’s deflection, it’s throwing up smoke-screens. This has nothing to do white people in Congress, or the Catholic church, or Harvey Weinstein…This has everything to do a serial child predator who has a seemingly absentee-minded fanbase who are willing to forgive him for everything.

    On a side note, what about the Catholic church? what point is attempted to be proven here? The boys WERE NOT believed, victims of a religious pandemic, because people felt that the priests were literally “holier than thou” and incapable of committing such disgusting acts. See the trend here?

    • +Michael jones Interesting, but false equivocation going on with your central argument. The damage to Kelly would amount to….defamation of character (though his character has long been questionable, LONG before this particular woman spoke about her encounter with him)

      What you are arguing is identical to what I had stated in my initial post, which is that while you can *hope* for the best, and hope that he is found to be innocent, and his name cleared, going after the victims of alleged abuse does two things — is acts as a detriment to an opposing argument; implying that guilt is tantamount to baseless accusations of people saying that the victims are “up to something”….

      And two, it prohibits others from coming forward and relaying their accounts, for fear that they will not be believed, and are subsequently cast out as liars and “in it for the money.”

      Your argument mirrors that of Donald Trump. The breadcrumbs are there. You can make your own inference. But this is perhaps the biggest sticking point, especially when someone calls me a hypocrite, I am not asking you to take out your pitchforks and torches over Kelly. I am not asking you to sentence him online. I am only asking for people to listen to these allegations, and give these (alleged) victims the respect they deserve. Give them their voice, their time to say their piece.

      A lot of cynics in this discussion are seeing an ulterior-motive and, to be completely honest with you, it absolutely infuriates me.

      When the time comes, and (God forbid) something were to happen to someone in these comments, you are going to want to know that you can speak in public against your perpetrator, and you best pray to whatever you believe in, that he isn’t a revered, respected celebrity icon, because your legitimate voice will fall on deaf ears.

    • +idribble4fun god I had a few extra minutes and feel passionate about this because someone close to me had this happen to her and this exact thing happened, where people were happy to dispell the notion of wrongdoing with a snap of the finger because it contradicted their indoctrinated curation of who that person is to them.

    • +Alex Muncatchy I stand by my original post on it’s entirety. R.Kelly has “NEVER” been found guilty of “ANY” crime in a court of law, but yet u “FALSELY ” slap that label on him and in your rebuttal u act like it’s no big deal. I’ve known of people falsely accused of sex crimes spend many, many years in prison before being exonerated, some never made it out. So tread lightly when u slap that label on someone. I have relatives who have been sexual assaulted and it very much disturbed me. I’ve experienced both sides of the coin, which is why I stated earlier, wait until all sides in this matter are heard before making a determination. No way u can disregard the rights of the accused nor the accurser. l believe that if an injustice is allowed anywhere, then it will be allowed everywhere. So this is bigger than R.Kelly, if the system is allowed to steam roll him, then who will be next?

  6. 0:51 ” There, your celerbrity will not assist you in FLYING AWAY from accountability”πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    Like if Gloria Allred is a savage….

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